Monday Thoughts

Update 3:15 pm:  After Report of Rory Injury, American Media Member States “Can’t Stand” Rory, Calls Him Insulting Name

From Ryan Ballengee, here’s a link to a video clip of a news anchor calling Rory a “leprechaun” and saying she can’t stand him.

Update 11:15: The Upside of Rory’s Injury:  Morning Drive spent more time on Rory today than they have in the entire history of the show combined.

Changing Odds at Brit Open: BetFair real-time market shows Rory at 13-1 (dependent upon his playing, of course) for the British Open.  Jordan Spieth is at 15-2.  Bovada and Ladbrokes have it Jordan 5-1 and Rory 6-1.  (I don’t know those numbers prior to Rory’s injury.)  [The real-time odds are higher because actual bettors are on both sides of the wagers.  The bookmaking houses always offer lower odds to ensure a tidy profit.]

A New Number One?  With Rory out this week and unlikely to play next week, Jordan Spieth can take over the world no. 1 ranking with a win next week at St. Andrews.  With a good finish at the Deere this week, Spieth could top Rory with less than a win next week.  Of course, if Rory does play at St. Andrews, he could cling to the top spot with a good finish, even if Spieth were to win.

Golf Channel Reality Check:  After a week of glowing accolades from the Golf Channel about Tiger Woods’s incredible, spectacular, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious performance at Greenbrier, you might be surprised to find that Woods’s T-32 resulted in him falling from OWGR #220 to #226.

Bummed Out:  I have to be honest.  I’m bummed out about Rory’s injury.  Even if he plays in the British Open, he won’t be 100 percent and in game shape.  I was really looking forward to the Jordan-Rory talk heading into St. Andrews.  I suspect Rory will have pressure on him to play even if injured in order to feed the hype machine.  If he doesn’t play, he’ll wait until the last minute to withdraw; well, that’s my guess; it’s possible he’d bow out early if a late withdrawal was seen as being disruptive; I doubt it, though.

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13 Responses to Monday Thoughts

  1. Sports-realist2 says:

    I’m sure Rory learned a FAST life lesson—don’t play soccer and or other similar sports during the golf season…
    I would tend to doubt it had anything to do with his workout routine or muscle building…..I had plenty of twisted ankles and popped out ankles ect from playing soccer….
    I’d expect him to play…

    • lannyh says:

      Hey, maybe you can translate these two comments for me. From Shane Lowry, I’m curious about the use of the word “after.”

      “Obviously his career’s after suffering now because of it, but it’s not the end of the world. No one’s after dying.””

      His career “is after suffering” and no one “is after dying.” What does “after” mean in that context? Do you know?

      • Kris says:

        It seems like a replacement for an expletive. That’s the first time I’ve seen that, but it’s the only thing that makes sense to me. It really sucks that Rory got hurt, but it would be dumb for him to rush back. He’s 26, he’s got plenty of time to fully recover and get more wins, unless he wants to try to recreate the whole “winning on one leg” deal.

      • lannyh says:

        I think he should take off as much time as needed, too. Don’t ruin a career for one week, or even half a year. Too bad he won’t be at full strength — if he even plays — for St. Andrews and Whistling Straits, two venues he could have been expected to do well on.

      • Ken says:

        Bizarre. Replace “after suffering” with “fucked”. ???

    • Kris says:

      I was thinking “His career’s [fucking] suffering, but no one’s [fucking] dying.” I’m not sure if it’s Irish slang or if Shane Lowry is just being a weirdo.

  2. GolfFan says:

    Based on the article you posted, it appears it could be up to 12 weeks recovery time. With today’s medicine I don’t expect it to take anywhere near that but the fact that that time frame is possible shows that 10 days is pretty silly. If he’s not at least 80% (not sure how you cage that) then there is no upside to playing.

  3. Leprechaun says:

    Too Funny.

    • DanishDude says:

      Well, he is irish, he’s been seen wearing a green jacket and he definitely has a pot of gold…

  4. Ken says:

    Rory produces some of the most bizarre reaction from fans. People calling him this arrogant jerk. What are they seeing? He’s a polite young guy that any player in any sport should emulate.

    Some of it is the breakup with Wozniacki. Who really cares? A 25-year old couple breaks up. Wow there’s news. A real earth-shattering event there. I guess he should have married her and then slept with every waitress that brought him pancakes. People break up every day. You see these stories about the “devastated” Wozniacki. I think she’ll heal.

    Some of it is also the Nike association and indirect link to Woods. I’m not a Nike fan, never have been. But it’s a weird reason to rip on Rory.

    • Sports-realist2 says:

      Just another PC story, nothing more…..What’s rather pointless about these ‘view’ type shows is that you really can’t say anything about anyone anymore, without it being pc’d to death, so why even have them? Not sure why she would decide to make a snide remark, but I think it’s the style of the show…..
      So she called Rory a leprechaun ey? Ofcourse this is meant as a stereotypical Irish cutdown of sorts? Since the Irish folks aren’t the ‘sensitive’ ones right now, this story won’t go very far….
      Had they just gotten done talking about Eldrick and his affair with Amanda, could she have said ‘That guy is such a nigger I hate that guy’? Or if it was Bruce Jenner, could she have said, ‘That guy is a fruit loop, I hate that guy’? I think we know the answer…The so-called media and whatever outrage would have been in full force….But Irish aren’t on the ‘restricted list’ yet by the media..
      It’s rather a really perfect example of why Politically Correct talk is so stupid and hypocritical….It really just depends on WHICH group is supposed to NOT be picked on at the time, while OTHERS can be picked on UNTIL a later date in time…..But the MEDIA gets to make that choice??????..
      Now I would expect some Irish folks to voice their opinion and say only fellow Irish can call each other ‘leprechauns'(wink, wink)……..smh

  5. Homer says:

    Here’s a Monday Thought from me.

    When it comes to the JDC, Jordan will get all the attention but I always go in wanting to see a couple of (somewhat) local guys play well. The two I have in mind are ZJ and Stricker.

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