Finchem’s Lowlife Hero

If Steinberg knew nothing about Woods’s affairs in 2009, how the hell can he claim to know about this matter?

Update 2:  Lanny H nailed it with this:

Mark Steinberg is denying the story. (So watch for Golf Channel to report the denial…)

Almost as soon as I wrote that, this appeared at Golf Channel’s website:

Woods’ manager, Mark Steinberg, said in an email to “The report is categorically false. Absolutely zero truth to that ridiculous rumor.”

Again, I ask, how the hell would Steinberg know?  He didn’t know about Woods’s hooking up with scores of prostitutes circa 2009.  Let’s flash back to April, 2010, where according to

Speaking on the eighth and ninth fairways as fans walked by, Steinberg said that he was in Southern California when the car accident took place outside Woods’s home in Windermere, Fla. He denied knowing that his client was having multiple affairs, and spoke with disbelief about the number of women who have come forward to say they had relationships with Tiger.

Now if Steinberg knew nothing about Woods’s affairs in 2009, how the hell can he claim to know about this matter?  Saying “absolutely zero truth” to this after being so wrong in 2009 isn’t rational.  Maybe, “Tiger told me there was absolutely zero truth,” or, “My guess/hope is that it’s not true, but, hey, it’s not like I haven’t been clueless in the past.”

Update:  Mark Steinberg is denying the story.  (So watch for Golf Channel to report the denial…)  Two things:  How the hell would Steinberg know anything either way?  It’s not against the law for Steinberg to lie when doing PR; nothing stopping him from lying his head off.  I’ll wait until you sue, if you don’t mind, Mr. Steinberg.

I was reading an Emily Kay article this morning and came across this bit:

With newly crowned 2015 Travelers champ Bubba Watson, 2010 British Open champ and 2015 U.S. Open runner-up Louis Oosthuizen, and fan favorite John Daly just some of the high-profile names also making starts at the Greenbrier, any other player who shot 80-76 and missed his national championship cut by a whopping 11 shots would be filler at a golf event rather than the headliner. But until that guy loses his spot as the main man on the tour website’s “Players” page

I stopped in my tracks.  What?  Woods is still the featured player on the Tour’s website?  You can’t be serious.  Not Rory?  Not Jordan Spieth?  Come on; you cannot be serious.  The OWGR #220 over the 21-year-old halfway to the Grand Slam?

Before I could write about that, I’m informed Tiger Woods was humping Jason Dufner’s wife.  (Now his ex-wife.  The timing is unclear, at least from what I’ve read.)  Here’s the National Enquirer partial article, and here’s a report from Fox Sports.

Okay, Tim Finchem, are you EVER going to admit Tiger Woods is human scum and should not be foisted upon the public as The Face of Golf?  Truth is, the public has moved on.  It’s you, and the golf media, who are clinging to the past.

Why don’t you get tough (haha, by your standards, it would be), Mr. Finchem, and take down OWGR #220 Tiger Woods as your featured golfer on the Tour’s website?  Emily Kay was mocking you even before this latest lowlife revelation.  Surely you will take it down now.


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8 Responses to Finchem’s Lowlife Hero

  1. Kris says:

    Tiger must really be feeling bad about himself if he’s willing to date a brunette.

  2. Anonymous says:

    OMG – on top of all this he has a blister!!!

    Gimme a break – the Golf Channel needs to be shut down – I also noticed they had the Tiger Tracker for his ProAm round – how pathetic

    • lannyh says:

      Oh, man, I’m literally laughing out loud at that. Golf Channel is an outfit with zero organizational pride. Nada.

      As I type, Golf Channel (broadcasting live coverage of PGA pros qualifying for PGA Championship) shows a Greenbrier commercial using a Woods photo.

    • Kris says:

      My favorite part about the Tiger Tracker is how the guy’s attitude has changed over the past couple years. At first he was rooting for Tiger and defending him left and right. Now he constantly mocks him to the point that his followers complain. It’s telling that the anonymous guy that follows Tiger around kisses his ass the least of anyone at the golf channel.

  3. HennyB says:

    Pretty pathetic when they are celebrating how well a player did during a practice round. A new low if you ask me.

  4. Jaybird says:

    It’s bad enough to cheat and eff up your own marriage but going out and effing up someone else’s marriage is a hole different ball game and a worse action (IMO).

  5. Barry Burn says:

    Wonder if Tiger and DJ ever get together and compare notes on anything,

    • lannyh says:

      It’s funny how just this morning someone was comparing how the Golf Channel goes after DJ, but never Woods for the same type offenses.

      All GC is doing today is getting out Steinberg’s denial. With DJ, it’s go with the worst. With Woods, it’s deny, deny, deny.

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