Tuesday Thoughts

Request For Help:  Does anyone know where I can find the historic figures for total yearly prize money for the PGA Tour?  I’ve only got a hit-and-miss collection of numbers from various sources.  It’s fairly straightforward for individual events, but I’d like to have a list of each year’s total prize money.

Tuesdays with Tiger:  The golf world awaits Tiger’s Greenbrier group and tee time.  They will be revealed today.  My guess is he will be in late-early, so Golf Chanel can show him in their Thursday afternoon window before he has completely shot himself out of it.

Lies, Lies, and More Lies: Golf Channel was in fine form today: Within seven minutes, they lied THREE TIMES, claiming Phil Mickelson was cleared of last year’s insider trading charges.  That is utterly untrue.  The charges regarding Clorox were dropped, but the Dean Foods charges remain an ongoing investigation.  Golf Channel, though, would have you think Mickelson was the poster boy for trumped-up charges:

Blondie: “…but was cleared of any wrongdoing last June.”

Some Other Guy: “…and he was cleared of that investigation last year with the FBI and SEC.”

Rosaforte:  “…once he was cleared last year with the feds…”

The facts — and Golf Channel damn well knows the facts; they are intentionally lying — from Fortune magazine:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Securities Exchange commission, which are pursuing criminal and civil charges respectively, have reportedly found no evidence that Mickelson traded Clorox shares. Icahn and Waters both remain under scrutiny over shares for the consumer-products company.

Mickelson is still under investigation for Dean Foods trades in 2012 that netted him about $1 million, the Times said. Mickelson has denied any wrongdoing.

If you ran a journalistic endeavor, would you allow (instruct?) your employees to blatantly lie?

[Here’s an additional article from the New York Post, “Why Mickelson, Icahn are still under investigation for insider trading.”]

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