Saturday Semi Live Blog: Greater Hartford Open

Is this recent New Yorker article being honest? [NOTE: I just asked author John Cassidy for clarification.]

Though there is no evidence Tiger has ever used performance-enhancing drugs, rumors persist about his relationship with Anthony Galea, a Canadian doctor who was arrested in 2009, but never charged, on suspicion of supplying athletes with P.E.D.s.

No evidence?  What are the fourteen visits to Woods’s home from Dr. Galea, an unlicensed doctor?  There may be no damning public proof, but there is a whole lot of evidence.  Someone might say, “It is circumstantial evidence,” but that’s an admission there is evidence.

Then they say Galea was never charged, but this Huffington Post article (it was the first one that came up in my Google search) says, “U.S. charges of smuggling, conspiring to lie to federal agents and defraud the U.S. government and distributing HGH were dismissed with Galea’s plea.”

So, Galea copped a felony plea “to bringing into the United States unapproved drugs, including human growth hormone, that were used to treat professional athletes,” and the New Yorker says he was never charged?  Huh?  Are they playing a word game and saying, “Oh, yes, of course he was charged and pleaded guilty, but he was not charged with exactly what we wrote: ‘suspicion of supplying athletes with P.E.D.s.‘”

This is a pretty clear example of the media — in this case, the New Yorker —  trying to make the Galea conviction sound like no big deal.  Trying, in fact, to make the Galea felony conviction sound like no conviction at all!

It’s just plain stupid of the New Yorker to claim Galea was never charged when he copped a plea.  He was not charged with anything, but decided to plead guilty anyway?  Give me a break.  THIS is the kind of thing I’m talking about when I explain why people love kicking Woods on his way out:  The media acted — in concert, basically — to distort and cover up and present an image of Tiger Woods that was far-removed from reality.


Ed Hardin Redux, with notes:

He’s a shell of his former self, and now he has to endure a long public fall as we judge his game, his personal choices and even his success. Was it all real? [What is he asking about not being “real”?  Is he referring to the dominating victories of 2000 when Woods was using a 10-yard-longer ball the other players did not have?  Is he talking about PEDs?  Is he talking about the over-the-top hype from the golf media?] Are the injuries and creeping self-immolation part of something far more sinister? [More sinister?  Is he suggesting PEDs?  Is he suggesting the “self-immolation” is some kind of atonement?]

I think the story of Tiger Woods is just getting started. This could be an epic downfall, professionally and personally.  [If he didn’t think 2009 constituted an epic downfall, what does he think might be coming next?]

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7 Responses to Saturday Semi Live Blog: Greater Hartford Open

  1. Kris says:

    Those are some bold statements. The whole article was bold, calling Spieth the savior of golf, and saying he is the anti-DJ and the anti-Tiger. It sounds like Ed Hardin is referring to PEDs, but I’d be disappointed if discussions of cheating and media manipulation aren’t part of Tiger’s ultimate downfall.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yeah I suppose yet the no evidence thing really doesn’t hold up. The only thing that explains rapid body mass gain is steroids of some type. When you lose that body mass, something drastic has changed. It was all a big overhyped thing in my opinion. I just wish they would let him leave the game with what dignity remains. The contracts can be negotiated if that’s all that’s keeping him playing. I want golf to be exiting again not a clown show.

    • lannyh says:

      Right. We’ve got two young guys who together hold the last four majors. That’s some amazing stuff. And, yet, if Woods is involved in any way, the media still obsesses over him. It’s lazy, lazy journalism.

    • Sports-realist2 says:

      Remember when Eldrick sayid he would NOT play if he didn’t feel he could win? Ofcourse that was back when he was winning, but he’s now there for his contractual obilgations….Problem is Eldrick is spending money like it’s water, and that Nike contract will be his MAIN $$$ for the next few years…
      AFTER that contract is up though? Yikes…..Perhaps the golf channel will get its ULTIMATE wish, and Eldrick will give them a ‘reality show'(FOR SEVERAL MILLION DOLLARS) or a 10 part series about his life(again for several million), or write some silly pop up book, but Steinberg and friends will do something goofy like that to try and keep him around…..

  3. Sports-realist2 says:

    From a schedule though, Eldrick only has 4 events left to play this year right? The Greenbrier(?), the British, the WGC Akron(with his infamous 2014 withdrawal, only to play a few days later in the PGA), then the PGA…..He won’t qualify for the playoffs, so that’s 4 events left…Could end up missing the cut in most or all of those…..

    • lannyh says:

      He’s not qualified for any WGC events, so unless he moves up the OWGR rankings in a hurry, there’s no Akron. And he’s playing his tourney, the Quicken Loans thing. And I think he and Rory are obligated to play or some other fall series event.

      • Sports-realist2 says:

        Since it said invitational, I thought certain tournaments would do automatic invites, maybe not…..I do see one Akron qualifying aspect: Playing members of the last named Presidents Cup or Ryder Cup teams (whichever was played last) can play….So had he played in last year’s Ryder Cup, he would have been able to play….

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