Tuesday Thoughts

“All Spieth All The Time”:  I turned on Golf Channel this morning and caught the last five minutes of Golf Central.  They were doing a segment on Jordan Spieth’s greatest shots.  A good, timely topic; a good segment.  Morning Drive starts.  They open with a little Jordan segment, but it feels kind of forced.  They “send it” to Bailey Mosier, who says they are going “All Spieth All The Time.”  Then she says that coming up in ten minutes, they will be discussing Tiger Woods.  Hmmm.

Tiger The Great: Tonight Golf Channel is running a documentary on Tiger Woods’s 2000 British Open win; it airs at 9:00 pm EDT.  There is a reason to watch: this is the second major Woods played using the Rock Ishii distance/accuracy ball the other players did not have.  Woods effectively played that tournament from the women’s tees while everyone else used the men’s.  He didn’t hit a bunker all week, the transformational Ishii ball giving him an extra 10-12 yard advantage off the tee over other players, allowing him to fly the bunkers.  It will be fascinating to witness the oohs and ahhs from the announcers — now that we know the real reason for Woods’s distance.

Damon Hack’s Grand Slam:  Damon Hack just announced he was at St Andrews in 200o to witness “Tiger winning the Grand Slam.”  The question we must ask is whether Hack, a professional golf journalist, is ignorant of the difference between a “grand slam” and a “career slam,” or if he is lying in order to make Woods’s accomplishments seem more impressive.  Words mean things, Damon.  A baseball player does hit a grand slam home run if the bases are not loaded.  This “single season grand slam” bullshite is as idiotic as saying a “bases-loaded grand slam.”  It’s redundant; there is no other kind.

Jordan Spieth is trying to climb the summit of a Grand Slam, and it is shining a very bright light on the deceptive use of the term for the past fifteen years.

Oh, man, the blonde dingbat on Morning Drive just said this: “single season career grand slam.”  That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my life.

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19 Responses to Tuesday Thoughts

  1. Sports-realist2 says:

    Golf channel has PROPPED up Eldrick this year with ALL those replays…..The more they try to prop, the more foolish they look……Why not show Jack Nicklaus(which they rarely show), or Seve Ballesteros, or Nick Faldo(who shot -18 under and set the record at that time) during their St Andrews wins……Instead, it’s the same ole one dimensional programming…..
    In 1990, Faldo was 18 under when St Andrews was 6933 yards….In 2000, St Andrews was 7115(a mere 182 yards difference), and with a GOLF BALL that probably went 15-20 yards farther than the one Faldo used in 1990…
    Ofcourse the course record of -19 vs -18 isn’t much difference, but don’t tell the golf channel that……

  2. Ken says:

    On “Pardon the Interruption” last night, Jason Whitlock was sitting in for Tony Kornheiser. They were talking about the possibility of a Grand Slam, something never before done.

    Whitlock said that it would be big “golf news,” but not big “American news.” He said that when Woods did big things, it was a cultural phenomenon, big “American news.”. But Spieth winning a Grand Slam – a never before done, nearly impossible feat – it wouldn’t be front-page news.

    He’s got a point about Woods and the “cultural” aspect, only because the media drove that. But if Spieth wins the Grand Slam, it will be front page news everywhere. Do they still do ticket tape parades? I think Bobby Jones got one. If this was the 1930s, there would be one for a Grand Slam.

    By the way, Mike Wilbon, who I mostly agree with on a lot of things, did think it would be huge “American” news. Unlike a lot of ESPN guys, Wilbon (and Kornheiser) know and appreciate golf.

  3. Kris says:

    Jordan Spieth knows the difference between the Tiger Slam and a Grand Slam, and said as much at his winner’s press conference.

    “I think that the Grand Slam is something that I never could really fathom somebody doing, considering I watched Tiger win when he was winning whatever percentage of the majors he played in and he won the Tiger Slam, but he never won the four in one year. And I figured if anybody was going to do it, it would be him, which he still can.”

    The “which he still can” was an afterthought and loaded with skepticism. You could tell he said it for fear of being ripped by the media for speaking against Tiger in any way. He’s honest, but media savvy.

    • Sports-realist2 says:

      Yeah you could tell Spieth didn’t BELIEVE what he was saying about Eldrick…..In the same way that Jack Nicklaus has been asked 8000 times about Eldrick catching him…Jack has taken the high road, but deep down knows his record is safe…..

      • lannyh says:

        Also, it shows a precise, logical mind. Because Woods COULD. It’s just that that odds are about a billion to one. But it COULD happen. But his going to the effort to point it out was just another example of his class and politeness.

        What was it Rory said his dad told him? It doesn’t cost anything to be nice.

    • lannyh says:

      Ah, yes. I saw that but kind of missed his unstated point. It’s a distinction he obviously has no problem with. I think “single-season grand slam” is as silly as “single-game no-hitter.”

      I think it’s smart on Justin’s behalf to discuss such things. The faster they leave the Tiger Is Golf crowd behind, the better for everyone.

  4. Sports-realist2 says:

    Spieth also stated he didn’t expect to win multiple majors this fast…..But he’s quickly realizing there still aren’t that many PGA players who know how to win majors championships…

  5. TrueGolfFan says:

    PTI has a “More likely” game. The first one up is

    More likely
    1 Jordan Spieth wins the grand slam or
    2 Tiger makes both cuts at the remaining two majors

    Gotta say, that’s a tough one.

    • Ken says:

      If I had to pick one, sadly, it’s Woods making the cuts.

      There’s a reason that no one has ever won the modern grand slam. It’s damn near impossible.

      • lannyh says:

        Yeah, better odds of making two cuts. Amusing question, though.

      • TrueGolfFan says:

        Agree. I don’t think Tiger has a prayer of making the cut at Whistling Straits but it’s kind of hard seeing him miss at St. Andrews. That place is wide open, and not terribly long by tour standards.

      • lannyh says:

        Don’t forget (I had…) that the replay of Brit Open 2000 is on tonight. I’m seriously wanting to watch it to see Woods playing with the Rock Ishii ball no one else had. It might be pretty funny.

    • lannyh says:

      By the way, for anyone interested, here’s the PTI discussion about Spieth someone mentioned earlier:

      • TrueGolfFan says:

        There you have it! Nickname is Rare Jordan!

      • lannyh says:

        I vote no on that one. That host liked it a whole lot more than I did. : )

      • TrueGolfFan says:

        Honestly, I don’t really like it either but it’s the best thing I’ve seen so far. Pretty tough to come up with something with that name.

      • Ken says:

        I think “Jordan” is fine. Everyone will know, just like if you mention Rory. No one will be thinking Sabbatini.

        Maybe something will come up. They weren’t referring to Arnie as “The King” in 1958.

      • lannyh says:

        A while back, I heard some radio hosts stating their dream foursomes. One of them named two guys and “Jordan.” I thought, yeah, Spieth would be great. But the guy meant Michael Jordan! Haha, Spieth is absolutely the first Jordan I think of.

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