Saturday: US Open Semi Live Blog

10:55 pm Final Update II: Great interview with Jason’s caddy, Colin Swatton on GC.  Also, I thought Greg Norman’s description of benign positional vertigo today — he did it twice, once early in the day, once late — was very useful.  Wasn’t medical jargon.  A regular guy explaining it to regular people.

10:45 pm Final Update: Time to turn on Golf Channel to get the latest on Tiger Woods!

9:35 pm:  Jason Wins the Day!!!

6:26 pm:  Maybe it’s not too early!

6:25 pm:  Early yet, but wouldn’t it be cool to see Jordan get another big 54-hole lead?  Also, pretty darn cool graphic by Fox to show Jordan vs. Hogan.  Hogan!!!

5:40 pm:  Okay, here we go.  I gotta admit, while I like the location and love the weather, I’m not crazy about some of the goofy golf elements of this course, and I’m not at all happy with the greens.  If Jordan wins, I’ll forget all that, I’m sure.  But it’s one thing to have super-slick greens, and another to have greens the ball randomly veers on.

Rory played great golf today, for the most part, but… how did Phil put it?…  he had trouble with the area surrounding the holes.

By the way, I can’t shake this Sunday thing.  I’ve been reminded 50 times today it is Saturday, but it still feels like Sunday.  I keep thinking of things I have to do tomorrow, Monday.  Maybe the late tee times are throwing me off somehow.  I don’t know.

Alright, here we go.  Let’s get ‘er done, Jordan!

Oh, also, Go Jason!  I hope he can get through the days without another bout of vertigo.  Also, I do believe the Euro Tour announcers say luh-VEE for Alexander Levy.

2:35 pm: Question: Are they putting dye in Puget Sound?  No way it is that blue!

Man, over three hours until the leaders tee off.  A long wait.

Just a quick, sloppy count, but it looks like 22 over par, 5 at even, 5 under par, with Rory’s -2 the best.  He could make up some group if he can play steady the rest of the way in.  Long way to go yet.  An announcer for Fox just stated he has been covering Rory since a boy’s championship in 2003.  Rory would have been about 13 or 14 then.

The gallery sounds more sober than yesterday, but it’s early yet.

2:15 pm:

  • I missed Reed’s “Mickey Mouse” comment.  Gotta admire a man for expressing his view.
  • I caught very little of Golf Channel today; I just couldn’t handle it.  I’m confident they spent half the show on “What does Rory need to shoot today?”
  • Maybe Rory truly can make a run.  He’s -1 through six, and most scores today — and remember these are the early starters when the course should be playing easier — are well over par.

1:35 pm:

Maybe Kelly is trying to keep the S.S. Tiger Woods from completely sinking.  Might be a lost cause, though.

From Darren Rovell:

“We used to stock a significant quantity of Tiger apparel, but the customer for that product is nowhere near what it used to be,” said Casey Baker, vice president of Carl’s Golfland in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. “I’d say there’s a 60 to 70 percent drop-off in sales of his gear since 2009 and even when he started playing better, he just didn’t resonate enough.”

Online retailer used to sell 500 of Tiger’s Nike shirts on each day of a major. Friday of this week? Maybe 50, said owner Dennis Boudreau.

From CNN:

[Tom Stine, co-founder of Golf Datatech] says the impact of Tiger’s popularity on the sport itself was always overstated, partly because the sales of Nike (NKE) golf equipment soared due to his endorsement deal. But those sales came mostly at the cost of other equipment manufacturers’ marketshare, and didn’t add much to industrywide sales, Stine said.

Fox Stat:  I think it was during Fox’s broadcast when they mentioned Jack’s record of 146 straight majors played.  What?  Publicizing a stat showing how great Jack was?  Jack played in more consecutive majors than Woods made consecutive cuts?  (Of course, about 1/4 or 1/3 or Woods’s “made cuts” were in no-cut events…)

11:20 am:

  • Seventy-five players made the cut.  Top sixty and ties.  I’m not happy so many made it because they have to cut the greens before the first group tees off, and that means an hour or two more of growing before Jordan tees off.  The guys playing last are going to face much bumpier greens.  It’s possible if they let the greens dry out, the poa annua grass won’t grow so fast, which would help from what I’ve heard.  I think the problem is the poa annua outgrows the fine fescue, and that causes the bumpiness later in the day.
  • Why isn’t the golf media shouting from the mountaintop that Jordan Spieth might win the first two legs of the grand slam?  And, as someone pointed out in a comment, at age 21!!  Only a few people have won the Masters then the US Open, and none as young as Jordan.  This is a potentially huge event.
  • One reason I’d like to see Spieth win is because when he is going for the third leg of the Grand Slam, Golf Channel would have to ignore that to tell us, “The most fascinating story of the British Open is still Tiger Woods.”

8:45 am:  Here’s a chart and short piece I did showing the way Woods’s performance has fallen off a cliff a few months after PED accusations surface.

Where does Blood Sport enter in?  That’s July of 2014.  That’s when Woods’s claim of four or five visits from Galea turned into 14 documented visits, with 49 more from Mark Lindsay.  Here’s what I think happened:  Finchem had probably had a “heart to heart” with Woods about Galea where Woods swore he only saw Galea four or five times; Woods’s name was on the Biogenesis list a few years later, and Woods again claimed he was clean and told Finchem he was getting no PEDs from Bosch; Blood Sport comes out proving Woods’s claims of only four or five Galea visits was a lie; Finchem confronts Woods and says, “If I so much as sniff another story about you and PEDs, I’m releasing the Biogenesis list all the other documented suspicions we have about you and PEDs.”  Finchem could even have some failed drug tests, or other hard evidence.

I have also wondered if Woods is having to stay clean because of Olympics testing.  If he suddenly “regains his swing” after the Olympics team is selected (and he’s not on it), it will be pretty obvious.

7:20 am: Turned on a replay of the Golf Channel postgame show from last night.  Chamblee went on and on with an Ode to Tiger.  I gave up and turned off my television.  That’ll teach me for seeking out golf information on US Open weekend.

6:45 am: Fox Sports 1 is re-running their “Spirit of the US Open” programs this morning at 8:00 am EDT.  Four 30-minute programs.  I forgot to watch them the first time around.  They look pretty decent and might be worth checking out.  They cover the history of the US Open, including the 1930’s and the famed 1960 tournament at Cherry Hills, among other topics.

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111 Responses to Saturday: US Open Semi Live Blog

  1. Kris says:

    You weren’t kidding about yesterday feeling like Saturday, were you?

    • lannyh says:

      No. And today feels like Sunday. I don’t know what has thrown me off.

      Oh, crap!!! I just noticed what you meant! I’ve corrected the title. Sheesh. Thanks. It doesn’t seem like round four to me, but it seems like Sunday. I don’t know what is wrong.

      • Kris says:

        Your brain is fried from watching 11 hours of live golf coverage plus however many hours of analysis plus reading Ryan’s book for the past 2 days.

      • lannyh says:

        That book is wearing me out. I read over half of it right after I bought it. Now I have to force myself to read a few pages. I’m a big fan of SHORT books!

    • Sports-realist2 says:

      Hey now…Lanny had vertigo yesterday, give him a break….oh wait….maybe that was someone else…

  2. Sports-realist2 says:

    In referencing your comments Lanny….I do agree with the ped(behind the scenes)…The fact NBC/golfchannel has NEVER mentioned the ped/Woods connection, just shows you rigged-dom of the coverage/networks/execs …..Try tweeting Chamblee as to why they don’t talk about Woods/bloodsport/peds….He’ll probably block you like Norman did Shack…..
    Do you really think Eldrick would sacrifice several major appearances without his usual ped regiment, for the Olympics? I doubt that, he wouldn’t put the Olympics ahead of majors……

    • lannyh says:

      No, he doesn’t care about the Olympics, but they drug test all the possible participants. He doesn’t want to be in that pool. And he can’t say, “I don’t want to play in the Olympics.”

  3. Ken says:

    I could see that Finchem scenario being totally accurate. He’s a businessman and will do what he has to to protect the tour. He really should not aid the coverup, but I get it.

    He also seems like a pretty tough guy and I could see him getting in Woods’ face.

  4. Ken says:

    I like Chambers Bay. They may have played the Open here too soon but to me it is clearly a great course. They could make some improvements and I don’t think par should ever change on a hole once play starts. But great courses are memorable and Chambers Bay is that. Really, who remembers much about specific holes at Olympic, Shinnecock, or Winged Foot? I played Pinehurst #2 in 2013 and no hole stands out. During the round, we actually asked our caddies what the signature hole was. They said, “You just played it.” We remember holes at Pebble, Augusta, Sawgrass. Chambers Bay will be memorable.

    This is sacrilege but I think that St. Andrews and some other British Open courses have become obsolete. The weather can make them difficult which is common in the UK. But in good weather, those courses are helpless. Chambers Bay may be manufactued links golf, but it is a true links course. It is a St. Andrews for the 21st century.

    • Sports-realist2 says:

      St Andrews is flat, dull, and too easy for today’s technology……..They need to quit worrying about tradition and TOUGHEN up those courses…….The PGA Championship has adjusted by basically making the greens like the US Open and thicker rough…..
      Tradition is one thing, but we don’t keep riding horse and buggies either…They updated the Masters course….Why not add about 100 more bunkers at St Andrews that you DONT want to hit into, especially around the greens……..

    • lannyh says:

      I think the only problem with Chambers Bay is the greens. They could probably fix those, given time.

      I don’t think St Andrews is obsolete; it’s the refusal to standardize the ball. Marathon racing would become obsolete if they allowed people to ride motorcycles.

      • Ken says:

        Absolutely Lanny. St. Andrews is obsolete only in that equipment has not been properly regulated. But I don’t think that will ever happen.

      • lannyh says:

        I’m afraid you are right. There is too much money to be made peddling “new and improved” equipment to golfers.

  5. Ken says:

    Coming up on The Golf Channel: Tiger Woods, his flight home! Could he just be the greatest airplane passenger ever?

  6. Joker says:

    Seriously? Are you guys really thinking there is even the slimmest of chances Tiger will be given consideration for the Olympics? Yeah, that ain’t happenin’

    • Ken says:

      It’s based on ranking, as far as I know. The top two ranked players from each country. He’d have to go on a hell of a tear to do that.

    • lannyh says:

      My point is the TESTING. The Olympics Committee tests blood. Woods does not want to get anywhere near that. (They can store blood and retroactively test it, as the science of testing progresses.)

      And they test all possible participants, starting way before the Olympics.

      • Joker says:

        And my point is, barring some miraculous revelation, he won’t be anywhere near the “possible participants” list.

      • lannyh says:

        Why? It’s the OWGR system with the more recent events counting the most. Anyone could become one of the top four Americans pretty easily by winning big events in the summer of 2016. If you are a potential Olympian, the Olympic Committee is going to test you. It’s not negotiable.

      • lannyh says:

        And the thing is, if he stopped doping out of fear of testing, and that caused his decline, then if he had NOT stopped, he would be in the list of potential Olympians when the testing starts. If he started roiding up now, and we had a repeat of 2013, he’d have a needle stuck in his arm to extract blood — unless he announced he was refusing to compete in the Olympics (which would be pretty bad PR for a guy with an already tainted public image).

  7. Kris says:

    Kelly Tilghman was talking about Jason Day, and when they switched to the wide shot of Rickie and Tiger watching the scene, Kelly said something about Tiger watching his good friend with concern. I’d hope so. I don’t know the guy and I was concerned. I’m also pretty sure Rickie is better friends with Jason than Tiger is. How many pictures of Tiger and Dash are there on the internet? There are several of Rickie with Dash, and mentions of Rickie’s sister babysitting. There was also that awesome moment yesterday where there was a backup on 12 and Rickie went over and fixed Jason’s collar and Tiger was looking at them sideways. Tiger plays practice rounds with Jordan and Jason because he thinks hanging around the good guys will improve his image. They aren’t actually friends.

    • Ken says:

      Woods claimed that Jason was one of his best friends yesterday. Maybe in his head he sees it that way. I really doubt that they are good friends in the sense that you and I would define it. More like friendly acquaintances. Workplace friends.

      • Sports-realist2 says:

        Kinda like a work or church or high school friend…..Those tend to have little substance, long term….

      • lannyh says:

        Woods has had a series of “good friends” who, we found out in 2009, he hadn’t spoken to in years. I tend to think he and Jason might be as close of friends as Woods has on tour. I believe they probably did talk at length about Day’s vertigo condition. But I know from my own life, there is a big difference between “golf buddies” and “friends.” Some are both, of course, but some are just golf buddies.

        That said, it did come across as self-serving. BTW, anyone notice Shackelford praised the way Fox handled the situation. Most here thought it was a big overdone or awkward. (I’m staying out of this one! I was neutral.) Anyway, it was funny that it was the first thing I’d ever seen him praise about the coverage.

        Oh, “workplace friends.” Great way to put it.

    • lannyh says:

      I forgot about the collar thing! Good memory. I noticed Kelly’s comments, too. I thought to myself, she’s like a Tiger Woods salesman who never goes off duty. Every freaking thing she says has to have some kind of a tie back to Tiger Woods. Some say it’s because they used to both be with IMG. Maybe she cut a deal with Steinberg. I don’t know what the situation is, but it’s very noticeable.

    • Kris says:

      Before Tiger became his meal ticket, Notah talked about how they weren’t that close. Notah said Tiger would call him to talk about golf stuff and would ask if Notah remembered how Tiger used to do certain things, but nothing else. I agree with you that the best friends Tiger has are friendly acquaintances. I believe he has people in his inner circle who know where the bodies are buried and are bound by non-disclosure agreements, but they aren’t his friends.

  8. Sports-realist2 says:

    Yep Jordan Spieth would be the first 21 year old to win the first two legs of the grand slam…This ALSO puts him ahead of EVERY golfer, as far as PACE of majors……So IF he were to do this, wouldn’t this be MORE exciting than what ANY player has done at the age of 21….After all he just matched the ‘WIN FOR THE AGES’ record……YET, its been treated as more of a ho-hum type of thing…..
    I have to go back to 1996 when Nike pushed that SKIN COLOR commercial, which turned out to be false…..Spieth is a white guy from Texas, so it’s no big deal to THIS media…They can’t see their own ‘politically correct’ hypocrisy in how they are treating golf history……

    • lannyh says:

      I’m pretty apolitical, and even lean to the left in many of my worldviews, but you can’t help seeing a lot of the biases. And MSNBC is in the same family as the Golf Channel; I am starting to think it affects their coverage.

    • Sports-realist2 says:

      I realize it’s not a done deal either, BUT, if Spieth were to win this, he’d still be 21 years old for the British Open too, as he doesn’t turn 22 years old until July 27……BTW, Eldrick won 4 times in 1997, Spieth has already won twice, this would be his third, with alot of golf to play….

  9. lannyh says:

    Kelly T: “The second-youngest to do it behind Tiger Woods.” Every freaking time. If Spieth wins two majors at 21, what will she say? It’ll be, “Two time major winner, 12 majors behind Tiger Woods.”

    • Sports-realist2 says:

      Yep sounds like ‘golf channel quality’ programming…..Well when you consider the TRUE ‘grand slam’ has had ONLY 5 guys win the first two modern majors, it’s a VERY rare occurrence…Nicklaus in 1972 and Woods in 2002 in recent years, so most golf fans have only seen this a few times…….

  10. Anonymous says:

    Lanny – my assessment of your grasp of reality (and, thusly, your analysis of golf) just dropped a TON by your letting it slip you listen/watch or read PMS-NBC!! They are the worst group of freakin idiots, liars, cheaters, with “secret agendas” – all the while claiming to be otherwise- thus very similar to TW’ lies, cheating and general horribleness!
    Golf is a game of honor – which is a primary reason I love it.

    • lannyh says:

      One ton? Well, that’s gotta be a very small percentage of the tonnage of your admiration before.

    • lannyh says:

      By the way, I don’t remember saying I watch any political blather shows of any ideology. I’m apolitical. (I’ve seen some of them and am familiar with their schtick, though.)

  11. Anonymous says:

    You’re generally correct – both in your comeback and in your guess! 😀
    I am a fan of yours – hence, the expressed disappointment …

    • Sports-realist2 says:

      Hey anonymous(if that’s your real name), you can always put a real name on here….Or are you Brandel Chamblee?

  12. Kris says:

    I think part of the reason the gallery is so unruly is most of them haven’t attended a PGA Tour event and know they probably won’t get the opportunity again. It’s a combination of not knowing how to act and not caring because YOLO! I’m not going to blame the legalization of marijuana because I’ve never heard a high person raise their voice.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Lanny – just a follow up on the “Jesus” open mic issue… Can’t believe that they played as a background song for Jordan’s clip just now “Sounds like Hallelujah ” …. Coincidence? Hmmmmm

  14. Ken says:

    They just had Bamberger on talking about his anonymous source regarding DJ and drug tests. Imagine them doing that with Woods, even though we know about Galea and the player that publicly stepped forward about his PED use.

    • Sports-realist2 says:

      they being ‘golf channel’ or ‘fox’? yeah if its golf channel, the hypocrisy is soooo there…wearing blinders intentionally as a network…

    • lannyh says:

      Heard that. Twas interesting. Maybe Fox would have? I’m noticing some pretty major differences in Fox’s editorial approach.

      • Sports-realist2 says:

        there’s rarely been a bigger ‘elephant in the room’ as far as ped/Eldrick goes, and the LACK of it being mentioned would suggest the ‘scare tactic’ from Steinberg about lawsuits, BUT wouldn’t Johnson have his lawyers also scaring the networks, or do they simply not care if their client is accused of stuff? seems bizarre…

  15. Sports-realist2 says:

    Yeah the late rounds really do seem strange….I kinda like it actually… Now I know how a British guy feels watching a United States east coast PGA event…..

  16. Ken says:

    If he gets through rhe round, Jason will be exhausted. So draining mentally to have to move so carefully.

    I think Rory, like Phil yesterday, just didn’t putt well. The greens are extreme, but he just missed very makeable putts.

  17. Sports-realist2 says:

    Well Spieth so far taking control……BTW in the MLB Scherzer for the Nationals had a perfect game until he hit the 27th batter in the elbow in the 9th inning with 2 outs……just happened…

  18. Sports-realist2 says:

    the greens just make it almost impossible to make a LARGE comeback from behind…..

    • TruthTeller says:

      Given that the USGA goes out of their way to make par a very good score, the difficult greens isn’t surprising.

      • lannyh says:

        Difficult is one thing. Crappy is another.

      • Sports-realist2 says:

        Spieth had a down hill putt from 22 feet and tried to make it….IMO downhill putts with the lead should be played VERY carefully…He just bogied it going for a birdie…Just bad course management there…No reason to take those type of chances….

  19. Anonymous says:

    I believe Tiger could still win if he applied himself. Missing the cut by 12 strokes should not stop him from going out there and fist pumping his way to victory ! Yeah ! Go tiger ! Far away please. Thank you.

  20. Sports-realist2 says:

    All comes down to putting…last few holes for spieth….3 putted from 22 feet, missed a 6 footer for birdie, then missed a 6 footer for par….3 strokes..

    • Sports-realist2 says:

      well if Spieth has a B swing to go to, now’s the time……if he normally hits a draw, he needs to try a fade….

      • Sports-realist2 says:

        on the other hand johnson has made 3 LONG putts….ofcourse putting can come and go…

      • lannyh says:

        Long way to go. Jordan seems to be regrouping. It’s a battle out there. Jason hanging tough. jalnichols can’t be happy a Euro Sevener is in contention.

      • Ken says:

        They could be showing more players. Day is back to 2 under. Terrible break though. Drove the 15th green and it slowly rolled off. Frustrating.

      • lannyh says:

        Yeah, I wasn’t crazy about that outcome. He hit a perfect 370-yd drive, and it trickles 30 seconds in to a bunker?

  21. Sports-realist2 says:

    Boy if I had to guess on what the leading score is going to be at the end of today…..maybe -4…..?

    • Ken says:

      I think DJ will hold 4 or 5.

      Some 21 year old Aussie kid is -1 and we just see him for 1st time. Poor coverage.

    • Ken says:

      Wow. Did not expect Day to recover from the early bogeys.

      • Sports-realist2 says:

        the leaders are going backwards, which is the typical US OPEN model…..remember when Reed thought two round of even par wouldn’t get it done for the weekend? -5 is looking real good for the final number right now….

  22. Sports-realist2 says:

    So if you want more attention, fall over with dizziness, then you become the fan favorite…. This has turned into a Jerry Lewis telethon or something….(and yes I like jason day as a golfer, but cmon)….

    • Ken says:

      Hey. I thought I was Captain Cynical on this board.

      • Sports-realist2 says:

        Steinberg just called Eldrick: ring, ring: hello, Ok eldrick, you’ve got to fall down on the course in your next event…that’s the new strategy man, you will become loved even more…just fall down and claim dizziness or something…..ok, go back to your hookers…later man, love ya bye……….

      • lannyh says:

        Oh, man, look out, Greenbrier.

    • lannyh says:

      This could potentially be career-threatening. Nothing wrong with pulling for Jason.

      • Sports-realist2 says:

        I’m not trying to downplay anything, but I think it’s starting to sound like the 2008 us open coverage with the ‘eldricks amazing knee’ show……tomorrow with any grimace or whatever, they will be saying “HEY MAYBE DAY IS DIZZY” and all that stuff…Point is you can’t be that fragile and play 18 holes and walk 5 miles up and down severe hills…..Just like Eldrick(who was probably on std’s) couldn’t have been that fragile to play 95 holes and all that in the 2008 open….

      • lannyh says:

        Excuse me, but did you miss the part where Jason was walking yesterday, then completely lost his equilibrium and stumbled to the ground?

      • Sports-realist2 says:

        MOST of the time, it’s a ‘come and go’ type of thing, but certainly should NOT be career ending……It could mean he falls down from time to time(no joke)…It may be a good idea for him NOT to drive or ride motorcycles/bicycles, or go swimming by himself ect, but he should be able to live a mostly normal life, esp with the money/resources he has…..
        I’ve dealt with a similar kind of thing, so I speak from experience…..

      • Kris says:

        I’m not gonna be heartless to Jason Day. Everyone’s experience with vertigo is different, and I don’t think he’s playing anything up for the cameras. Colin was the one being so dramatic. Jason honestly seemed like it was all he could muster not to stagger around vomiting. I’m rooting for Dustin Johnson, though. I love a good redemption story. I do have to say LOL at Tiger being on STDs. That’s my favorite typo ever.

    • Ken says:

      The outright rooting for him from Greg and co. is a bit much.

  23. Kris says:

    Chambers Bay took everyone’s lunch money, gave them a swirly and threw their backpack in the dumpster. Except for JB Holmes and Jason Day, they’ve suffered enough.

  24. Ken says:

    The fellows who run The Masters would have had some of these fans disposed of. Too bad they don’t run the Open.

    • lannyh says:

      I was thinking that exact thing! Some have complained about the strictness of the Masters — cough, cough, Shane Ryan, cough, cough — but if they weren’t strict, this behavior would be at Augusta, too.

      • Ken says:

        I hate the pandering too. “These Seattle fans are great. Blah blah 12th man blah.”

        Like they’re somehow different than any other city. They’re loud at football games because that stadium contains the noise.

        It should be legal to kill people who yell the “ba ba booie” crap. I just can’t wrap my mind around someone who thinks that’s clever.

      • lannyh says:

        I agreed with the fan who shouted, “That’s stupid!” after Jordan’s great approach eight feet from hole rolled off the green.

        These Holly interviews, she asked Ernie about Grace, and Kisner about Day. I get the impression she talks to them about their rounds, then asks that last question, knowing full well they’ll only run the last question. Or that’s how it strikes me.

      • Ken says:

        I read the Ryan thing about Augusta. Because they have rules, he hates it. He was annoyed because him or his friend just couldn’t waltz around anywhere they want at a private club.

      • lannyh says:

        Yeah, it was petty stuff. If he didn’t have any bigger complaints than he wrote about, he should have left the chapter out, or put it in one paragraph.

      • Ken says:

        Holly is about as useful as an NFL sideline reporterette.

      • lannyh says:

        Yeah, it’s kind of disappointing. That scoreboard/screen seems to be a distraction more than an aid.

      • Kris says:

        LOL, I agree that the Howard Stern loving Baba Booey fools should be killed. Loud sports fan =/= Good golf fan, even if I like what you’re yelling.

        It was nice of Ernie and Kisner to talk to Holly when they knew damn well no one cared about them. She probably did ask about their round before the interview, but they knew once it went live they were going to be talking about other people. It bothered me how few people cheered for Kisner when he teed off. More people than that should know who he is and they should at least clap for him if they don’t.

  25. Ken says:

    Spieth just knocked it on to the 16th, which supposedly only the bombers can reach. But they still won’t let the “Jordan isn’t very long” meme go.

    • Sports-realist2 says:

      now BOTH Johnson and Grace can’t buy a putt….Earlier it was Spieth…..These greens are going to be the decider….WHO can make those 10 footers…

    • TruthTeller says:

      I don’t think he knocked it on. I think it was just short of the front edge…but who can tell on this track. Regardless, with a front pin, just off the front is a great place to be. As an aside, the hole is playing straight down wind so damn near everyone is getting there.

  26. Amazing says:

    Jason Day’s effort today ranks right up there next to TW in 2008!

    • Sports-realist2 says:

      ok, here we go…….sigh….

      • Ken says:

        It’s a great effort by Day in that he played so well. His caddie said that he almost quit 3 times. But he didn’t. And no one who could continue would quit either. High-level athletes won’t quit if there’s any way they can continue. Just continuing through pain doesn’t impress me. I played team sports. If you can play, you play.

      • Sports-realist2 says:

        That’s really well said Ken…I totally agree…..

  27. Sports-realist2 says:

    Putting on these greens, you might as well be drunk……You might do better…

  28. Sports-realist2 says:

    Here’s an interesting question….So Dustin Johnson just tapped in BEFORE Grace….So if Spieth only pars, they’d all be tied, would Dustin be in the last group tomorrow instead of Grace because dustin putted first for his tap in?

  29. Ken says:

    Ben Martin went from -3 to +13.


  30. TruthTeller says:

    Jordan to Mike Davis, “Looking forward to tomorrow”

    Freakin’ hilarious!

    • Sports-realist2 says:

      Yeah Lanny if Day were to win, they’d be making 2008 comparisons out the ying-yang…..SO with that said I’m still thinking Spieth has it…….I’d expect Grace to fade and don’t expect Dustin to putt as well as he did today…..

  31. Jaybird says:

    One of the things I thought was/is a nice touch was/is having former USGA Director David Fay on hand for rules sitiations. Personally, I know the rules pretty darn well but it is still nice to hear someone who knows the rules explaining them instead of what you often get with other networks and their on course reporters butchering the explanations.

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