Thursday: US Open Semi Live Blog

11:00 pm:  Very gracious interview by Rickie Fowler.  With the exception of Rickie and Rory (to a far lesser degree), many of those in the top 25 are from the usual suspects: Spieth, Reed, Stenson, Day, DJ, Kuch, Colin Montgomerie. Okay, maybe not that last one.  And Mickelson played like a pro and is right in the mix, too.  Rory has work to do, but if he falters, tomorrow night will still have Reed, DJ, Mickelson, among others.

Buck is really going on about Woods not letting Fox interview him, and it does sound like it’s normal to ask through Steinberg.  I’m surprised by that, too.

10:45 pm:  Interesting that Buck relays that Steinberg turned them down for a post-round interview with Woods.  Fox has done a pretty good job, overall.  Reported that many in the gallery were actually laughing at Woods play on his final hole.  No way NBC/Golf Channel passes along that tidbit.

10:40 pm:  I’m convinced playing with the Traveling Woods Freak Show hurt Rickie and Oostie big time.  Another thing:  Even in his horrible play, Woods gets too much attention, because Rickie is playing even WORSE!  That’s just written off as, “Rickie is playing like crap today.”  With Woods, his poor play becomes a major storyline.

9:00 pm:  Did Tiger Woods just board the Last Train to Clarksville?  He has fallen into a tie with amateur Matthew Nesmith?

8:45 pm:  Spieth has kind of quietly, uneventfully gone to -2 and T-8.  Dufner finished at -2, and I’m not sure I heard his name all day.  Shane Lowry at that number, as well, with 7 holes yet to play; I like that lumberjack beard he’s been wearing; an Old Tom Morris beard, without the gray.

Wow, Woods just hit one to who knows where.  Probably get away with it, but he might be hitting from Canada.

7:30 pm: Four of six Euro Seveners are in the top twenty.  Keep sharp objects away from jalnichols.

7:10 pm:  Oh, and here’s the Twitter Golf Channel Tiger Tracker.  It will be interesting to hear the prime time introduction when the transition to regular Fox occurs in 50 minutes.

7:00 pm: has their live blog going.  Can be entertaining when Woods is playing poorly because those guy are some of the biggest cheerleaders going.  They’ll let you make pretty much any comment or ask any question you want (within reason), so it can be amusing.  I have not seen it today until now.  Just pulled it up.

Sounds like the Chambers Bay crowd is getting pretty lubricated.

5:40 pm:  Did Fowler just shank?  That looked awful.

5:20 pm:  Forget Hammer Time, it’s Spieth Time!  Love to see him and Jason Day do something special today.

4:50 pm:  With these greens getting so bumpy, is that going give Spieth even more of an advantage over the rest of the afternoon wave, or is it going to take away his normal putting advantage?  I fear the latter.  That last putt of Rory’s was unfair; no other way to put it.

4:15 pm:  Overall, I’m really happy with the Fox coverage.  Very little annoying screen clutter.  Buck and Greg doing a good job.  Oh, and little or no Blair Witch Project camera work.  A few minor complaints, but nothing worth mentioning yet.

I do wish Rory could have made a few more of his shortish putts today.  He’s played better than his score would indicate, it seems to me.

2:10 pm: Rory has an important birdie putt, so Fox switches to an interview with a golf official?  Can’t they interview the guy while showing video of the golfers?  Now they go to commercials instead of showing Rory…

1:55 pm: Mr. Steve Elling just tweeted out this link to a live stream of Ian Poulter cooking and watching the morning play.  It’s definitely live because I see a TV in the background occasionally and it matches mine.  And Poults has referred to the score a time or two, also, and it is the current score.

Am I in the minority?  If this came down to Kuchar vs Mickelson in a playoff, I’d be for Kuch.

1:25 pm: Euro Sevener Marc Warren leads!

1:15 pm: Euro Sevener Marc Warren one out of lead!

1:05 pm:  Bubba back to even par?  No way!  I gave up on him after his opening double.  Bubba really seems to have improved his mental game the last couple of years.  I think he’s grinding more now because his kids made him realize this prime of his career won’t last forever.

1:00 pm: No major complaints about the Fox camera work.   Not nearly as bad as at the women’s four-ball.  It’s been fine, really, as far as I’ve noticed.  I reserve the right to change my mind, of course…

11:05 am:  John Feinstein is trying to reprise the idiotic “bad Friday” crap regarding Rory?  He’s won several tournaments since then, and his 80 at the Irish Open was on Friday.  Oh, I just remembered Fox Sports 1 has a pregame for this hour ahead of live coverage; I’ll check it out.  Some bow-tie guy is on…   Not sure how long I’ll last…  Oh, it’s Max Homa.  He’s said to be quite outspoken; I’ll stick around.

10:55 am: Final Score: Fox Sports live stream 0, CBS/GC live stream 0.  It’s only an hour until their TV coverage, but, man, I wish these streams didn’t crash our machines here at Lanny H Golf.  I thought personal computers had memory protection since about, oh, the mid-90’s.  How the hell can a video stream even crash my machine?  Until maybe six months ago, I could run these streams all day with no problems whatsoever.

Kelly  just did her “serious intro” again, and I missed again the “child” she is talking about.  Oh, well.

10:30 am: We brought up the Fox featured holes live stream on our bank of giant-screen TVs.  If Fox’s stream doesn’t bring down our rack of servers, that’ll be a huge plus in their favor; we’ve had very bad luck of late with the CBS/Golf Channel offerings.  So far, the coverage is pretty darn decent.  Our audio/visual/tech guys have it running full screen mode.  So far, so good.

9:10 am:  Our entire staff has already arrived at the Command Center this morning, hours before the first tee time.  Probably because we had breakfast catered…  We just ran the entire Q13 video preview series on our bank of giant screen TVs.  On Golf Channel, Tilghman just did another “serious intro” thing where some player was said have had Woods as “his childhood idol.”  I wonder if it was Rory, who signed his name as a kid as Rory Nick Faldo McIlroy.  Fox Sports 1 is all over this US Open, i.e., they are showing women’s soccer once again.

Dan Jenkins not at this US Open for the first time since 1963.  He said his grandaughter’s wedding conflicts.  It’s worth your while to monitor his tweets during majors.

The online stream feature holes today are a driveable par-4 (No. 12) and a tricky par-3 (No. 15).  Good choices.  Maybe these streams won’t crash my machine.  I’ll give it go and see.  Less than an hour until that begins.

6:15 am:  Information is flooding into our US Open Command Center this morning at Lanny H Golf.  The featured holes are, apparently, No. 12 and No. 15.  Rory, Martin, and Gunn Yang start on No. 10 today, so they’ll be on that stream pretty quickly.

5:30 am: Wake up!  Only five hours until Rory tees off.  Four hours until Phil Mickelson, Bubba Watson, and Angel Cabrera tee off; that is the feature group that will be shown online at this link.

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81 Responses to Thursday: US Open Semi Live Blog

  1. Sports-realist2 says:

    Now again, the BEST announcers are the one’s who try the LEAST and are a little drunk….We’ll see…..

    • Sports-realist2 says:

      and HOPEFULLY they limit the ‘side stories’ that NO one cares about….Just show more golfers and less announcers….

  2. Kris says:

    I really miss shot tracker.

  3. Sports-realist2 says:

    So far I have to keep reminding myself this is NOT the British Open….Also seems like alot of ‘BOWL effects’ on the holes….Also seems like some b.s. shots get rewarded and NOT punished, which isn’t typical US Open, again, granted haven’t seen most of the holes….

  4. Sports-realist2 says:

    Take Cole Hammer’s name….That MILLIONS of dollars more in endorsement deals(JUST because of his name), IF he were to become a good golfer……

    • lannyh says:

      Haha, true.

      Did they show any shot of Rory’s on that driveable par-4 that Kaymer eagled? If so, I missed it. Well, they showed, “This for par,” but that was all I saw.

      • Sports-realist2 says:

        they showed the drive, did not show his 2nd shot, and then his birdie putt….

      • lannyh says:

        Disappointing. Maybe the young kid interfered with that hole. Nice bunker shot just now!

      • lannyh says:

        What’s the point of the graphic of all the guys Phil finished second to? Why not just say Mickelson has finished second six times. Say their names if you must; what’s the point of a graphic with photos of all the people?

    • Sports-realist2 says:

      and boy would MC Hammer love that nickname ‘hammer time’…..I think MC went through bankruptcy a few years ago…

  5. Sports-realist2 says:

    Yeah I thought the same thing, ALTHOUGH, in another graphic thingy, they only went back to the last 5 winners of the event…..
    So apparently they also HAVE to go to the SIDESHOW of ‘THE STUDIO’, which consists of pointless announcers TALKING about golf, instead of SHOWING golf….I just don’t care about these yobo’s analysis…They’ve analyzed this tournament for an entire week……
    I guess they want to re-show some of the early highlights of the early golfers….NOPE, they’ve got to show us WHY they built the golf course ect….YAWN….
    I have to say, so far I’m NOT impressed with the course….Just looks like a British Open West….It’s not easy to see the golf ball after the drive, since all the grass looks burned out..Hard to tell the difference between the greens and the fairways…….They KEEP saying how great the course is, but what is so special about it, besides what we’ve ALREADY seen in the British?

  6. Sports-realist2 says:

    So Fox was brave enough to show a NEGATIVE tweet about the course…kudos for that…..If the score ends up 15 under par, THEN the ‘farce’ comment will show this course needs trees or water or something more…

  7. Sports-realist2 says:

    So far, I like Norman’s approach…Seems VERY laid back, and Britishy in his approach……

  8. Jason says:

    “Wait 30 minutes! This is pathetic professional golf”

    – Bubba Watson

    • Jason says:

      For the record, I strongly disagree with ol’ Bubba on this one.

    • lannyh says:

      It was, what, a five-and-a-half hour round?

      • Jason says:

        well when you spell it out like that, it does lend some credence to what Bubba said. Nothing will take away the homer in me on this one, though. It’s awesome to see the Northwest host our country’s premier championship. Sorry, Bubba!

      • lannyh says:

        Outside of Rory, it seems like the best players are floating to the top of the leaderboard. I’m enjoying it. A lot of interesting holes. I’m not crazy about the greens, though, but if Rory had holed a few more, I’d feel better about them. It will be interesting to see how Spieth putts this afternoon after the poyiana grass in the greens has grown half a day.

      • lannyh says:

        I think the course is going to go over well with any prime time viewers who chance upon the coverage tonight. The look, the banked greens, the slopes putting balls in bunkers, etc.

  9. Sports-realist2 says:

    Rory’s short game cost him muy strokes today…..Not just the putter, but the wedges just didn’t get anything close……

  10. Barry Burn says:

    Is Weiskopf slightly slurring his words? lol.

  11. Barry Burn says:

    Any scoring predictions on the Tiger train today?

    I say 76.

    • lannyh says:

      Based on how Rory’s putt hopped on his final hole, I suspect the afternoon wave is going to have a tougher time putting than the morning. Mickelson is fortunate to have a earlier time than most of the expected contenders.

  12. Ken says:

    With Monty’s age and weight, I thought he’d die out there today. -1, very impressive.

    • lannyh says:

      I’d love to see him hang in there, but, yeah, it’s supposed to be a brutal walk. Did I hear that it was like walking ten miles and walking up 150 staircases? Something like that.

      • Sports-realist2 says:

        When you consider it’s a British Open style layout, you’d kinda expect MORE British players to ‘hang in’ there….

  13. Ken says:

    #195 is off to a roaring start, +3 through 5 T107. Well, that is an improvement on his world ranking. Of course, the field only has 156 players.

  14. Sports-realist2 says:

    I just turned on the afternoon coverage…have they showed EVERY Eldrick shot? cuz they were NOT doing that with Rory….

    • lannyh says:

      Pretty much every Woods shot, yes. And plenty of Tiger lining up putts, reacting, etc. Not much difference from GC or NBC in that regard. JB Holmes was five shots ahead of Woods before he got any air time.

      • Sports-realist2 says:

        I’m sorry…Who is JB Holmes? I only know a few PGA golfers, as I count on the golf channel for my player info….

      • lannyh says:

        Norman’s comment about, “I’ll be fascinated to follow Woods the rest of the night” doesn’t bode well for the rest of the night…

      • Ken says:

        And this is why I’m heading out. No interest in watching him all evening. Hopefully a big audience will see just how bad he is. Bring on the f- bombs.

        Tomorrow evening should be great.

    • Sports-realist2 says:

      CBS Porter headline says: “Tiger is off to a bumpy start in the opening round of the US Open. Woods has plenty of holes left to recover at Chambers Bay.” ..Um ok, so what kind of headline is that? Recover for a possible CUT? Is that all that’s left? This is AGAIN looking like announcers tomorrow saying “WELL THE CUT WILL BE, AND HE NEEDS TO, bla, bla, bla” type of thing to make the glorious cut, so that he can play early and not be seen on the weekend coverage, while his score plummets? Wow, set your dvr’s….

      • lannyh says:

        Woods three ahead of Cole Hammer. If Woods falls much farther, they will have to do a Cole Hammer Cut Line Watch instead.

      • Sports-realist2 says:

        +5 and 134th out of 156th place, yet the announcers keep begging and talking about him like he’s relevent…It’s so sad…Why can’t they just let him suck in peace? I can’t WAIT for the golf channel post game comments…….not
        This reminds me of that Saturday Night Live skit, when Chris Farley pretended to be a pro figure skater, and he kept crashing into the walls and falling down, and the announcers kept saying “that will cost him half a point”, that was hilarious…….

      • lannyh says:

        I remember that skit! Brandel will be on insisting Woods only needs five minutes with Butch Harmon.

        Wow! Another birdie for Jordan! Yeah!

  15. JoseyWales says:

    Lanny…Steve Elling is an excellent Twitter follow…he has his own style, a bit quirky but kinda fun. I enjoy his tweets. Shackelford on the other hand just can’t control his hatred for FOX Sports…he is just hoping and praying for them to fail…he points out every little glitch.
    I often sense jealousy and bitterness of the part of Shackelford because he was a failure as a course designer and never made it. So he is on the outside looking at Hanse, RT Jones Jr, Fazio and the rest of the successful designers….and he ends up as a shill for Golf Digest and Golf Channel…two of the cheesiest operations in golf. Must be a disappointment to him.

    • lannyh says:

      He is! I have two Twitter follows: Elling and Dan Jenkins. I was watching Elling earlier today. I’m a huge fan of his.

      I bet Shack hates Fox because they took the Open away from his meal ticket, GC/NBC. Yeah, more and more I think his targets come from politics and personal interests. I’ll have to go read what he writes about Fox. I’ve been pleasantly surprised. I’d say it’s clearly better than GC/NBC based on today.

  16. JoseyWales says:

    Shackelford spewing his venom on Greg Norman who apparently has blocked him. First Matt Every now Greg Norman…the real Geoff Shackelford is revealing itself…
    Shack’s Tweet to Norman:
    via Twitter…
    “Note to @SharkGregNorman: Chambers super is Josh Lewis. Joe Louis was the boxer. Oh and Chase Cam, not Chase Car. Your blocked friend, Geoff”

    • lannyh says:

      That’s petty. Saying “Joe Louis” instead of “Josh Lewis” is a verbal typo, nothing more. Chase Cam, Chase Car, who the hell cares? Another verbal typo. Those complaints say more about Shackelford than Norman.

    • lannyh says:

      By the way, speaking of Elling, did you know he retweeted one of my zingers about Tiger Woods? It was a year or two ago. Pretty cool of him.

  17. Sports-realist2 says:

    Wow Spieth seems like he’s played this course a hundred times…

  18. Sports-realist2 says:

    Ok, the waterworks are here in full force now for Eldrick on Fox….It’s like an addiction to HAVE to talk about Eldrick’s sucky golf game for 10 minutes…..They know Eldrick won’t be around for the weekend, so they are doing their best golf channel impersonation…..

    • lannyh says:

      Yeah, the slack-jawed amazement at Woods’s poor play is getting a bit strange in light of how consistently poorly Woods now plays. I think you can trace his poor play back to… the release of Blood Sport. I’ll look into that tomorrow morning if I don’t forget.

    • Anonymous says:

      Overall decent coverage. Too much Woods of course. That long break away from live play to talk about him and about Rickie’s clothes was ridiculous.

      • lannyh says:

        Oh, that Rickie’s clothes thing… I bet they didn’t plan on running that when he was +8 after 12 holes or whatever. It was almost insulting or embarrassing to run it when he is playing so poorly.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I love this Fox broadcast, and think Buck and Norman are fantastic. Great to hear intelligent analysis and commentary

    • lannyh says:

      I agree with you. I was very concerned about the cameras after seeing Fox cover the women’s four-ball, but this is great. They are even handling graphics better. Fewer of them, and when they put one up, they sometimes give me time to actually read it. Always a plus! And they aren’t overusing the flash-bang high tech crap. I’m really happy with it.

  20. Sports-realist2 says:

    +10, 153rd place, and ONLY ahead of Rich Berbarian Jr. though, so that’s something…

    • lannyh says:

      This is just crazy. What’s crazier is that this won’t make the Golf Channel talk less about Woods, but rather MORE.

    • Ken says:

      I’d almost believe he’s doing it on purpose. His play is just unearthly bad.

    • Sports-realist2 says:

      His agent is going to tell him to take ‘another break’ so that he can make ‘another comeback’, so that the golf channel can talk about the ‘comeback’….He could have easily missed every cut he’s played in this year, so this isn’t a big surprise……

      • Sports-realist2 says:

        but EVERY SWING STILL? I mean this is rediculous…

      • Ken says:

        No it isn’t surprising at all.

        I can honestly say that I now drive it better than Tiger Woods. It isn’t close. I hit mostly straight and 285. He may be 20 yards ahead, but I can find mine.

      • lannyh says:

        Nike probably makes him play; now they may make him stop!

        I wonder what Quicken Loans thinks about taking on the sponsorship of his tourney now. This is crazy.

      • Ken says:

        Does Louis brag about beating up on Woods and Rickie at +7?

  21. Anonymous says:

    We know he is psychotically self-centered and egotistical. Is it possible that maybe he is playing because he believes his own self talk? Regardless, I find it entertaining in the same way that Mad Max was entertaining; how many bodies and how much damage will be inflicted before the story is told

  22. Anonymous says:

    first birdie of the day?

    • Ken says:

      Hear the “come on” before Woods’ birdie putt from the announcer who didn’t know his mic was live yet?


      • Sports-realist2 says:

        yet these are X PGA players saying cmon………For us amateurs, this would be like being in a golf scramble, YET rooting for the team ahead of you, and hoping they beat you….it’s beyond bizarre……Golf needs a anti-Eldrick announcer….Enough of EVERYONE LOVES RAYMOND and Barney and Friends…..Fox should have hired a pompous British guy to speak his mind….

      • Sports-realist2 says:

        Sounds like that was Brad Faxon……Someone should tell him to shut up…

  23. Anonymous says:

    Let the celebrations and wild rumpus begin!

    Now we can hear how maybe he has found something…

    • lannyh says:

      I have a feeling Golf Channel will forego their postgame and just run Altered Course repeats all night.

      • Sports-realist2 says:

        lol…by the way, I haven’t watched that, nor do I care too……It looks stupid…Did anyone watch it?

      • Kris says:

        Altered Course is just as dumb as you’d imagine. Obnoxious workout partners running around like headless chickens hitting crappy golf shots. I was hoping someone would fall and snap their ankle to make it somewhat interesting.

  24. Sports-realist2 says:

    And guess what everyone, FOX has a WHOLE nother day to WAX POETIC about Eldrick sucking…..smh…….

  25. Kris says:

    I’m surprised that Chambers Bay seems to reward an all-around game. Everyone near the top of the leaderboard did everything well. The Fox coverage was much better than expected. They focused on Tiger, but their tone was more of pity than worship. Poor Tiger and his group had a laugh-to-keep-from-crying kind of day. Louis and Rickie are prone to the occasional horrid round, so I’m not worried about either one of them. 18 holes on this course is too much for Tiger’s surgically repaired body and ever-weakening mind.

  26. Sports-realist2 says:

    Closing thoughts:
    Course is Ok, I don’t care for poana greens personally……
    I DO like there is only 2 par 5’s and they are very tough to get home in 2 shots…..
    Coverage is simply better when Eldrick is done….The micro-coverage of one golfer when there is 156 golfers is completely unnecessary….
    Buck and Norman started strong, but really SUCKED in the last few hours, when forced to KEEP talking about one of the worst golfers on the course.
    Spieth has a REAL shot at going back to back Majors……His swing is just so easy and smooth….
    Can or will they toughen up the course? Not sure how much they can change with the poana greens, but we’ll see…

  27. MovieQuotes says:

    Roy: I’m clearing too early, too late. My swing feels like an unfolding chair!
    Romeo: Put your change in your left pocket. Go on, do it. Now, tie your left shoe in a double knot.
    Roy: Tie my left shoe?
    Romeo: Right now, do it! Turn the hat backwards. Turn your hat around. Do it, Roy! Take this tee and stick it behind your left ear.
    Roy: I look like a fool!
    Romeo: What do you think you look like shooting chili peppers up Lee Janzen’s ass? Do it now or I’m going to quit. I swear to God I’ll quit. Good. Take this ball and hit it up the fairway.
    [Roy hits the ball straight]
    Romeo: You’re ready.
    Roy: How’d I do that?
    Romeo: Because you’re not thinking about shanking or Molly. You’re not thinking. You’re looking like a fool, hitting the ball pure and simple…

    Wise words.

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