“Buddha, teaching us how to live,” and other Tuesday Thoughts

Jesus, Coming Home:  Golf Channel indeed posted the video of the Justin Spieth press conference, including, surprisingly, the mocking comment at the end. (It’s at the 22:10 mark).  There the golf media is, mocking Jordan Spieth for being a decent guy.  Can you imagine if after a Tiger Woods press conference, after Woods says, “… and that’s why we all need to do what we can to help the children…,” someone saying, “Buddha, teaching us how to live our lives.”

In Shane Ryan’s new book, Slaying the Tiger, Ryan repeated refers to Jordan Spieth as “the great white hope.”  He also went to pains to point out that Spieth on the course said, at least once, “fuck.”  His narrative for Spieth — and this was before Valspar and Augusta this year — was that he was a self-pitying whiner.  It wasn’t a hatchet job.  Or if it was, it was an indirect passive-aggressive hatchet job.  Ryan’s narrative had a distinct “damning with faint praise” vibe.  But, like I said, it was pre-Masters and Valspar, and certainly Ryan is free to express his own view regarding Spieth.

What bothers me is when the golf media adheres to one mindset.  Regarding Spieth it seems to be a pretense of glowing coverage while subtly and/or secretly mocking him.  Great white hope.  Jesus, coming home.  Goody-two shoes, but I heard him say “fuck.”  Ignoring him at the L.A. Open where he finished one shot out of a playoff.

The golf media is starting to have a big problem with optics.  They mock Jordan Spieth with “great white hope” and “Jesus, coming home” comments, but we have just left an era of golf reporting where a front-page misogynistic sex scandal was regularly reclassified by the golf media as “an auto accident” or “personal problems.”

The guy who said, “Jesus, coming home,” would not have said that if he didn’t know all his coworkers were going to chuckle.  And he won’t say, in reference to Woods, “Buddha, lecturing us on how to properly live,” because he knows he’d be fired.

Good Time Charlie?  Golf Channel is showing some good video of Charlie Rymer walking the holes at Chambers Bay, showing the slopes of the greens and what-not.  Good stuff.  I hope this winds up online.  He’s done holes 1-6 so far.

Spirit of Television:  Fox Sports 1 is running four half-hour “Spirit of the US Open” specials this afternoon starting at 1:30 pm EDT.  They sound pretty decent.  One is on the 1930’s, another covers the 1960 tournament.

Morning Drive:  Wow, they are really worshipping at the Altar of Tiger Woods this morning.  Also, would it be possible for them to show Phil Mickelson playing a practice round without making little “inside” jokes about the fact that they play for money.  Here’s the thing.  Mickelson, if he played for 10,000 dollars is the equivalent of a guy making 50K playing for 10 dollars.  Mickelson could lose 10,000 dollars every week and it still wouldn’t make a dent in the money he makes by inside-trading stocks.  It was a cute joke once or twice, but, man, give it a rest.

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6 Responses to “Buddha, teaching us how to live,” and other Tuesday Thoughts

  1. HennyB says:

    Just another example of the double standard that exists in the media. Unfortunately in today’s day and age, its not “cool” to be a decent human being. The villains are glorified and held up as the example to follow. Look at the number they did on Tim Tebow. This reminds me of the story you did on Tim Duncan last year comparing him to Lebron James. People who mock others that are genuine, only see their own failures as human beings. The whole world is upside down.

    • lannyh says:

      Yeah, Tim Duncan is such a great example. Wins like crazy, but the media ignores him because he’s a good guy finishing first. Completed college because of a promise he made to his mom — that’s a great story.

  2. Sports-realist2 says:

    Mock the good and praise the bizarre and not so good….This is nothing knew, but in recent years, it’s become the way news is done, AND shows that some very immoral people are running these networks..
    Spieth is mocked while Woods is worshiped….We know why they mock, and we know why they worship…..Somewhere that ‘code of ethics’, which both hollywood, tv, and media used to have, has gotten pushed aside for a CIRCUS of crude, disgusting, immoral, and outlandish behavior(which is now praised)….????
    ESPN gives awards to Bruce Jenner for switching sexes? Are you kidding? This shows us how society is rapidly deteriorating, and the golfchannel follows suit, as it presents Woods as some saint, hallowed, above everyone else golfer, who has a car accident(COUGH) from time to time…Ofcourse he LOVES his family, and would NEVER hurt the game that he RESPECTS so much(COUGH, again)….

    • lannyh says:

      It’s crazy. Is it NBC’s political agenda (I base that on MSNBC’s slant) spreading to sports coverage?

      Also, with Woods, how do they rationalize his choking and slapping women stuff with the hand-wringing over “the unfair treatment of women” on the Today Show?

      Logic goes out the window…

    • HennyB says:

      Well said.

  3. Ken says:

    It’s sickening that they mock Spieth for being a decent guy.

    I agree about the Mickelson/money thing. Give it a rest. Any joke or story, no matter how funny, gets less funny when it’s repeated ad nauseum. It’s a pretty reliable mark of a simple-minded person with no creativity when they repeat – and find amusing – the same story over and over and over.

    Yeah, Phil and most of the tour guys in his games can afford to lose the cash. Reminds me of the democrats and the media (same thing) making a big deal a few years back about (former education secretary) Bill Bennett admitting that he lost a decent amount of money on gambling. He often talks about the need for morals and education in our youth. They ripped him as a hypocrite, but gambling isn’t illegal – it the primary reason that Las Vegas exists. And the amount of money that Bennett lost would be tough for me to lose, but inconsequential to him.

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