US OPEN SHOCKER!! USGA Blatantly Giving Preferential Treatment to Tiger Woods at US Open

In an audacious move, the USGA has slapped Rory McIlroy in the face in an attempt to aid Tiger Woods in propping up what’s left of his moribund career.

Game 7 of the NBA Finals, if needed, is scheduled for Friday night.  With the US Open being on the west coast (meaning live prime time coverage) the US Open will potentially be going head-to-head against the NBA championship game.  Tiger Woods was given a tee time that puts him in prime time on Thursday night when there is no NBA game scheduled.  Rory McIlroy, the most dominant player in the game and the OWGR #1, will be forced to go against Game 7, if there is one.

As well, quite apart from the NBA, Thursday night television normally gets higher ratings than Friday night (when many people often go out).

The purpose of this subterfuge is to say later, “We justify obsessing over Woods because he moves the needle — why just look at how Thursday ratings are better than Friday ratings!”  But, as I said, more people are watching TV on Thursdays than Fridays in any case, and there may be a Game 7 of the NBA Finals on Friday.

USGA, golf media, Nike, Steinberg:  We golf fans will not be fooled by your desperate tricks.

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11 Responses to US OPEN SHOCKER!! USGA Blatantly Giving Preferential Treatment to Tiger Woods at US Open

  1. Anon-II says:

    lanny you stupid asswipe… no one takes your blogs serious… you turn something decided by chance and claim a conspiracy theory

  2. Seriously says:

    Sources close to Rory indicate he is outraged and is demanding a redraw before Thursday. How dare they make him play against Chambers Bay AND the NBA Finals!! Horrible disadvantage.

    • lannyh says:

      Now, now, mock all you want, but it’s important. It won’t matter for how he plays this week, but rather for the publicity, which leads to higher sponsorship deals in the future.

      • Seriously says:

        As you mentioned, a lot of folks hit the town Friday night so there is already going to be fewer people.

        There isn’t a lot of crossover between golf fans and NBA fans….at least I wouldn’t think. So golf fans that aren’t on the town will watch golf and vice versa.

        Lot’s of golf fans don’t even care until the weekend, so there’s that too.

      • lannyh says:

        I’m still going to hope for a six-game series.

  3. lannyh says:

    I don’t know if this Jason Day press conference is live or on tape delay, but you didn’t have to read between the lines too much to hear him say Woods has no chance. That’s sure what it sounded like. Very, very polite, but I got that impression.

    By the way, having read the chapter devoted to Jason in Shane Ryan’s new book, it’s really interesting to watch this. I’ll review the book eventually; I still have 100+ pages to go.

  4. Ken says:

    If Tiger still has his supposed appeal to the masses, the best possible thing would be for him to shoot 80 on primetime TV.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Even though the Warriors won last night, the USGA are protesting the game in order to get a game 7 on Friday night. Maybe the NHL will also play a game 7 on Friday night – anything to take viewers away from Rory and his pursuit of the 2015 Grand Slam (How’s that prediction working out for you Lanny??)

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