US Open Groupings Show on Fox Sports 1

Looking at the groups, I see Anirban Lahiri and am reminded… the Euro Seven are back in town, the Euro Seven are back in town!

The FS1 show today was funny.  It was like Golf Channel with ESPN camera operators.   Word up, homeboy: Within three years, all this sports network “motion” that is de rigueur right now will seem as idiotic as mullet haircuts.

The funniest thing…  When discussing groups, they would put up video of the key player.  As soon as the video took over the screen, a guitar would start playing pentatonic-scale blues-rock riffs.  It was mixed too loud and totally distracted from the commentary.  It went something like this…1, 2, 3, 4…   “This ‘J’ group has Jason Day, Justin Rose, and Jordan Spieth, who lately has”… DUH DUH DUH, DOO DOO DAH DE DUH, DUH DUH DUH, DOO DOO DAH DE DUH, DUH DUH DUH… and in our next group, Bubba Watson will…  DUM DUM DUH DA DUM, DAH DE DAH DAH, DUM DUM DUH DA DUM…

I was pleased with the pairings.  Oostie and Rickie Fowler will have to fight distraction, but Spieth and Rory look a-okay.  It’s going to be weird with such late golf.  That far north and west, sunset will be quite late.  Prime time golf, and lots of it.  Regular Fox will have it in prime time; Fox Sports 1, will have it all day up until then.

[Required Reading, From the Australian]

“I always remember my dad working three different jobs, for more than 90 hours a week,” remembers McIlroy. “He only got Wednesday nights and Sunday afternoons off and I am sure he would have loved to sit in the house and relax, but I would drag him to the golf course or the driving range. All the way through my youth, he did what I wanted to do rather than what he wanted to do. My mum was the same, working round the clock to help pay for my tournaments when I got to nine or 10.

“At that age, you just don’t realise the scale of the sacrifice. I thought that it was normal; it’s what I had got used to. Looking back today, I realise that it was anything but normal. They were not at all pushy; they just wanted me to develop in the game that I loved. If anything, they tried to guide me into other sports to give me more variety, and always encouraged me to focus on my schoolwork.”

McIlroy pauses. He gulps. His eyes fill. It takes him a second or two to compose himself, and he smiles, almost apologetically, as he does so. Outside, you can hear TV cameras getting into position. There are hushed conversations between various media crews waiting to get a piece of the action. But in the quiet of this small room, with its minimalist furnishings, McIlroy is contemplative, considering what really matters.


This Fox Sports 1 groupings show might be a good indicator of whether Fox Sports has moved past Tiger Woods, or if they will obsess over him ala Golf Channel.

While you are waiting for that program to begin, you can fill your time listening to Ryan Ballengee’s latest 19th Hole Golf Show.

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One Response to US Open Groupings Show on Fox Sports 1

  1. Sports-realist2 says:

    lol….I don’t know Lanny, when announcers/analysts start talking, sometimes the SMARTEST thing to do is drown them out with DUH DUH DUH, DOO DOO DAH DE DUH, DUH DUH’s…..Fox might just have become the smartest network on tv………

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