Tiger Woods vs Rory McIlroy: The REAL Majors Count (Surprise: Rory is only 3 behind)

First off, we need to look at Tiger Woods’s results the past two years:


  • T80
  • T41
  • WD
  • T25
  • MC
  • 69
  • WD
  • MC
  • T17 (18-man field)


  • MC
  • WD
  • T17 (the Masters)
  • T69
  • 71

First off, we might ask, why is the golf media still obsessing over Woods?  That’s some pretty horrible play!

Second, Woods’s best result is the T-17 at the Masters.  What?  The Masters?  Isn’t that like the toughest, most important event of the year?  Short answer: No.  The field is small, there are many entrants with no chance to win, and it is held on a course that allows wild driving.  When a player has a two-year history of awful play but manages a T-17 at the Masters, well, sorry, Augusta National, we can’t count the Masters as a major.

So let’s make an honest comparison of the majors won by Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods:

Rory McIlroy: 4

Tiger Woods: 14 – 4 (Masters) = 10.

Hmmm.  And Rory is only 26.  But, let’s continue…

Tiger Woods: 10 – 3 (using Rock Ishii ball no one else had in 2000) = 7.

Final Tally:

Rory McIlroy: 4

Tiger Woods: 7

Rory just turned 26; Woods is 39.

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5 Responses to Tiger Woods vs Rory McIlroy: The REAL Majors Count (Surprise: Rory is only 3 behind)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Do you remember a certain someone who was quoted as saying “Second Sucks” ? How badly must it “suck” to be in dead last teeing off on Sunday all by your self ? My how times and faces have changed. Being in denial that you are no longer competitive is not going to change the current state of affairs.

    • lannyh says:

      I remember. What did he say, “Second place is first loser”? His bad behavior — which the golf media passed off as “precocious” — is coming back to haunt him.

      We are seeing more and more “Why We Still Care About Tiger” articles. Another one appeared overnight at ESPN (I think it was). Speaking of ESPN, I gotta think Stephen A. Smith will have some interesting words to say about Woods today. He’s about the only sports reporter willing to be honest about Woods.

  2. Ken says:

    I still gotta count the Masters as a major.

    All of those factors that you use to un-majorize it are in play for Rory as well. And he hasn’t managed to win it yet.

  3. SpinDoctor says:

    I too find it ironic that the one major you discount is the one major Rory hasn’t won. Besides, that means Jack is only at 12.

    And, you can discount the 2000 majors all you want. Fact is he was playing with a legal golf ball and that’s all that matters.

    To each his own.

    • lannyh says:

      They were legal, but not legitimate.

      I laughed several times this weekend when someone — was it Chamblee? — kept showing video of Woods blowing a drive past Ernie Els at the 2000 US Open. I laughed because we all now know Woods had the “transformational” ball other players would not have until 2001.

      That’s as impressive as someone winning the NBA dunk competition when using a trampoline.

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