Jason Sobel Tells Brandel Chamblee to Shut His Trap!

Jason Sobel has a new piece out today about some Tiger Tall Tales.  It’s a pretty lame article and addresses nothing the least bit controversial.  I thought it was going to take on the tall tales about Woods making golfers rich, hitting shots no one else could hit, faux 2000 domination (using Rock Ishii ball), etc.  Nope.  Nevertheless, there was one point that did catch my eye:

HOT TAKE No. 6: “He needs to go back to Butch!”

This might be my least favorite argument in the history of arguments. It has been 13 years since he last worked with the famed instructor Butch Harmon. That hasn’t stopped a startling number of fans from not only holding out hope for a reunion, but actually believing it’ll someday come to fruition.

Repeat after me: It’s. Not. Going. To. Happen.

Let us count the reasons. Harmon’s swing put too much stress on Woods’ knee; there are some burned bridges in their relationship; and then there’s the fact that guys such as Phil Mickelson and Rickie Fowler aren’t exactly keen on sharing their coach with another player, especially one who requires as much one-on-one time as Woods.

In other sports, 13 years is enough time for fans to move on and not pine for the good ol’ days anymore. In golf, they still beg for a return to the past. Sorry, but I don’t get it. And neither does Woods.

I saw that and immediately thought of Brandel Chamblee, who won’t shut up about a Butch-Tiger reunion.  I have written a million times that Woods changes coaches because he is searching for a swing that won’t result in injury and/or re-injury.  Brandel won’t listen to me.

But surely he will listen to Jason Sobel, one of the most prominent golf writers of our era.  I made sure Chamblee knows he’s been called out:


Let’s see if Chamblee has the guts to defend his position against someone who isn’t an employee of Golf Channel.  I’m betting not.

Brandel Chamblee, pudding and pie,
Hassles Notah and makes him cry,
But when Jason Sobel comes out to play,
Brandel Chamblee runs away

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3 Responses to Jason Sobel Tells Brandel Chamblee to Shut His Trap!

  1. Ken says:

    Woods’ problem is that he was born in 1975.

    Maybe Mickelson needs to go back to Rick Smith. He did a lot more winning when Smith was his coach. But I doubt that Smith can cure Mickelson’s real problem, being born in 1970.

  2. SwingDoctor says:

    I’ve never met Butch so this statement is based more on what I’ve heard. Butch doesn’t necessarily have a Butch Swing that he tries to force on guys. No, he takes what a player does well naturally and reinforces it. Now, sure, he probably has keys like all instructors due but it seems like he has the flexibilty to incorporate those with each players uniqueness.

    That’s probably why you haven’t seen overhaul type changes with guys like Phil, Rickie, Jimmy and DJ.

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