Sunday Semi Live Blog: Reminders Edition

Stricker is Back!  Stricker has the low round of the day right now at -4.  Is he back?  Should he be the favorite at Chambers Bay?

Comcast, Get Rid of Chamblee:  Chamblee is a one-trick pony whose trick sucks.  Whatever coach Woods gets is the wrong one, according to Chamblee.  Why, if he would just go back to Butch, he’d be No. 1 in the world in no time.

Consider the following:

  1. Harmon is Phil Mickelson’s coach; Mickelson’s results have dropped off; Mickelson is 44; why can’t Butch “fix” him?
  2. Chamblee lost his PGA Tour card in 2003; he was 41 years old; why didn’t Chamblee simply go back to the swing he had at 25?
  3. Woods, who will turn 40 this year, is not playing like he did when he was 25; Woods has had numerous injuries and surgeries; one of the reasons Woods went with Foley (who Chamblee also blasted) — and Woods stated this — was to get a swing that didn’t cause injury, that allowed Woods to play with a more vulnerable body.

Brandel, Woods can’t freaking “go back to Butch’s swing.”  He’s not 25 years old.  He’s 40 effing years old, with a long list of injuries and almost certainly PED usage.  He’s been through a humiliating scandal and his image was irreparably damaged; he’s never going to feel “invulnerable” again.

Brandel ignores all of these incredibly obvious facts, ignores them, then lectures viewers with, Why, all Tiger Woods needs is to get a tip from Butch Harmon or Hank Haney.

Maybe it is me who is ignorning the obvious:  “Tiger Back With Butch” would give the Golf Channel a bogus “reason” to stay with their All Tiger All The Time routine.  If Brandel can bully a Woods/Butch reunion into being, GC can fill up their air time with: “Butch said he hit it better than in 2000.”  “Notah said he didn’t hit a bad chip in ten hours of practice.”  Lather, rinse, repeat.

If Brandel’s tirades led to such a reunion, I don’t doubt some substantial GC money would find its way into Chamblee’s pocket.

Guys, your act is beyond old.  Comcast, clean house!!

11:00 am Update:  Woods shoots 74 in round 4.  Played last six holes in +5.  His 74 equals the worst score on the course, though no one else is yet to finish.

Noren wins in Europe.  I just realized he hardly played in 2013 and 2014 due to a bad wrist injury.  I remember when he was an up-and-coming golfer to watch a few years ago.  Good to see him get the W.

9:30 Update:  I neglected to mention Woods needs to move up above 60th place to collect any OWGR points.  He’s currently 5 shots behind the guy in 70th place, so he’s likely to get the big goose egg, meaning his slide in the world rankings will continue at least two more weeks.

Downtrend Channel: Remember when I wrote about downtrend channels?  Here’s a graph to remind you:


Tiger Woods’s 85 represents one of the lower lows.  It doesn’t mean he is finished any more than the T-17 at the Masters meant he was rocketing to the top.  But both scores fit very nicely into a downtrend chart.  None of the suggestions — serious or otherwise — anyone proffers changes the fact that Woods is in a downtrend.  Maybe it’s more fun to treat every bad round as “the end” or every good round as “Tiger’s back,” but the boring reality is that, barring injury, all golfers’ games gradually fade away.

Consider Ian Baker-Finch.  Most people have an image of him something like this: Won British Open, lost his game.  But as y0u can see at OWGR, Baker-Finch won the British Open in 1991, then gradually faded away until 1994-1995 when things got really ugly.  For example, he finished T-10 at the Masters in 1994.  That wasn’t a signal that “Ian’s back!”  It was just one of the “lower highs” within his downtrend channel.

There is no quick fix for Woods because there is no fix whatsoever.  We all age no matter how much we might wish we didn’t.  Perhaps a player makes a change and has two or three good rounds in the aftermath.  He may say, and the media may write, everything is just like the good ole days now, but it’s not.

In the Good Ole Troller Time:  Remember when I mentioned Kyle Porter yesterday?  I said he was more interested in trolling for views/comments at CBS than in golf journalism.  I used this example from an article the day before, where Porter refers to a comment Woods made after his first or second round:

I see what he’s saying, but it’s a strange thing to hear the greatest golfer of all time that he’s purposely missing fairways because of the swing he’s using.

I pointed out he was trolling for comments (which lead to views) by “casually” referring to Woods as “greatest golfer of all time.”

Then yesterday Porter writes:

The only issue here is that Nicklaus is saying what Nicklaus has to say. Anything the best ever in a single sport says about the second-best ever is going to be a headline.

Where it gets out of control is if the best ever (Nicklaus) says something inflammatory about the second-best ever (Tiger).

In two consecutive sentences, Porter hammers home the view that Nicklaus is “best ever” and Woods is “second-best” ever.  This, of course, directly contradicts what he wrote a day earlier.  He’s obviously trolling.  (Just as obviously, he’s hoping some readers will start a flame war over whether Woods even deserves #2.  Or Jack #1, for that matter.)

It cheapens the articles, the second of which actually made the solid point that what Nicklaus says is of little import because Nicklaus is not going to say anything to create waves.

Remember Tiger:  Remember that Tiger Woods tees off at 8:10 EDT this morning.  Not sure if Woods, playing alone as the first player out, will be the “Featured Group” on Live@ or not.  (No, he’s not.  It’s Mickelson and Stricker at 8:40.)

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33 Responses to Sunday Semi Live Blog: Reminders Edition

  1. Sports-realist2 says:

    Agenda driven media is the WORST…. Joseph Goebbels’ relatives seem to be running the propaganda machine at the golf channel/NBC…..I rarely read Porter’s articles anymore, as I know they are just ‘comment bait’ with little to no substance….This is now true of MOST media outlets anymore….

    • lannyh says:

      This is probably a pretty good example of an agenda… Steve DiMeglio has an article out about Woods’s play yesterday. It includes this line, concerning Woods returning to competitive form: “Woods’ critics don’t see that happening anytime soon, perhaps never again.”

      As if the only people who see Woods game in declines are “critics.” “Many golf observers” must have been too harsh for DiMeglio.

      His phrasing also implies that all Woods “critics” (whatever that is supposed to mean) don’t think he’ll regain his form. DiMeglio probably turned in “Haters don’t see that happening any time soon,” and his editor changed it to “critics.” (I’m only halfway kidding about that!)

      • Kris says:

        I can’t figure DiMeglio out for what might be a dumb reason. He’s the only reporter I can think of that kisses up to both Tiger and Sergio in real life. He was hanging out with Tiger during his extended range session this week and he’s the one that took the picture of the blister on Tiger’s finger. At a tournament last year he was driving Sergio’s rental car and going to dinner with him and his girlfriend. Even other journalists were joking about him hanging around Sergio. “Woods’ critics” isn’t an untrue statement. It’s hard to fathom, but that statement now represents the majority of people, including his fans.

      • lannyh says:

        I didn’t know who he was until Woods made a short joke about “Megs” at some press conference a year or two ago. I thought he was a caddy. But if Woods calls him “Megs,” he considers him an ally.

  2. Sports-realist2 says:

    I know it’s a quick change of subject…..BUT, going back to last week, the European and PGA leaders/vegas favorites both won last week…..Today, the Euro leader/favorite won, and Rose is the leader/favorite with a 3 shot lead…..They always talk about the leaders NOT finishing, but this could be back to back weeks, where the leader, going into Sunday, in BOTH tours, finish the job….

    • lannyh says:

      Yeah, they always find meaningless “trends” and then wring their hands about them. The golf media is horrid. They generally use those “trends” to show how much cooler the world was when everyone worshipped Tiger Woods. “Parity” was their most-loved code word.

      • Sports-realist2 says:

        Actually, now that I looked, it will be 3 weeks in a row that the leader went on to win in the PGA…….Mcllroy was leading and won the Quail Hollow also….

      • lannyh says:

        You’re right: they dropped that meme like a hot potato once they lost they narrative they wanted to push. One meme they had — I think it was in 2014, the year after Woods had those wins — that there were “too many first time winners.” However, in the good Woods year, there had actually been more! (Check me on that, but I think I have the right years and stat.)

        Honestly, they are being dragged away from the comfort of their All Tiger All The Time mentality, and are kicking and screaming.

  3. Ken says:

    Woods still has a lot of fanatical true believers on the Golf Channel message boards. They’re crowing about him making a cut that Day and Fowler missed (think Woods wishes now he had missed that putt on Friday?).

    On person actually said yesterday that if Woods just showed up and played today rather than a WD, they’d “admire him more than ever.” That is a cult.

    • Sports-realist2 says:

      And could you imagine if this stays the same over the next few years as Eldrick goes from 39 to 40 to 41 years of age? Are they really going to have HUNDREDS of more conversations with Notah and friends on the state of Eldrick?

    • Kris says:

      I’ve found that a portion of nearly every fandom is a cult. There are normal fans, then there are a few fans that worship the person like they’re the second coming. The size of the cult increases with media hype. Many Tiger cult members are coming out of it, but the ones that are left appear to be lifers.

      • Ken says:

        You have to be a cultist to spin this well. He not only finished last, he was last by 8 strokes! He’s like a 62-year old that makes an unexpected cut somewhere and then just freefalls thru the weekend.

  4. lannyh says:

    Woods is doing a presser right on Golf Channel. Did he get asked a question about heckling? I missed the question, just heard the response. Is he getting openly heckled now?

    • Kris says:

      I just found that part of the press conference. The reporter asked about yesterday if Tiger could hear the crowd’s reaction, their gasps and murmurs and stunned silence. Tiger is the one who turned it into a heckling question. He said he hears ‘interesting’ comments all the time and that Zac Blair’s caddie Andy was commiserating with him. Tiger was trying to make himself out to be persecuted when the reporter was asking how it felt to have the crowd be shocked at his horrid play instead of cheering for him.

      Tiger does get heckled sometimes, though. I remember one famous time where someone yelled “get in the hole” and somebody else said “that’s what she said” and Tiger had the 2nd person ejected.

      • lannyh says:

        Oh, thanks a lot! I was very curious. From just hearing Woods’s part, it did indeed sound like a heckling question.

        I did not know that ejection story. Interesting.

  5. Sports-realist2 says:

    Surprised Rose has kinda sucked so far, granted it’s early…..

    • lannyh says:

      Yeah, I just moved him onto my list of names to watch at the US Open. Rose and Spieth. I guess I could add Rory by default. My dark horse, as of a few minutes ago, is Russell Henley.

      I think Rose will steady himself. He’s the consummate pro these days.

    • Sports-realist2 says:

      Someone needs to tell Rose it’s the Ryder Cup…..or something….putting like crap

  6. Sports-realist2 says:

    Man, that guy got pegged in the head by Rose’s 2nd shot on 18…..I’ve been to PGA events, and I’m amazed how people just put their lives at risk, so they can see a shot….Now this was a bad shot by Rose, and it was a line drive, BUT a helmet wouldn’t be too crazy of an idea, if you were a spectator….ofcourse that doesn’t look cool, but its only your life………

    • Ken says:

      Fantastic shot by Rose out of that rough.

    • Sports-realist2 says:

      if it doesn’t hit that guy, it probably goes another 40 yards to the right…Not sure if he would have had a shot or not, had that happened..

    • lannyh says:

      I’ve been sitting greenside when shots head my way. If I don’t see them, I cover my head with my arms — same as I do when I hear “Fore!” on a golf course and think there’s a chance whoever is shouting is shouting for my benefit!

  7. Sports-realist2 says:

    Overtime and two great putts to continue it…..Impressive……

    • lannyh says:

      Yeah, good stuff!

    • Sports-realist2 says:

      NIce job…not sure why Rose used a wood for his 2nd shot there….obviously too much club…I would have tried to stay below the hole, maybe to 50 yards or so…instead he is WAY above the hole, just a course management error there by Rose, not sure what he thought would happen there…Unless he was aiming for the bunker..

      • lannyh says:

        It was one of those playoffs where I didn’t have a clear preference. Either one was a good winner to me. I didn’t know much about Lingmerth until today; I’d just seen his name on the Euro leaderboard from time to time.

  8. Ken says:

    Damn, Justin is going to kill someone.

    • Sports-realist2 says:

      lol..yeah, I was thinking he could use the crowd as a wall….I’m sure it’s been done before…but i can’t believe he wanted to be above the hole there…..

  9. Kris says:

    It was a Scandinavian sweep on the LPGA, PGA and European tours today.

    • lannyh says:

      Nice catch! This Lingmerth, when I heard him being interviewed pre-round, sounded American. I questioned myself for thinking he was European. I don’t know his backstory, but he seems like a classy guy. He’s not a big guy, either, which I like as it goes against the long-pushed “real athletes in golf” the media pushed for so many years. (I sense a change in that meme, but I’ll save that for another day.)

      I didn’t see the LPGA event, but I saw Noren in a rather uneventful stroll in the park. A couple of guys tried to close the gap, but just couldn’t quite do it. Last week’s winner made another good showing. (I can’t recall his name, just that it has a “j” in it!)

  10. lannyh says:

    Chamblee beat me to it. He just said, paraphrasing, “It looks to me like Woods’s yips are back.” I had intended to write, “If Woods’s driving had not been so horrid this weekend, the talk would have been all about the return of the yips.” As it was, his driving was so crazy bad, the chunks and bladed shots didn’t get as much attention as they did last February.

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