My Wish Has Been Fulfilled

You know how I’m always saying someone needs to write a piece on Rickie Fowler’s humble golf beginnings?  Remember last December when I wrote “The Rickie Fowler Story, or This Isn’t An Article And I Am Not Looking For A Job“?

The reason for the title is that this is not an article; it is just an idea for an article that someone else should write. The objective is to tell the Rickie Fowler Story, with the centerpiece being the driving range where he learned the game. A bigger objective is to show that entry into the world of golf can done on the cheap. And, in fact, that’s the most common path.

Well, guess what?  CBS sent a camera crew out to Murrieta, and they did a documentary on Rickie’s home town, and, I presume, his beginnings.  They ran a trailer for it during today’s golf telecast.  Rickie’s is one of several player segments in PGA Tour 2015: Coming Home, which will air at 1:30 pm EDT tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to this big time.  I hope it’s good; I know the angle I would take, and I hope CBS focuses on the “humble beginnings” aspect; I think that’s important to stress.  I’ll consider the program a success if CBS shows at least a minute or two of the Murrieta driving range.

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