Friday: Memorial Semi Live Blog

So Woods and Zac Blair will be paired tomorrow?  I have to admit Zac Blair is a name not known to me.  Google, here I come.

Final Update Headline:

Spieth Has Putting Yips, Still Tops Woods by Five

5:40 on Update:  Well, are you shocked?  This entire broadcast has been the Tiger Woods Cut Show.

4:10 pm Update:  I wrote off Rickie, but he birdied his final hole, and the cut line moved back a stroke, as well.  As of right now, he’s playing on the weekend.

3:05 pm Update:  Woods was reported as being T-51 with nothing short of flee.  T-51?  That’s now time to break out your party hats?

Woods is putting light-out today.  Was four shots up on field in strokes gained putting.  Was good putting yesterday, too.  And still T-51.

Spieth shooting same score as Woods today, but it’s ho-hum to the announcers.  Woods on the same score is yay-yay-yay.  Actually, as I type, Jordan birdies to go ahead of Woods on the day.

1:55 pm Update:  I spoke too soon.  Jordan Spieth was about to stroke his birdie putt on No. 1 and… system lockup.  I give up.  Golf Channel coverage on in five minutes, anyway.  Thirty minutes of pregame Tiger worshipping, then live coverage of the event.  I doubt they’ll even show Woods what with Jordan on the course and so far ahead of Woods.

1:25 pm Update:  The feature group for the stream is Jordan Spieth not Woods!!  Jordan with a good birdie look on No. 1.  I’m chancing it with the stream…  Two minutes and no system crash yet…

1:00 pm Update:  I have been out of the loop and will have to check on the morning action…  Wow!  Lingmerth and Dufner made big moves.  Hideki kind of treaded water.  Furyk with a big move, but a few strokes back.  Mickelson got inside the cut line, but not Fowler.  Woods group teeing off now; Spieth group in ten minutes.  Not sure about a live stream, but it seems like since they moved that to CBS (this year?), it crashes my machine.  I got tired of booting every fifteen minutes yesterday.

Morning Woods:  Today’s Morning Drive setlist: Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Cheyenne, Tiger, Tiger, Cheyenne, Cheyenne and Tiger, Tiger, Tiger…

They are doing with a “two-way miss” what they did earlier this year with “the yips.”  Thing is, Woods has had a two-way miss for years.  The yips were at least kind of new, to the extent he had them (or faked them) anyway.

They had to trot out the apologist routine this morning to explain why it’s awesome for them to obsess over Woods.  Something about two Tour pros tweeted about Woods, so that indicated it was a super important topic.  And that every pro, to some extent or other, cares deeply about Woods?  WTF?  I can’t imagine many of today’s top pros give a flying flip about Woods.  They are more concerned about Kevin Kisner and Patrick Rodgers than they are about Woods.  Or Mickelson.  Woods and Mickelson are to them like Freddie Couples and Tom Watson are to Bubba Watson and Adam Scott: old guys who can still have a good week and contend once in a while.

It’s obvious in hindsight that Tiger Woods’s career was front-loaded.  Phil Mickelson’s was more end-loaded.  Based on that, one would expect Mickelson to do better in his forties.  In his prime, Mickelson averaged just under three wins a year; in his forties, Mickelson is averaging one win.  That can’t be encouraging for any golfer about to turn 40.  (It’s worth noting that Mickelson’s career has largely been injury-free.)

Morning Drive is reprising their “Tale of Two Woods” (their term, not mine) for the second hour.  All this “analysis” this Golf Channel panel is telling us applies to every player in the field.  They say, “Tiger’s round was up and down.”  Gee, no kidding.  Like every player in the field didn’t have some good holes and some bad holes.  They also keep acting like this two-way miss is something new.  It’s been part of his game for a long time.  (Here’s a Golf Digest article on Woods’s two-way miss from last summer.  Here’s a article on Woods’s two-way miss from… 2010.  This is not a new problem.)

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35 Responses to Friday: Memorial Semi Live Blog

  1. Realist says:

    Let’s see what happens today. Make the cut ?

    • Ken says:

      It’s become like watching Seve Ballesteros. After Seve hit 38, he struggled just to make cuts and rarely got into contention.

  2. Ken says:

    “I can’t imagine many of today’s top pros give a flying flip about Woods. They are more concerned about Kevin Kisner and Patrick Rodgers than they are about Woods. Or Mickelson. Woods and Mickelson are to them like Freddie Couples and Tom Watson are to Bubba Watson and Adam Scott: old guys who can still have a good week and contend once in a while.”

    Spot on Lanny. In “A Good Walk Spoiled” by John Feinstein, I remember reading about the younger players’ attitudes towards Nicklaus (about 55 at the time) and Watson (45). They respected them, but also found them somewhat intimidating (off course, not on) and arrogant because of their immense wealth and status. There was no real connection between them and the younger players. It’s the same now with Woods and, to some extent, Mickelson with the younger players (Phil seems to enjoy the young guys and makes an effort to fit in). They’re the “ghost of golf past” to the young guys. (The exception in Feinstein’s book was Palmer. The young guys respected him, but also loved the guy because Arnie never stopped being just one of the boys at heart.)

  3. Ken says:

    Notice how all of Tiger’s “good” or “respectable” rounds come when the field is shooting lights out? He had a decent score at the Masters while Spieth was matching the scoring record, with Rose, Rory, and Phil right behind. He had a “respectable” +1 yesterday, right in there at T85, while while two guys shot 64.

    Anything to prop him up. Kenny Perry is more of a threat these days.

    • lannyh says:

      I noticed. He “salvaged” his round and wound up at T85…

      I think they only care about one thing: Woods making the cut. So they define everything downward for him.

  4. Jason says:

    TW is only 10 back, the Big Cat is stalking….problem is old cats with dull teeth can’t actually take anything down.

    • lannyh says:

      And now it looks like he might finally suffer some pain for one of his next-county tee shots. That one looked like it was headed for a true wooded area. But who knows…

  5. Sports-realist2 says:

    Just got home, should I dare turn on the coverage or is it as bad as it usually is…..

    • Kris says:

      I’d watch the live stream. They’re following Tiger like he’s the leader and occasionally showing Justin Rose, who’s the leader on the course. Jack Nicklaus is up there rambling about ice cream and acting like a play-by-play announcer. Gary McCord doesn’t seem to understand that you don’t have to talk constantly just because you’re conscious.

      • Sports-realist2 says:

        lol…that’s well said….It would be nice to just have a british announcer who is half drunk doing the coverage…American golf coverage sucks donkey balls

      • Ken says:

        I’d rather hear about Jack’s new ice cream than Woods’ 14 majors. At least that’s about something new.

      • Kris says:

        LOL, half drunk British announcers are great. I don’t know who it was, but a couple years ago someone went off on a tangent about getting blackout drunk at a wine bar. The other guy was like, alrighty then, and kept calling the golf. Even with that nonsense, the European tour broadcasts feel more focused and professional and less like 4 hour advertisements.

      • Sports-realist2 says:

        Well the coverage is going to be DISHONEST any time Eldrick tees it up…..Showing his every shot, REGARDLESS, is why the coverage is SOOO bad when he plays….As far as the ‘live stream’, the one golf channel analyst(cough) does it, and he’s terrible……

  6. Jaybird says:

    Little surprised you didn’t make a deal out of Tiger paired with Reed.

  7. Jaybird says:

    Rickie back on the outside looking in.

  8. Sports-realist2 says:

    Eldrick trying to miss the cut…..what would the announcers do with a possible bogey, bogey, bogey finish….

    • Sports-realist2 says:

      lol, hilarious, announcers are all wetting their pants….

      • Kris says:

        He made it. At least it’ll be on the number and he should be done before the leaders tee off. But they’ll make Saturday’s coverage a highlight reel of his round.

      • lannyh says:

        Totally ruins the weekend coverage. I guess I’ll be watching baseball.

  9. TigerFan says:

    Tiger makes the cut! Hell yeah, can’t wait to watch every shot of his over the weekend! Going to be great!

    • lannyh says:

      Do you even know the name of another golfer? Go back to, CasualGolfFan.

    • Sports-realist2 says:

      two events in a row, he needs to make a putt just to make the cut……Gannon continues to suck azz in his ‘knee pad’ announcing…..When Jason Day is putting for the SAME cut line, and he says “that will give tiger the line”…..Um, hey suck face gannon, Day is putting dick head, wait until he is done to suck on eldricks std thingy……Gosh I hate these announcers…

      • lannyh says:

        You know, I heard that, but didn’t really catch it. If Woods had putted first, it would not have been, “This will give Day the line.” That are totally in the bag for Woods. They don’t even try to disguise it.

      • TigerFan says:

        Well, it was a true statement right? It did help give Tiger the line right?

      • Kris says:

        I wanted to punch Terry when he celebrated Jason giving Tiger the read for the putt. As for TigerFan, I get a facetious vibe from you. I respect your game.

  10. Anonymous says:

    How interesting. Yesterday the LPGA tournament got a news story way high on the list. Today no news story and I had to pull up the leaderboard to see who was winning. Gee, I wonder what changed between Thursday and Friday……

    • lannyh says:

      I know it! Cheyenne Woods leads a tournament for one day and gets more coverage than all the other players combined get in a month.

      I like her. She seems to have an effervescent personality and happy to be doing what she does. I’m sure the publicity from Golf Channel helps her, but it’s completely unfair to choose one player at random, basically, from the LPGA Tour and treat her so vastly differently.

      • Sports-realist2 says:

        after all Cheyenne has won 14 majors…OH WAIT, after all she’s #1 in the world….OH WAIT…after all, she has won 70 some events….OH WAIT…..Oh, the coverage is rigged…Oh YEAH….

      • lannyh says:

        Speaking of world ranking, isn’t it odd how little coverage Jordan Spieth is getting this week from the golf media? He’s OWGR #2, the top American player (by far), reigning Masters champ, the only man with a chance at the Grand Slam, has been playing great all year, and he’s right in the mix this week. Yet the golf media can’t get excited by that.

        Jordan just won the Masters at age 21. When Woods did that, it was made into a bigger news story than the moon landing.

      • Ken says:

        That LPGA comment above was mine. Not sure what happened to my name on it.

        Thought that was pretty damning. Cheyenne Woods is the toast of the mainstream golf media for one day. She shoots ten strokes higher the next and not only is she out of the headlines, so is the entire LPGA. Just sad.

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