Lanny H’s Guide to Memorial

  • When’s the last time Memorial was actually Memorial Day week?
  • Woods and Mickelson must have paid big bucks not to be paired with Jordan Spieth.  Of those two, Mickelson got the tougher draw; they seldom even put them on the same side of the draw; they need to get over that.  This is 2015.
  • At this point in their careers, why not group Mickelson and Woods every chance you get?
  • Will Tommy Fleetwood continue his good play?  If Patrick Rodgers doesn’t have a decent event, I’m backing off of him for a while; he looked good at Quail Hollow.
  • There’s one heck of a battle for Rookie of the Year this year.  That’s a tame enough topic for one of the mainstream golf websites to do a feature on it.  They should.
  • The Williams/Woods/PED comment thing hasn’t gotten a ton of coverage.  Those outlets who wrote about it mainly just used it for headline click bait.  I guess when something gets swept under the rug, you don’t want it to be discussed, period.
  • I have a feeling Morning Drive is going to see a major shakeup soon.  It’s just gotten plain awful.  They are wasting Cara Robinson.
  • Bill Haas is favored at -170 vs Woods.  That’s why Haas gets so much more media attention than Woods.
  • I wish trick shot videos would go the way of the ice bucket challenge videos.
  • Woods playing early tomorrow.  I was surprised they would risk him having a bad round and ruining their afternoon broadcast window on Friday.  Then it dawned on me that they would simply do a “What’s wrong with Tiger?” broadcast.

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2 Responses to Lanny H’s Guide to Memorial

  1. In the end, Tiger is now judged solely by his scores, as he should be. Fairly or unfairly, he is now being judged just as others are. Sure, some coverage is over-the-top, but that isn’t likely to change, given the career he’s had. (No matter how one views his career.) But I think he needs a very good start tomorrow if he’s going to have any chance to win this week. I’m already on record saying he won’t contend this week.

  2. JoseyWales says:

    Lanny…you have just been “HENNIED”…good luck.

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