Tuesday Thoughts

Coming Soon:  A major article: “Why Lanny H is the Most Powerful Man in Golf.”

When Men Were Men, Ernie Els Edition:  Yesterday I posted a link to a Sports Illustrated article written after the 2000 British Open.  I have to share this quote from Ernie Els, which shows the golf media has been horrid for at least fifteen years.  After shooting 66 and taking the first round lead, some idiot sportswriter, 45 seconds into Els press conference asks him about Tiger Woods:

“I just shot a 66. If you want to talk to Tiger, call him on the telephone.”

Contrast that to the PGA Tour weenies who for the past fifteen years gladly spent their entire pressers answering any and every question about Woods.

Hypercriticism of Rory:  From the Funny and Predictable Department…  While Rory McIlroy has three wins this year, including two in his most recent five starts, the golf media is focusing on his two missed cuts.  They do this because it gives them a chance to mention Tiger Woods missed relatively few cuts.

But there is no historical precedent for this sudden obsession with made cuts.  Besides, if the golf media would put away their crayons and try to write an adult article, they might learn something.  Consider…

Rory McIlroy plays pretty horribly at Wentworth, missing cuts right and left.  Yes, he won last year, but his record there is poor.  Should Rory stop playing Wentworth because it doesn’t suit his game?  How about the Irish Open, an event where he also has performed poorly.  Should he skip his own national open where he is cherished by millions just to avoid a potential missed cut?

Also, how many times have we heard, “Top players need to play more.  They need to give something back to the Tour.”  Rory played five weeks, and the golf media whined that he was playing too much.

My favorite example is the Players.

  • 2009: missed cut
  • 2010: missed cut
  • 2011: skipped it

And the shit hit the fan.  Rory skips an event at a venue where he plays poorly, and the PGA Tour and American media go berserk.  They acted like Rory had defecated on the 17th green.  His two missed cuts had added so much to the event in 2009 and 2010, they just couldn’t live without him in 2011.

The point is that Rory plays a lot of events out of a sense of duty and thankfulness.  He’s paying back the game which brought him so much.  Good on him.

Contrast to Tiger Woods, who missed the cut at the Byron Nelson in 2005, then stopped playing it.  He played Colonial in 1997, was one off the lead after three rounds, played poorly in the final round and faded to three back.  And never returned.  But you could always count on Woods to play such wonderful events as Torrey Pines, a place he knew from his youth, and that you could spray the ball right and left and not be penalized.  But if a course didn’t suit Woods’s game, he didn’t walk away from it, he ran.

Rory, who has priorities in life other than boosting his own ego or trying to impress others, is criticized for doing the admirable.  Just how sick and twisted is today’s golf media?

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5 Responses to Tuesday Thoughts

  1. Golffan says:

    May be wrong but it seems there were a number of players that stopped playing the Byron Nelson when he passed, which I believe was mid 2000’s.

    There are more than a few top tier players that gradually scale back on number of events. It won’t surprise me at all if guys like Jordan and Rory do the same as their careers progress.

  2. TwoFace says:

    So in the Rory example, you use the Flagship Euro event and Rory’s national open that is tied to his foundation while choosing Colonial and Byron Nelson, two run of the mill PGA events, for the Tiger example.

    Good comparison.

    And you talk as if Tiger is the only player in the history of the PGA who stopped playing an event (or doesn’t play an event) where he didn’t play well (and/or doesn’t like the venue).

  3. Hello there Lanny. I am new to your blog, but I wanted to stop by to say I wish you continued luck and success. Though I may not agree with everything you have to say, I support your right to share your views. So, I commend you on the blog, and the work it takes to put into it. I for one am not a fan of echo chambers or ‘gang mentalities’ in blogging, so more power to you my friend.

  4. JoseyWales says:

    “Hello there Lanny. I am new to your blog…”
    yeah right Hennie…you’ve posted on every golf blog known to mankind and then some…please stop with your pathetic BS…you are a serial bullshit artist. Go away.

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