Let’s Get Small

While doing some research, I stumbled upon a Tiger Woods cursing compilation video.  What’s really obscene about it is the manner in which, in the early days, the announcers covered for Woods, trying to make his outbursts seem like some kind of cutesy joke.  Maybe if they had held Woods to the same standards as everyone else, it would have led to a better outcome for Woods and less embarrassment for the golf media.  (I also found this link which showed a couple of post-split photos of Lindsey Vonn; I found it highly amusing that the pictures were taken at an Under Armour function and with the Under Armour CEO.)

Anyway, what jumped out at me in the cursing compilation video was Woods’s body shape in some of the segments.  Have you ever heard this rationalization?  Tiger Woods didn’t take PEDs when he gained all that weight.  Everyone naturally fills out as they get older.  Well, tell me, which of these photos shows a younger Woods?



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12 Responses to Let’s Get Small

  1. Ironic says:


    You found a Tiger version of Young Rory versus Current Rory!!!!

    • lannyh says:

      I’m not sure Rory lost THAT much weight.

      • Ironic says:

        Two things standout to me. #1, his arms look huge. #2 he looks like a fat ass, by athlete standards.

      • lannyh says:

        That’s a screenshot from the cursing video; there was another frame that made his right bicep look even larger. I’m not sure what year that was (maybe a Woods Only person can tell us), but the one on the right is him this past April, where he looks more like a “filled out” 1997 Tiger. The picture on the left looks to me eerily like Barry Bonds.

      • lannyh says:

        There are two clips from that day, starting at the 40 second mark. I just added a second comparison photo to the post from another day (and year?).

  2. Sports-realist2 says:

    The announcers ALWAYS say how ‘STRONG’ someone is if they ‘hack’ a shot out of the brush or deep rough….I’ve always found this rather comical, as if that were the case, you’d break your club most of the time, if it was that tough(I’ve done it)…….So now I guess working out ALOT doesn’t make you a better golfer OR that much bigger, as Woods now looks like his original 160 lb frame,…..That picture on the left does look distorted though….

  3. DanishDude says:

    Meanwhile Søren Kjeldsen wins the Irish Open.
    A fantastic and well deserved victory to my fellow countryman.

  4. James Langan says:

    I’m so glad that someone else has noticed just how much smaller Woods has gotten post-2009/Galea. What’s funny is that it’s only been written/spoken about this year now that it’s too obvious to deny or pretend not to notice, but he’s gotten smaller each of the last 6 years. The exception to this would be the beginning of 2014 when he looked bigger again but certainly not nearly as ripped as he was in 2005-2009, and to be honest some of the extra bulk this time around just looked like fat.

    One image that always sticks in my mind is the cap to the floor celebration after winning at Bay Hill in 2008 and how comically large he looked then in the tight red shirt with his back to camera compared to the skinny Woods of today that is at about the same frame as his 1999/2000 self. Check out some of the US Open footage from 2008 as well, the difference between then and now is quite funny really, yet swept under the carpet.

    If Woods had started losing bulk so rapidly and getting injured from say, 2012 onwards, this could all be feasibly brushed off as related to the normal ageing process, but given that the start of chronic nagging injuries/withdrawals (rather than the odd lengthy absence every 5/6 years due to a major injury) was at this 2nd event back post Dr Galea (Players 2010) AND that the loss of bulk started immediately, to write this off as such would be completely ignorant.

    Woods starting juicing between around 2003 and 2005 (sometime in 2004 if I had to guess as this is when he started Keith Kleven and co regularly, recall reading this in a New York Post or possibly Times article a couple of years ago) and finished right after Galea was busted.

    The frustrating thing about all of this is that the scandal with all of the women actually saved him from the much bigger PEDs story becoming obvious to the entire world – news of the affairs came literally a couple of weeks before Galea was caught trying to smuggle PEDs into America… If the affairs had never become public knowledge and Tiger returned to golf and started suddenly sucking (as he did) then there would be no doubt about the reason behind it. Now we’re stuck with the absurd narrative that the great Tiger Woods lost his game and mind completely because of guilt over the legions of women, and that this guilt has stayed with him for the last 6 years. Plausible if he had say one affair and destroyed his family through this rash decision, but not 120 women, and not when his character in front of the media and on the course showed no change whatsoever in the wake of the scandal (at least until this year, but that’s irrelevant).

    That last paragraph was a total mess because it’s getting late here and I have to hit the hay, hope it makes sense!

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