Is Golf Digest Insinuating/Revealing Tiger Woods Used Adderall?

Submitted for your approval, a new Golf Digest article, brought to my attention by a reader: “Birdies in a Bottle?” by Luke Kerr-Dineen.

The article focuses on (pun noticed, if not intended) Adderall, a drug prescribed for those with ADD. (Yeah, I know: Is that even really a thing?)

I had a few minor annoyances with the article: Using “sic” not a dozen words before he fails to properly capitalize an organization name; using the term “conspiracy theorists” (why not “skeptics”?); using a Reddit discussion area, apparently, as a major source of information (I’m not opposed to this, but it does raise a caution flag); referring to an interesting aspect of the Tour’s drug-testing policy but not giving a section number.

Plus, I never could determine his Big Point.  So I had to read between the lines.

The article points to a YouTube video entitled: “Tiger Woods Mental Focus – Words of wisdom & Advice.” In it, Woods says:

“I get so entrenched on the moment. It’s as if my body was doing the work, and I’m just sitting back and watching. The more intense the situation gets, the calmer I feel, the more things slow down. It’s a weird sensation, hard to articulate.”

Golf Digest follows that quote immediately with:

The spell of Adderall can be just as difficult to describe.

Golf Digest quotes a golfer who won a PGA Tour event, who took Adderall in college but quit when he turned pro (hmmm):

“It made things a hell of a lot easier. Everyone always talks about getting ‘in the zone,’ but that’s what Adderall does. It literally puts you in the zone.”

Golf Digest later describes one of the Reddit people, who shot the round of his life while on Adderall:

As the 20-year-old walked down the 17th fairway, all he could notice was how the wind rustled the tree tops and shot across the grass. When it was time for him to play, he calmly clipped back into focus. […]

“It’s not a high, but it’s almost Zen-like,” Tom says.

The article concludes with the following two sentences:

Since that round, he has rewatched the Tiger Woods YouTube video on focus, trying to make sense of his experience.

Tom continues to take Adderall, hoping to get there again.

That’s a lot of juxtapositions!

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3 Responses to Is Golf Digest Insinuating/Revealing Tiger Woods Used Adderall?

  1. JoseyWales says:

    Lanny…the article is a conglomeration and a bit disorganized…but it pretty much admits that golfers are using and experimenting with drugs to enhance their game. To hear Finchem tell it, drugs are out of the question. PGA Tour players have no need to use drugs…pros would never do it…golf is honorable…wouldn’t help their game…blah, blah blah.
    The public has been fed this line of BS for years and the cover up continues.

    • lannyh says:

      Well, it’s a meme, that’s for sure. But the PGA Tour Anti-Doping Policy Manual clearly delineates how PEDs can help. Anyone still saying PEDs don’t help in golf is willfully uninformed, or trying to convince themselves the Galea matter is nothing.

      • Sports-realist2 says:

        Yeah I’ve heard college students use Adderall to CRAM before exams, as it helps them focus…..Perhaps this ADD drug has been used like this for pro athletes, LONG before the more recent revelations about students using them……Crooked doctors like Galea would have had access to findings about these types of meds years ago, so it could have been an EASY addition to Woods steroids/pills combo……
        Finchem is doing the typical parent response of “NOT MY KIDS”, and somehow putting a rainbow and halo around all of the PGA……

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