NEWSFLASH: Day Out, Poults Out; Lanny H Golf now Projecting Irish Open will be stronger than Byron Nelson

Update: Things are changing fast.  Lanny H Golf is now projecting the Irish Open will be stronger in the finaltallies.  Kyle Porter has reported that Jason Day and Ian Poulter have withdrawn from the Byron Nelson.  That will make the Irish Open the stronger event.

BREAKING NEWS: Byron Nelson Stronger than Reed-less Irish Open!

In a stunning upset, the preliminary numbers show the Byron Nelson will be a stronger event than the Irish Open.  Early pre-tournament figures show the Byron Nelson totaling 317 points to the Irish Open’s 310.

If this strikes you as odd, you are not alone.  Our phone has been ringing off the hook the past hour.  How can a tournament with the Masters champion be stronger than a tournament with the winners of the U.S. Open, British Open, PGA Championship, European PGA Championship, and The Players?

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2 Responses to NEWSFLASH: Day Out, Poults Out; Lanny H Golf now Projecting Irish Open will be stronger than Byron Nelson

  1. GreatPlayer(S) says:

    Sometimes numbers DO lie.

    On an unrelated topic. The LeBron James/Michael Jordan comparisons are at a new peak and I can’t help but think Tiger/Jack Everyone wants to compare the numbers which sometimes point one way, and can be manipulated to point another. What this shows me, or confirms to me, is that it is next to impossible to truly compare athletes that are separated by 20 plus years. Each generation has it’s own greatest player.

    • lannyh says:

      I follow golf and college football pretty closely; about all I know regarding other sports are the snippets I hear on general sports talk radio from time to time. I mention this because my experience would seem to confirm your Lebron/Jordan remark.

      A few days ago I heard a host discussing how Lebron had the most somethings ever in the post-season. (It wasn’t triple-doubles, but it sounded kind of similar.)

      So that comparison definitely must be getting discussed a lot if even I’ve heard it!

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