Wei Over in Ireland

Don’t forget to keep up with Stephanie Wei while she is over in the U.K. covering the European Tour.  Give her kudos for, as she put it, turning “lemons into lemonade.”  Here’s her blog (I found the Graeme McDowell interview amusing; there’s also a good writeup on An’s win at the Euro PGA Championship) and here’s her Twitter account.  She’ll be in Ireland through the start of the Irish Open.  It’s great to have an American golf reporter at the tournament site.

Below is a really cool photo she just posted on Instagram.  If I could choose any course in the world to play, that would be the one I’d pick.  (I’m assuming it’s okay to embed an Instagram photo in this manner; it’s got her name as a clickable link, etc.  It is commonly done with YouTube videos, so I think it is fine.  If not, someone can let me know, and I’ll take it down.)


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3 Responses to Wei Over in Ireland

  1. Speedy says:

    “If I could choose any course in the world to play, that (Holywood GC) would be the one I’d pick.”
    Right, just say no to countless others that are better golf courses.

    • lannyh says:

      It’s all subjective, friend. Why should I let someone else dictate where I play?

      Besides, I would spend my round trying to connect with the historic vibe of a young Rory joyously learning the game while his mom and dad worked multiple jobs. You and Shackelford can obsess over the color of the sand in the traps.

      And I’d like to see the course that birthed such a wonderful player and person, thinking about the lessons the course taught.

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