Time To Face The Facts: Chris Kirk > Tiger Woods

This just in:

Chris Kirk is now ranked No. 17 in the world; Woods is No. 156.

Chris Kirk regularly contends, regularly wins.  He is in his prime.  He’s ten years younger than Tiger Woods.

Feinstein and Finchem and Chamblee and Rymer can can say what they want, but they are just whistling past the graveyard.

We’re having astonishing tournaments, and let’s face it, they are better without the Woods distraction.  Valspar, The Players, Jordan at Augusta, Rory at Hyde Park and Quail Hollow.  An at Wentworth, for crying out loud.

However, we all know that by tomorrow morning Golf Channel will be running promos about Tiger Woods playing Memorial.  I can already hear the voice-over (in a Darth Vader tone): “Watch Tiger play Jack’s tournament and try to make history.”

But Chris Kirk is a far better player than Woods.  Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

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18 Responses to Time To Face The Facts: Chris Kirk > Tiger Woods

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nobody I know is arguing that Tiger is playing great golf because he obviously isn’t. The issue is you, and others, are trashing his career because he didn’t pass Jack’s majors record.

    What a horrible career Tiger had. Pitiful. He should never had tee’d it up according to you based on your hate for the media.

    • lannyh says:

      Hold on, sonny boy, that’s not my point. Check out this article… http://chronicle.augusta.com/sports/golf/2015-05-05/michaux-tiger-woods-trumps-all-storylines

      Then there is Feinstein saying Woods would still be a bigger story if Rory won five straight majors.

      That’s what I’m talking about.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah, you’re talking about down playing Woods career because of how the media covers him; as if that’s his fault. The media is the media; all media suck because they’re always about them. They always have their angle; just like you.

      • lannyh says:

        My “angle” is called “telling the complete truth.” That’s my only agenda. Let’s keep it real.

    • lannyh says:

      One other thing… For most of the past fifteen years, everyone acted as if Woods had already broken Jack’s mark. They would say, “It’s when, not if.” Now whenever a new guy arrives like Rory or Spieth, we hear, “Oh, he’ll never catch Tiger.” See the problem there?

      For fifteen years there was a ceaseless coronation ceremony of Tiger as The Winner of the Most Majors. Now these other guys who might catch Jack and leave Woods in the dirt, well, suddenly, it’s like, Oh, they are total shit. They can’t touch Tiger.

      So, for fifteen years, we heard BS glorifying Woods, and now for the next fifteen years we’re going to hear BS trashing Rory and Spieth? I don’t think so, my friend.

  2. lannyh says:

    For twenty years, we heard only about Jack’s major record. Now that there’s little chance of Woods reaching it — and now that Rory is the betting favorite to top Jack — suddenly we start hearing about Consecutive Made Cuts.

    You can only laugh. Because, yeah, I’m pretty sure Young Tiger didn’t tape Jack’s list of made cuts to his wall.

    The media needs to let it go. Some will say — they are oh so predictable — “Lanny, YOU are the one talking about Woods.” Well, let me tell you, if Golf Channel doesn’t make Woods the centerpiece of their Memorial promos, I’ll eat my hat! The other players are playing their a–es off this year, giving up great events and storylines and yet the mainstream golf media clings to Woods.

  3. Realist says:

    Yes, it’s true. Everyone is playing better than Tiger. We just can’t seem to move on here. Yeah he had a good career, no one doubts that. But that has passed like it or not. He can’t keep up with the younger fellows out there. He doesn’t even really contend in today’s tourneys yet is always “the story”. Often times we aren’t even sure who is leading the tournament because of the continual “Tiger only” show. It just doesn’t sell anymore. Wake up golf broadcasters ! There are far more people that don’t care what Tiger is doing anymore than they want you to believe. It’s unfair to those who actually are in contention and unfair to the golf viewer who wants to know who is actually winning. Tiger was interesting when he played well but not now.

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s true, but to belittle Tiger’s career in disgust of the current media coverage just ain’t right.

    • lannyh says:

      Well said!!

      I think the media says that nonsense about, “He’ll still be a big story in ten years,” because they don’t want to admit to the Tiger Only crowd that Woods is… last year’s model.

      I ENJOY watching these guys. I was hoping things would break so that Jordan would be in a playoff after he birdied his 72nd hole. It was exciting; I was on the edge of my chair. What Woods did ten years ago was… I’m sorry… the furthest thing from my mind.

  4. JoseyWales says:

    Lanny…the Golf Channel has never been about golf…they are about selling ads & making money. As long as Woods sells ads and makes them money they will stay on him. The Gold Channel only cares about those who make them money.

    • lannyh says:

      Well, like I’ve said before, sometimes the entrenched management overstays a strategy because they themselves will not carry out the next strategy, but rather new blood will. So they cling to a bad strategy to prolong their own well-being, not the well-being of the company. The… what’s it called… the agency dilemma.

  5. Speedy says:

    Kirk, McNeill, boring as hell. Emotionless. These guys are zombies.

    • lannyh says:

      I don’t understand that at all. Did you hear that somewhere and decide to repeat it? As a spectator I care about MY emotions and interest level. I don’t need Rory jumping around on the green to make me jump around in my living room. I’ve never gotten into the whole Jimenez thing. When they show him putting a club in his “sheath,” do you jump around shouting “Whee, whee, yay, yay!” When you drive to the store, do you cheer as you go through each intersection? If a player starts doing somersaults and cartwheels after good shots, would that make him your most exciting player?

      • Speedy says:

        I do miss the somersaults and cartwheels of Vicente Fernandez. I trust he no longer performs them in his senior tour activity. Too bad.

        Rickie, Rory, even Spieth, show plenty of emotion without overdoing it. Whereas, Kirk and McNeil are flatlined to the point of numbness.

        It’s odd that you would be so emotional over no emotion.

      • lannyh says:

        Emotional over lack of emotion? Huh?

        I think you mean I became “logical over illogic.” In that case, guilty as charged.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’m not sure how we got here (maybe the media conditioned us to it), but I and the majority of sports and golf fans only really get hyped up for the Majors or the next tier of tournaments(WGC, Memorial, Bay Hill etc) OR – if the big names are playing and in contention (Rory, Jordan, etc) and unfortunately Lanny – for the majority of casual golf fans – both Tiger and Phil are still “big names” that attract viewers. You’re not telling anyone anything new that Tiger is ranked 156 and Kirk is ranked 17 – who cares?? Tiger is still a compelling story (probably because of his monumental collapse from number 1) – but nonetheless still compelling. You’ve often referred to him as Kim Kardashian. While I beg to differ on the comparison in careers (I think Tiger accomplished a bit more in his field than Kim did in her field – what is her field actually??) – you are not far off though in the media’s obsession of them both. Do you really believe that if Tiger didn’t attract the viewers he does – they would continue to follow that narrative?? Are you really that naïve??? Why do you think Porter inserts “Tiger” into everyone of his headlines? He attracts people!! People don’t simply watch golf for the purpose of watching drives and putts? What attracts (and keeps) viewers are STORIES!! Tiger is a story. Probably for not many years left – but he still is for now.

    • lannyh says:

      For the same reason that many newspaper and book publishers clung to their “old media” practices. Because those guys — making millions per year — were not going to be the ones leading the move into “new media.” Again, it’s the agency dilemma. Acting in the interest of the shareholders was in opposition to acting in the best interest of themselves.

      Some of the golf reporters are joined at the hip to Woods. (I’m not saying Porter is, btw.) Is Notah Begay going to have the same value to GC once Woods is gone for good? A lot of guys like Rosaforte have access to Woods and Woods contacts that others don’t. Do you think Rosaforte wants to give up that special advantage? The golf industry is rife with such relationships. Like the CEOs who resisted New Media, there are many in golf who are clinging to the past.

      Paris Hilton preceded Kim Kardashian, right? And someone will follow Kardashian. We might not know Kardashian’s claim to fame, but we do know what that claim is in sports. Winning. Vijay Singh won more times in 2004 than Woods has in the past six years. Think about that.

      • Speedy says:

        “Vijay Singh won more times in 2004 than Woods has in the past six years. Think about that.’
        A banner year without question. I suppose you’re gnawing on the age 39 thingie. PEDs and Deer Antler Spray aside, luck of the genetic pool.

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