Saturday, Day Three: Euro PGA, Colonial Semi Live Blog

9:20 am Update: Jordan is teeing off as I type.  Tee times moved up at Colonial due to rain expected this afternoon.  The Trinity River lines the course, and there is a flood warning for… the Trinity River.  It looks to me like it’s going to start raining about 3 pm EDT/2pm CDT and then not stop for a couple of days.  If that’s right, they’ll get today’s round in, but tomorrow will be a total washout.  Monday doesn’t look that great, and the course will be very wet.  It occurs to me that being the clubhouse leader tonight might be a very, very, very good thing.  One vote against a 54-hole event is the fact that the next PGA Tour stop is only a short drive away, so even a Wednesday finish would not be all that logistically disruptive.

I guess the early start means tape-delayed coverage on CBS this afternoon.  Golf Channel said something about their “streaming app,” but I’m not sure if they will really have any live coverage of Colonial or not.  They may just be referring to the normal stream of their television channel.  I have been tricked by them before; I think they like people to spend 30 minutes looking for a non-existent stream to give them more web traffic.

8:00 am:  Albatross for Fleetwood!!!

7:00 am: The Dallas Morning News has a quality article about Jordan Spieth’s second round.  It’s like a real sports article.  Take note, Golf Channel and Golf Digest.  (“Woods” is only mention once: “he had been hitting his 3-woods to the left”; imagine that, a golf article that doesn’t troll or embed superfluous search engine fodder.)  I wish all golf coverage were as good.  I didn’t realize Jordan played much of his round in a steady rain.  There was also a nice description of his triple bogey on No. 5, which is one of the most famous holes on Tour, and arguably the best and most difficult.

Looks like Morning Drive has returned for a 1-1/2 hour show.  I missed the first hour.  Oh, well, with Rory missing the cut, I’m sure the first hour was devoted to discussing how rarely Woods missed cuts during his prime.  They did just say weather is probably going to disrupt play at Colonial and likely cause a Monday finish.  (If they had been on yesterday, I suppose I would have known Jordan was going to play in the rain; I guess they aren’t totally worthless.)

Gannon and Nobilo are doing a look-in from Wentworth as I type, and Gannon is pointing out how huge the galleries are.  Someone forgot to tell golf it was supposed to die.

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7 Responses to Saturday, Day Three: Euro PGA, Colonial Semi Live Blog

  1. Anonymous says:

    Looks like Boo is fighting through a fake back injury. Seems to be doing pretty well at acting like he’s in pain.

    • Anonymous says:

      Would you treat a repeat offender the same way you treat someone with no criminal history? Tiger earned his reputation and the skepticism that comes with it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If a guy looks like he has a back problem then I trust he has a back problem; unlike others who think it’s just an excuse/is fake only when it applies to Tiger.

    • lannyh says:

      Boo got on-course treatment. I don’t recall Woods ever doing that. Just sayin’.

      • Kris says:

        Ever since the “I’m having a bad round, oh my achilles hurts.” WD, I don’t trust him. Limping for the cameras then taking stairs 2 by 2 when he thinks no one is looking.

  3. Speedy says:

    Boo’s issue was a fat attack.

  4. Speedy says:

    “Gannon is pointing out how huge the galleries are.”
    Well, with a population of 10 million to draw from….

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