Rory Has The Golf Channel Scared to Death

Rory McIlroy has just won his second event in three weeks, and the Only Tiger Matters dinosaurs at Golf Channel are not happy.  First, they had no immediate Golf Central postgame show after Rory won yesterday.  They pushed the postgame back later and later, instead choosing to show a tape-delayed event.  Then this morning, prior to Morning Drive, they again showed tape-delayed golf instead of a replay of the Golf Central postgame.  Now I find they are not going to have a Morning Drive at all on Monday morning, following Rory’s win!

Newspaper reports of Rory’s win were written, printed, delivered, and read before the Golf Channel will bother to tell viewers that McIlroy won at Quail Hollow.  Newspapers?  Magazines will beat them, too!

What is going on!  Why is Golf Channel doing this!

Well, think about it.  Golf Channel is in bed with Tiger Woods.  (Reasons for this are debatable, but “follow the money” is always good advice, so Nike/NBC contracts are a good place to start looking.  That explains the boycott we saw of Jordan Spieth at the L.A. Open, but there is more to it, because Rory is also in the Nike camp.)  They are never going to give up on their idol.  Like a battered woman with no other prospects, they will stand by their man.

Now, with that in mind, how the hell is Golf Channel going to shill “Tiger at Memorial” when he is rated #140 in the world (and falling) and the man who has dominated the golf world since 2010 — and is on fire right now — is not even in the field?  Well, step one is to go into denial about Rory’s domination.

There is something rotten in the state of Orlando.  Consider their recent comments that Woods will be the big story ten years from now, and that if Rory wins five majors in a row, Woods would still be a bigger story.

That there is screwed up!

And, make no mistake about it:  Rory is a huge story right now, and yesterday’s win was a Big Deal.  For example, Google News shows “Rory McIlroy” as a top story right now.  Not just a top sports story, but a top story, period.  He’s up there with Amtrak, Hillary Clinton, and the Billboard Awards.  He’s transcending not only the golf world, but the sports world.

And Golf Channel is ignoring him.

Now, get this.  I just went to — the things I do for my readers — and Rory’s win yesterday has a prominent place on their home page!  And, let me repeat, Golf Channel is ignoring Rory’s win.

This is blatant anti-Rory sentiment by Golf Channel.  Not by the golf media in general, not by the general sports media, not by the general news media.  By Golf Channel.

This is very ugly, and I must return to my comparison of Golf Channel’s coverage of Tiger Woods to North Korea’s coverage of Kim Jong-il.  No one else matters, and there is no claim too preposterous to make with a straight face.

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11 Responses to Rory Has The Golf Channel Scared to Death

  1. Anonymous says:

    Let it go lanny

  2. Jason says:

    Don’t let it go, Lanny!

  3. Sports-realist2 says:

    The golf channel is a ONE trick pony, and has ONLY pretended to give a rats azz about anyone else….The over coverage is now just propaganda, at best….Ofcourse the golf channel/NBC heads must be close friends with Eldrick’s agent……

    • lannyh says:

      Something is going on. NBC is far worse than CBS, and I even think ESPN isn’t as bad. (Though I just watched a Michael Collins segment where he used Rory’s great play as an excuse to talk about Woods…)

  4. Speedy says:

    GC homepage is currently showing Rors in image and text way more than TW. About 3 – 1, I’d say.

    • lannyh says:

      I’m talking about the actual television network, but… is your report anything to write home about? 3-1 Rory over Woods on a day when Woods hasn’t played in a couple of weeks, and the day after Rory won with a record-setting performance, adding to his recent Match Play? Woods doing nothing noteworthy for weeks (months, years?) gets 1/4 the OWGR #1 weekend winner on a hot streak. Hmmm.

  5. Anonymous says:

    You’re talking as if the entire Golf Channel is All Tiger All the Time. Fact is it’s The Morning Drive and Golf Central shows’ talking heads that are All Tiger All the Time. I see tons of other Golf Channel programming that is no where near Tiger focused. In fact the very Golf Channel you crush, because of two shows, broadcasts the Euro Tour and the Euro Media that you love so much.

    • lannyh says:

      Well, of course the European Tour Productions crew is exempt from my criticism. Any of the live coverage is okay, except for the PGA Tour stuff when Faldo is not in the booth.

      • lannyh says:

        To be sure that’s clear: The PGA Tour coverage is good when Faldo is there. Not when Tilghman or Chamblee or the others occasionally do the live coverage. And not when Miller/Hicks do it.

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