Sunday, Day Four: Quail Hollow Semi Live Blog

6:00 pm Update: Loose ends…  Rory threw the ball into the gallery on No. 18; does that mean a Rorksy is in order?  It’s not a major, still, three wins this year…  Too bad Golf Channel’s postgame show isn’t on immediately after.  I’d love to watch those guys squirm after Rory racks up yet another win…  By my calculations, Rory McIlroy will be OWGR #1 after this win…  Here’s a link to Hall of Fame.  I know everyone will want to listen to it tonight…  Jordan back in action with the two DFW tourneys, then Memorial.  I’m really glad he’s from Texas because those events need the shot in the arm he’ll give them.  I’d love to see him win one (or both!) of them…  I wouldn’t expect much out of Patrick Rodgers at Colonial, but he should finish high on the leaderboard at the Byron Nelson.  Las Colinas is a bit easier to navigate for newcomers…  Rory set the course record yesterday, then today beat the tourney record by five shots…  As you probably know, Rory is playing the European PGA Championship this next week, then… the Irish Open.  I can’t wait to see the field strength number for that one.  I’ll have to set my clock for very early the next two Thursdays and Fridays.

5:20 pm Update:  A very workmanlike day for Rory.  If you wanted to see him extend the lead with another round like yesterday, you might feel a little disappointed, but you shouldn’t be surprised.  This was the same recipe for victory as he deployed at Dubai earlier this year, where he also led by four heading into the final round. Here’s what I wrote back then:

Rory is still the Story. A pedestrian round — or if you prefer, a clinical round — of -2 by Rory, but that’s all he needed. Played it very safe at the end, laying up and parring both the drivable par-4 and the finishing par-5, winning by three.

No need for drama; just get the W.  Of course, had a few of his early birdie looks today found the cup, it might have been a little more fun.

1:15 pm Update: Thirty minutes until go-time.  Lanny H Golf is endorsing Rory McIlroy in today’s action.

12:40 pm Update:  If you want to back Rory today, Ladbrokes will handle the action — if you will put up 25 to win 1!

8:30 am Update: Play has commenced at Quail Hollow.  In Spain, Emiliano Grillo is making a big move.  He’s -3 through seven holes, one back of the leader.

7:25 am Update:  Grillo has two birdies in first three holes, sits one back of the two leaders.  This could get good.

7:15 am update: Someone pointed out yesterday an article at Huffington Post about the “real Tiger” being some super-nice guy or something.  Here’s the opening paragraph:

Tiger Woods is a name that resonates with a lot of people for a variety of reasons. Most people automatically think of all the great golf accomplishments and records he has broken. Others think of his relationship troubles and his inability to remain faithful to a single woman. But something that is really worthy of attention when it comes to Tiger Woods is how he helped a young boy who was recently being bullied.

Right away you can tell it is propaganda by the use of “most” with minority view, and “others” (i.e., the outcasts, those not part of “most”) with the majority view.  That isn’t my opinion; research firms are paid a ton of money to provide information about what people think of famous people.

What they did was the equivalent of writing, “Most people when they hear the name of Donald Trump think of a handsome, successful leader who may one day be president.  Others think he’s a pompous egomaniac.”  The “most” and “others” are out of whack with reality.

Anyway, the article is pretty funny.  Its main point is that since Woods (very publicly) wrote a letter to a kid who struggles with a stuttering problem, Tiger is a wonderful human and Earl Woods a wonderful dad.

Hey, Ray Rice, go get some stationary!

5:30 am: Rory tees off in just a little over eight hours.  Only 2-1/2 hours until McGirt gets things going.  Good to see Colt Knost made the Saturday cut (on the number again) and is still playing; maybe he’ll have a good Sunday and cash a nice check.

Grillo is T-4, only three shots back as he begins his final round at the Spanish Open.  This event will be carried live on Golf Channel starting in one hour, fifteen minutes.  That will carry you up until the Quail Hollow pregame show.  If Grillo plays well, that will make the morning pass more quickly.

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10 Responses to Sunday, Day Four: Quail Hollow Semi Live Blog

  1. Ken says:

    Amazing weekend for McIlroy.

    • lannyh says:

      Yes. Today was a bit of an anti-climax; the excitement came on Saturday this week. The important thing is to get the job done, and he did.

  2. MemoryLoss says:

    Can’t put my finger on it but I think I’ve seen this strategy employed by another golfer in the past.

  3. Speedy says:

    More to come. It’s a process.

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