Thursday, Day One: Quail Hollow Semi Live Blog

7:30 pm Update:  Unfortunately, I missed almost all the golf action today.  Also, unfortunately, what I did see, Rory’s two closing holes, was a nightmare.  Oh, well, he’s not out of it by any means.  It’s good to see Reed playing well; he’d love to turn the trendy Big Three into the Big Four, what with Rickie, Rory, and Spieth much in the spotlight right now.

About the Woods camp’s denial of the cheating-on-Vonn news story, remember a few things:  (1) they are not under oath; (2) they are just going to repeat whatever Woods tells them, or they tell him to tell them; (3) they have millions of reasons (cough, cough… dollars) to deny it; (4) the “Woods camp” insisted Hank Haney was with Woods during all Galea treatments, but later we learned Haney was there for only four or five of the at least fourteen treatments.

1:35 pm:  One hole, one birdie.  Ho-hum.  Nice to see Rory start by making a putt, an eleven-footer.

1:05 pm: World Number One Rory McIlroy to Strike His First Shot of the Tournament in 15 Minutes.

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16 Responses to Thursday, Day One: Quail Hollow Semi Live Blog

  1. Anonymous says:

    Lanny, I’m surprised you haven’t mentioned that Quail Hollow is the scene of Woods first ( I think ) foray into the world of cheating? The infamous lost ball happened here and Woods was began his cavalier attitude towards the rules.

    • lannyh says:

      I don’t think I know about that one. Is that the one where the 12 guys gathered around the ball, then took off in 12 directions?

      • Anonymous says:

        As Kris ( below ) says, a lost ball suddenly became a ball that a fan had picked up. As I recall no on witnessed this . It was assumed that a fan had pocketed it thus giving Woods a free drop. It was a blatant attempt to help Woods make the cut.

      • Speedy says:

        “It got picked up for sure. There can’t be any doubt.” — Geoff Ogilvy, TW playing partner

    • Kris says:

      Do you mean when Tiger’s ball got lost, but someone convinced Mark Russell a gallery member stole it so it wouldn’t count as a lost ball penalty? If Tiger hadn’t missed the cut that week it would have been a way bigger story. I always thought Tiger’s cavalier attitude towards the rules started when he got the gallery to move that boulder in Phoenix.

      • Anonymous says:

        You are right. Boulder removal squad was a taste of things to come.
        Yes the mystery of the ” lost ball” There was plenty folk standing around. The ball mysteriously vanished into someones pocket, but no one actually saw it happen.

    • Kris says: has an interesting article about something similar happening to Meg Mallon. The only difference is in Meg Mallon’s case the culprit (a nun of all people) confessed. Tiger’s ball is probably still wedged in a tree in Charlotte.

      • Anonymous says:

        Unless it could be proven beyond any reasonable doubt that the ball had been removed by a fan it must be deemed a lost ball. As I remember it there was nothing conclusive that the ball had been taken, Woods should have played 3 off the tee. He cheated.

  2. LivinInThePresent says:

    In other more current news, World #1 is on the golf course.

  3. Speedy says:

    Re Woods Camp, both cheat (Daily Mail) and no cheat (People) sources came from Woods Camp. I really don’t care. Just sayin’.

    • TwoWayStreet says:

      Yeah, Tiger has the more public history of cheating but it’s pretty common knowledge Vonn doesn’t have a history of faithfulness either. Any insinuation that Tiger cheating must be applied to Vonn too.

      • lannyh says:

        No doubt. They are hardly a “dream couple.” I just find it interesting how cynical the media has been about playing them up. Especially with the kids. It’s so crass and cynical and phoney. They are sooooo trying to sell the idea of a “reformed Tiger.” Yeah, well, he was also going to “reform” his on-course demeanor, but, if anything, he’s been even worse with this cursing and other antics.

        People just don’t want to admit he was good at golf but a horrible person. They won’t admit he used PEDs and that his record was aided by using a special distance ball no one else had. Maybe just know in their heart, but just don’t want to admit it publicly.

    • lannyh says:

      The Daily Mail said “a friend.” People said “Woods’s circle.” The second source People quoted didn’t really deny it, just denied it as being the only/primary reason.

      I think it’s just more BS denial by Woods. Think about it. Things were fine and all lovey-dovey a month earlier at the Masters, and suddenly they notice they both are famous and travel, so they call it off? Yeah, that’s logical. Remember, too, that Woods paid Uchitel $10 million to be silent.

      The Woods camp just spent several years trying to rehabilitate Woods’s image. They are going to fight tooth-and-nail not to see that go up in smoke.

      • Anonymous says:

        Damage control? Woods needs a full time team. 4 weeks ago Woods and Vonn were joined at the hip. Word is they grew apart. Probably as a result of the legs of Woods latest purchase growing apart . Lets be brutally honest, in his own mind, Woods only crime was getting caught. He is a full blown sociopath.

      • lannyh says:

        “joined at the hip” — well put. And the golf media superglued their hips together with constant new-Tiger/”great-place”/happy-smiley-Tiger/great-dad/lindsey-kids/kids-lindsey/elin-likes-lindsey crap. Now they go silent.

      • Speedy says:

        On and off the course, TW’s entitled to seek relief.

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