Tiger Woods Sex Scandal Redux!

[Addendum:  I am surprised Justin Ray hasn’t tweeted out this statistic:

Past Woods-Vonn articles from GolfChannel.com: 531
Woods-Vonn articles today: 0

Golf Channel doesn’t cover this, but they did cover, “Den and a movie: Woods, Vonn see new Denzel film” and “Tiger, Vonn on sidelines for Broncos-Chiefs game” and “Video: Lindsey and kids greet Tiger at East Lake” and 528 more pretty much just like those.

Damn, Golf Channel.  All your uncompensated image rehab down the drain.

A perusal of Twitter shows the major golf media outlets are maintaining radio silence.]

Thanks to a reader for alerting me to this.  Here’s the link he provided.  The gist of the story is that Woods cheated on Vonn, and that’s what led to their announced breakup a week or two ago.  It looks like Porter at CBS posted something three hours ago, and the original article was three hours prior to that.

Interestingly, I just did a Google News search and saw nothing from SI/golf.com, Golf Digest, or Golf Channel.  They’ve had six hours, and they usually write a Woods article when he clips his fingernails, so they are obviously delaying or ignoring.  I guess they are waiting for Steinberg and Finchem to put out dual press releases the way they did regarding Dan Olsen.

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17 Responses to Tiger Woods Sex Scandal Redux!

  1. ;JoeJoe says:

    During DJ’s leave of absence I saw something that indicated he had been sleeping around with other tour players wives. Ended at least one. Then in the last month or so we find out Dufner is getting divorced. Wouldn’t surprise me if DJ was a major factor in that.

    Cheating on a girlfriend isn’t viewed in the same light as cheating on a spouse….even though they’re both horrible.

    • lannyh says:

      My problem with Woods is that he made money off his squeaky-clean image. How did Dan Jenkins put it?

      “They never pretended to be the All-American Daddy-Pop Father of the Year Who Also Wins Golf Tournaments. They never sold themselves as the greatest Family Values brand ever, and conquered the marketplace with it, shamelessly scooping up hundreds of millions of dollars while saying, ‘My family will always come first.'”

      And the Masters-Precious Kids-Vonn thing was definitely in Daddy-Pop-Father-of-the-Year territory. It was a commercial for his image in every way but name.

      • KingOfGossip says:

        That reminds me, any update on the Phil Mickelson insider trading status?

      • lannyh says:

        Not that I know of, and I did a pretty good check a week or two ago (when he pulled out of the Match Play for “personal reasons.”)

      • Kris says:

        From what I’ve gathered about the insider trading deal, Phil has been removed from one investigation and probably won’t be pursued in the other. The insider information he got went through a lengthy game of telephone before it got to him. The person who passed it on to him wasn’t aware the information was illegal, he thought it was just a stock tip. Correct me if you’ve heard anything different. I’m having a hard time being mad at Phony Phil. He’s a money-grubbing blue blood like most golfers, but at least he’s open about it.

      • lannyh says:

        Well, the vehicle Mickelson used was short-term options. They would have expired worthless in a couple of weeks had the stock not popped in the next few trading days. (It was the same with Clorox.) I thought he got his information from Billy something (I can’t recall his last name), a shady character and a golf partner of Phil’s. Phil’s objective will be to present it as you did, “just a stock tip.” The FBI’s objective will be to trace it back to the source. I’m not sure what Phil told them, but the FBI is not going to find it believable that Mickelson loaded up on short-term options without prior knowledge.

        I would love to see the records the FBI has. If Mickelson did this strategy with just Dean Foods and Clorox, that would be very incriminating. If he commonly made such bizarre bets — and that’s pretty much what they were — and lost, then I might find it innocuous. But, I don’t think the FBI makes such a public showing without purpose.

        I speculate that Mickelson felt entitled, or justified, to do what he did because he felt wronged by CA state taxes. That’s not valid thinking, but sometimes people do think that way, even if subconsciously. He should have just moved to NV or TX or FL, like pretty much every other pro golfer.

    • Ken says:

      No, not as bad as cheating on a spouse. But they did present themselves publicly as this happy, perfect, power couple. It sure was being presented as a committed relationship.

  2. Speedy says:

    No big deal. The Daily Mail ’06 & ’07 indiscretions are water over the dam, horses out of the barn. IOW revelations or not they’re covered/piled with everything pre-fire hydrant.What we essentially have here is one cheat on Vonn. Did Vonn ever turn the tables on him? Let us know when you find that out.

    ESPN’s not touching this “breaking news”. So far, they’ve chosen to run with Tiger helping a young boy with stuttering issues.

    Accentuate the positive, and don’t mess with Mr. In-between. Cheers.

    • lannyh says:

      Well, I agree that the article was much longer than warranted by the new developments. I was confused by the ’06 and ’07 stuff.

      Again, this wouldn’t even be a story to me except…. the golf media’s PR campaign pre-Masters about the “new Tiger,” “the happy Tiger in a good place with Lindsay, who adores his children,” blah, blah, blah. Turns out that was a continuation of the pre-2009 propaganda.

      See, having lots of contact with the women is fine. Guys like Joe Namath enhanced their image that way. But you can’t do that when you are married and using your wife (gf in this case) and kids as a major part of your PR campaign.

      • Speedy says:

        Tiger riding a pink bus would bother some more.
        Two hour Tiger special last night on GC (2000 US Open). Hope you caught it.
        They appear to be standing by their man, from Xmases past, of course.

      • lannyh says:

        I forgot it was on. I was going to watch because that’s the first major Woods won using the special distance ball no other players had. Thought it would be funny to hear the announcers gush about his distance when we now know why he was hitting it farther than everyone else.

  3. Jason says:

    Unreal. Not that he had another “indescretion”, most saw that coming. I just can’t believe the major golf media outlets are afraid to touch this one. And Speedy is spot on above. I was happy to hear that he wrote to a bullied child, but it’s sickening to know now that it was 100% a marketing decision. Ugh….I used to be a TW apologist.

    I feel so bad for all the parents whose kids are 10 and older (that previously looked up to TW). How do they explain all of this? TW was an idol to so many. Glad my boy is only 9 months old. He will grow up looking up to men of much better character and integrity.

    • Speedy says:

      Jason, there was even talk of TW running for president one day (as there was Arnold Palmer–that’s another not too dissimilar story). The pedestal was at its highest.

    • lannyh says:

      The golf media was too busy digging up the dirt on Patrick Reed’s college days to pursue Woods and that table of blondes. Better to blast Reed and continue talking about Vonn and Woods and his “happy place right now.”

    • Speedy says:

      And I seem to recall some rumblings about her in August. No matter, they’re both adults. Let’s move on to the next scandal.

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