Jim Furyk Slams President!!!

In a shocking development, Jim Furyk said President Eisenhower “probably couldn’t hit the ball out of his own shadow” or else he would not have had so many problems with Augusta National’s Eisenhower Tree.

This article was my first foray into clickbait.  It was fun!  If you can’t beat them, join them.  If I master this skill, I just might get a gig with Golf Channel or Golf Digest.  Watch tomorrow for “Tiger Behind Bars!!” — an article about a zoo.

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One Response to Jim Furyk Slams President!!!

  1. Speedy says:

    Re Furyk, gutta-percha balls and hickory sticks for Ike. I didn’t know that.
    He was also extremely complimentary of Duval’s GC commentary, which I’ve found essentially boring. But, that could be reason enough for success at that network.

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