Monday Thoughts

Housekeeping Note:  There have been a couple of reports of people having problems when posting comments.  Let me assure everyone that no one has ever been banned here, and no one ever will be.  The only thing that I have ever done — or will ever do — is have one or two chronic abusers’ comments sent to Moderation.  And that was a couple of years ago.  When that happens, they see a message saying, “Comment sent to Moderation.”  That means I still see their comments, I just have to click “approve” before they appear for everyone.

And I’ve only ever even done that a couple of times, and that was for people who wrote nothing but, “Lanny H Fag or Lanny H Stupid, I don’t know which one suits you best, but I do know you are one stupid f—ing fag,” or things equally childish.  And even then, I would not have done anything unless they did it over and over and over, day after day after day.  And, still, those comments would show up for me, I just would not “approve” them.  And the person was told they were “sent to moderation.”

So, to sum up, I want everyone who might hit a glitch when commenting to know, to cut to the chase, you are not banned and never will be.  For some reason, WordPress seems to have been having a few glitches lately, but rest assured, if you have a problem posting a comment, it has nothing to do with me or you.  Also remember that even if a person comes on and makes a million “Lanny Loon, Lanny Loon, you are one stupid f—ing goon,” even they would not be banned, I’d just have to “approve” their comments that are “sent to moderation.”

I want to be sure everyone knows you are free to speak your mind here.  That’s the reason this place exists.  I know how it feels to have a comment deleted.  I would spend five, ten, fifteen minutes (or more) writing a comment, and then it would never see the light of day.  That’s why I started this place.

Morning Drive:  They used the occasion of Rory’s birthday today to devote a lot of time to him.  They went to the simulator to show some of the Sawgrass holes that have caused Rory problems in the past.  So, will Rory’s win mark a sea change for the golf media?  We’ve got a year where Jordan has won twice, one of them the Masters, and Rory has won twice, one of them the WGC Match Play.  We also have a situation where Woods is making “announcements,” timing them to interfere with ongoing golf tournaments; perhaps these announcements are trying even the patience of his apologists?  I guess we’ll find out in the leadup to the Players (and then Memorial).

Spoke Too Soon:  Morning Drive has gone into a full-blown Tiger Woods circle jerk in the second hour.

OWGR Roundup:  Rory and Jordan are really starting to distance themselves from the pack.  Jordan has nearly a 2-point lead over third place, and Rory has a 3-1/2 point(!) lead over Jordan.  [Morning Drive just stole this point from me!  I wrote it before they said it!]  Furyk is up to #5, breathing down the neck of Bubba.  Danny Willett, yesterday’s third-place finisher, moved from #49 to #38.  Woodland shot up to #32 from #52.  Golf Channel’s obsession is #125.   Smylie Kaufman is up to #332 with his win yesterday; he’ll be on the PGA Tour next year.

Rory on “Tiger and Jack”:  I wasn’t sure how to read Rory’s comment yesterday when a reporter mentioned some accomplishment in relation to Woods and Nicklaus.  Was Rory saying he was tired of hearing that bullshite every time he won a tournament, or that he was flattered by it?  The blonde American woman on Morning Drive said, “It’s never bad to be be mentioned with Tiger and Jack,” but it is when its purpose is to prop up Woods’s relevance.  If Woods wins an event, will they say, “That’s nice, Tiger, but you are still way behind the pace of Rory and Jordan this year.  Do you think you can up your game to their level?”

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10 Responses to Monday Thoughts

  1. benchrat says:

    hey lanny,
    i was hoping to get some perspective on the Wei banning. Did the pga just make sure that
    she will be more popular than them for some time?

    • lannyh says:

      I’m still pretty ignorant about it all. I replied to someone’s comment earlier today about it. My understanding is that she was specifically told not to do something, then went ahead and did it. In my mind, the only option is to ban her. But I don’t have all the facts, by any stretch. I lie Stephanie pretty well, but when she went to TV — a move up, for sure — it seemed like she focused less on her blog. Also, she kind of jumped on the Bash Reed bandwagon earlier this year. I just kind of drifted away from paying much attention to her. I know she also had the thing where she lost her cool or whatever about perceived anti-Asian and/or anti-female attitudes of her colleagues.

      Overall, I don’t have any real strong opinions, and I don’t even know the facts other than very superficially.

      Bottom line, though: If they told her, “Don’t do A” after she was caught doing A, and she continued to do A, well, that’s a no-brainer. No tears from me.

    • lannyh says:

      If anyone has a good link describing it, pass it along if you think it might increase my interest. I just can’t get excited about the situation for some reason.

  2. Jason says:

    sounds like she was live-streaming events? If so, and if she was told, she should pay the price.

  3. Kris says:

    That was heartfelt. I appreciate that and that’s why I keep coming back. My only theory about blog posts and comments not posting is that maybe it happens when two people are trying to post at the same time. I noticed after my comment disappeared that you replied to someone at the same time I tried to submit my comment. I don’t know how you’d fix that, though.

    Stephanie Wei has turned into a drama queen with a persecution complex. This is the PGA Tour’s response to her claiming unfair treatment: “This wasn’t a suspension due to an isolated incident on Monday, but rather a history of violations of our media regulations, of which Stephanie had been made aware of throughout the process. Should she choose to reapply for credentials, we will evaluate her application after the conclusion of the 2014-15 PGA TOUR season,” said Joel Schuchmann, Senior Director of Communications for the PGA Tour. If you want policies changed, you make an effort to get policies changed. You don’t break the rules and act shocked when you get punished for insubordination. If I found a good link explaining the situation I’d give it to you, but everything I’ve found has been an opinion piece.

    Honestly, all this drama around golf is getting to be too much. Congratulations to Rory on his win and happy birthday. I’ve grown to dislike Tiger Jr, but there’s no denying he’s damn good at his job. For what was touted as the sports weekend of the century, it was pretty disappointing. The best thing about it was Dale Earnhardt Jr winning at Talladega for the first time in over 10 years. How many sports figures express their tearful gratitude for not only the win, but their life in general and saying they don’t feel like they deserve it. That’s the kind of emotion that brings fans to your sport, not this hollow drama golf is full of.

    • lannyh says:

      I just read her version, and many comments. I share the views of many commenters who are saying, “Hey, you were warned and you still did it.” I can’t believe she’s even asking for sympathy?

      If a person thinks they are above the rules and disobeys, they are harming all their competitors. Of course there would be a demand for live video of events. We all bitch about not having more coverage all the time. When does a Feature Group fans don’t like, Wei could use Periscope to cover the groups we want — without paying the billions of dollars to the Tour the networks do. Yeah, CBS and NBC are going love that…

      Wei just made my opinion of a Yale education drop.

  4. Speedy says:

    “Honestly, all this drama around golf is getting to be too much.”

    Amen to that.

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