Rory’s Rocky Road; Golf Ratings Booming (w/o Woods)

If it’s any comfort to Rory, Dufner has an even rockier road.

The lowest possible seeds for Dufner — and the lower the seeds, the tougher the players (in general) —   would have been 1 + 17 + 33 = 51.  What he got was 1 + 18 + 35 = 54.  Ouch.  It’s not much better for Rory as Dufner is the 5th highest (of 16) from the “D” tier.

Had they done the seedings the way it was originally planned — before someone got the great idea to have a selection show — Rory would have gotten  32 + 33 + 64 = 129.  Horschel, Snedeker, and Dufner are 18 + 35 + 53 = 106.

If the idea of the new format was to pave the road to the weekend for the top-rated players, there was a huge fail in the case of Rory McIlroy.

But, hey, it’s golf, not basketball, and the 64th player truly can beat #1 on about one day out of three, so there’s no sense whining, and I’m not.  I’m just stating that they need to jettison the “selection show.”

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From the Sporting News:

Heading into last weekend’s tournament at New Orleans, five of the past six final round PGA Tour telecasts had double-digit increases in viewership. Four of those five increased by more than a third — by 35 percent for the Tampa Bay Championship, 34 percent for the Bay Hill Invitational, 42 percent for the Houston Open, and a whopping 77 percent for the Heritage.

The viewership gains have been accompanied by multi-year ratings highs. Final round ratings were the highest in a decade for the Houston Open, the highest in nine years for the Heritage, and the highest ever for the Tampa Bay Championship.

None of those tournaments involved Tiger Woods, who has played in only one tournament since taking a hiatus early in the year.

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