Friday Thoughts

Fowler Falters:  Fowler sits T-95 after one day at New Orleans.  Look, anyone who makes it to the Tour is a great player.  The PGA Tour?  Forget about it.  To make the OWGR top ten?  That shows mind-boggling skill.  However, that’s all well and good, but shouldn’t a sport’s “stars” win with some regularity?  At least, say, once or twice a year?  Can you imagine tennis making a big deal out of a player who is known for making the quarterfinals — but never winning — at the grand slam events?  Or anywhere.

This isn’t Slam Rickie Fowler Week or anything, but Charles Howell the Third is looked upon almost as a journeyman, while Rickie Fowler is one of the PGA Tour’s go-to players for marketing, and their careers are more similar than the average fan might think.  Howell, by the way, made it to OWGR #15, not all that far behind Fowler’s best.

It’s only one round of one event during one week of a long year.  Still, with the Jordan-Rory battles on the horizon, Rickie needs to get it going if he wants to avoid a “journeyman” or “also-ran” perception.  (I should point out that Howell is the furthest thing from a journeyman; he’s been a PGA Tour fixture for a decade-and-a-half, pocketing around $30 million.)

Fire Britt McHenry:  Be sure to sign the Fire Britt McHenry petition.

Elling on Levy:  Nice tweet with embedded video from Mr. Steve Elling.  It’s amusing due to the “darling,” but also for the power lines in the background.  That reminds me of a few courses I’ve played.

Faldo, Joking or Serious?  A Big Story in the golf world is whether or not Nick Faldo was “joking” or “serious” when he said he was pulling against Jordan Spieth shooting a 62 at the Masters.  Faldo owns a share of the record of 63.  1. What does it matter?  2. Is “gray area” a concept completely beyond today’s American intellectual level?

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