Friday Lack of Thoughts/Harbour Town Semi Live Blog

12:43 pm Update: Jordan Shoots 62!

Birdies the last two holes, and the gallery is riotous!  It reminds me of Hogan’s reception in Scotland.  I’ve never seen anything like this.

Nine pars, nine birdies.

12:25 pm Update:  Bombs Away!!

Jordan sinks a 41-foot putt for birdie on Harbour Town’s most difficult hole.  The gallery is completely — how to put this — freaking out.  T-5, three back of leader Kuch, who is also having a good day.

12:15 pm Update

Jordan holding steady with two pars.  Two holes remain, the last one a bit easier, but this next one the hardest on the course.

11:40 am Update:

Jordan birdies again!!

T-9, three shots behind leader!  Four holes to play.  Three of them are difficult, so Jordan will have to be on his toes.

11:20 am Update:  Jordan saves par on the par-3 by sinking a 7-footer!  The crowd is going absolutely bonkers.  I’ve not seen this type gallery since the days of… Arnie’s Army.  There, I said it!

11:07 am Update:  Jordan with a seven-footer on his 12th hole of the day, the fourth most difficult hole on the course.  He draws back the putter…  the ball starts toward the hole…  it’s in!!  The crowd explodes!!

The gallery is huge; they are all hoping to get a glimpse of the Texas Kid.  Most of them are too young to have seen Jack in his prime, so they are seeing golf they’ve only heard about, never seen.  Young Jordan sits T-15, a mere 2 shots out of third place.  That birdie on a difficult hole will be quite a plum on his scorecard.

10:55 am Update:  Wyatt Earp is enforcing the law, baby!  Jordan Spieth just collected another birdie.  Currently T-20, four shots out of the lead!  Reed falling by the wayside; it started going wrong for him with the OB tee shot at No. 18 yesterday.

10:30 Update:  Jordan Spieth currently rocketing toward that top of the leaderboard!  Four-under through nine holes.  T-26, four out of second place.  Lahiri is -1 on the day through seven holes.

I don’t seem to have any thoughts this morning.

    I guess Sneds vs the EuroTourash is something.  That’s going to make the Match Play fun, but that’s two weeks away.  Plus, while I don’t hate the new format, it takes away from the excitement of every match being win-or-go-home.

    The other day we were joking about Woods’s hand boo-boo.  Someone cracked that Morning Drive would have their doctor on to discuss it.  Well, did anyone notice that actually did that!

⇒    The Forbes article I mentioned yesterday addressed a second issue I didn’t mention.  Consider this:

I like Rory a lot and pull for him, but I know people who do not because he isn’t American. These aren’t xenophobes. For them, it’s like pulling for the hometown athlete. They feel a connection and affinity that they do not even for the most likable and successful international players.

I suppose that’s true, but it seems so odd to me.  That’s like choosing Barry Nelson as your favorite James Bond actor simply because he is American.  Or bypassing the Beatles, U2, and Radiohead for Lady Gaga because she’s American.  Or Philip Glass over Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart because they are German.  Some people think Glass is a genius, some a borderline fraud, but I don’t think anyone judges him on his nationality.  That would be foolish.

There are people in America and Italy and Spain and Ireland and Australia and Argentina who will return your wallet if they find it.  There are people who won’t.  Can I not prefer all wallet returners to the wallet keepers, regardless of what nation they were born in?

⇒    Here’s a tidbit from the Toronto Star that caught my eye:

Still, while there remain outliers who eschew fitness — Angel Cabrera, the pot-bellied Masters champion, has said he “never” works out — the vast majority of players are seeing the benefits of some kind of training beyond the practice tee.

He’s won two majors, the most recent at age 39.  Was in a Masters playoff at age 43.  Finished T-22 at Augusta last week at age 45.

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24 Responses to Friday Lack of Thoughts/Harbour Town Semi Live Blog

  1. Sports-realist2 says:

    Yeah, so Spieth’s last 4 finishes are 1-2-2-1..and then this week? yikes….

  2. Anonymous says:

    That’s what I call bouncing back.

    Tour pros praise Hilton Head and claim to love the course. But they struggle to draw a field here.

    Nice that Spieth honored his committment. They let him play on exemption a couple years ago, and he hasn’t forgotten that.

  3. Speedy says:

    Too late to get on the bandwagon?
    Highlights only at 3 ET? Why no, coming up, a special full 18-hole coverage of only Messiah Fillers include interviews with never-before-seen friends, acquaintances, and distant relatives.
    The Great White Hope is here!

    • lannyh says:

      Great American Hope would be more like it. Odd you would see it as a race thing.

      • Speedy says:

        Nothing’s odd in this topsy-turvy world.
        Anyway, I’m off the Spieth bandwagon again. I mean, just how good can he be, when World No. 249 tops him with 61.

  4. Sports-realist2 says:

    FYI tournament record is -20 under par in 2009….

    • Old Guy says:

      FYI, Jordan is 6 shots off the pace and didn’t have the low round of the day.

      • Speedy says:

        Old Guy, help me here. I don’t see any difference ‘tween Woods worshippers and Spieth worshippers…as in reverential devotion to a deity.

      • lannyh says:

        Here’s the difference: Spieth won the Masters five days ago. Woods last won a major seven years ago. You, a Woods worshipper, are totally bent out of shape that people are paying attention to Spieth. There’s your difference!

  5. Speedy says:

    Nay, no worshipping here. No bending out of shape, either. I’m just finding it amusing that another bunch has found a savior. What’s this need for sports salvation?
    World No. 249’s backnine finish.
    3 4 3 3 3 4 3 2 3 28

    • lannyh says:

      I’m not buying it. No one is calling Spieth a savior? Savior from what? No, you’re angry that people have moved beyond Woods. Irrevocably. Spieth won the Masters five days ago, was outside the cut line then shoots 62 to put himself into contention. And you are upset people talk about him.

      More bad news for you. Google News has him as a top ten news story — even though NFL draft and NBA playoffs are going on. And I’m not talking top ten sports, but top ten NEWS story of any type!!!

      • Speedy says:

        Top Ten news story. Here we go again. When’s it going to be No. 1? Ha ha who cares. Yes, the fawning is so easily transferable.
        You’re not buying what I tell you, yet you’re buying the Wyatt Earp fairytale. Maybe if Crenshaw and you researched Wyatt Earp, the Spieth attachment wouldn’t have been issued and reissued. Oh well.

      • lannyh says:

        They list ten. If they are ranked in order — which I have no reason to think they are — he’s third. I guess he’s not considered a bigger story than every world event. Sorry.

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