Spieth’s Description of Final Round; Huggan’s Highlights and Lowlights; Infuriating/Good Slate Article

Courtesy of the Irish Times, here’s Jordan Spieth’s blow-by-blow description of his Sunday round at Augusta.

John Huggan (Steve Elling’s cohort in the much-missed “Pond Scrum”) with a gloves-off article on the Masters.  I’m completely convinced the Masters par-3 contest has jumped the shark due to the “cute kids” takeover.

Slate just published a golf article (“Sorry, Jordan Spieth. There will never be another Tiger Woods.“) by a guy, Matt Brennan who wrote an interesting piece on golf for Deadspin last summer.  It’s infuriating at times (the “Tiger-proofing” description was factually-challenged), but it makes some points (and concessions) I have not seen elsewhere.  It’s a good piece, even though I don’t personally agree with his overriding premise.  The following sentence, for example, makes a simple enough point, but one the golf media seems incapable of digesting.

Jordan Spieth is no more “the next Tiger Woods” than Tiger Woods has turned out to be “the next Jack Nicklaus,” but that need not stop us from relishing either’s stroll into Masters history.

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4 Responses to Spieth’s Description of Final Round; Huggan’s Highlights and Lowlights; Infuriating/Good Slate Article

  1. Sports-realist2 says:

    at least his caddie was telling him it wasn’t over, after Spieth hit his 2nd shot just short of the green on 18…..still surprised how nonchalantly he approached his final two shots….

    • lannyh says:

      Yeah, I think a lot of us saw that as a critical up-and-down for the 19 under. But, if he’d made it, it would have been filed away with “won as a teenager” in the Never To Be Mentioned Again files.

      Here’s my take: Jordan finished T-16 in a PGA Tour event as a 16 year old. Won a Tour event as a 19-year old. Rory won a pro event as a teenager. (Even Phil won as a college amateur.) Woods never really had a good finish until he turned pro at age 20-1/2. But this golf media is never going to do anything to diminished the sui generis narrative they created about Woods.

  2. BubbaJ says:

    Rory and Jordan winning as teenagers is nice. TW had 24 wins in his first 4.5 years as a pro.

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