Golf Digest Whines That Woods is Only ESPN’s No. 3 Athlete of Past 20 Years

Are they serious?  Golf Digest thinks Woods is the top athlete of the past 20 years?  Who is second?  Lance Armstrong?  A-Rod?

There’s a whole world of people out there living with their eyes open.  It’s time the American golf media join them.

Woods’s biggest feat was using the Rock Ishii ball before the other pros.  And his ties to Kleven, Lindsay, Galea, and Bosch didn’t earn him any brownie points.

Guys, we know things now we didn’t know in 2000.  You can’t pretend we don’t.  If you ask me, ESPN was too generous.

Holy cow… Barry Bonds and Lance Armstrong ARE on the ESPN list.  But no A-Rod, haha.  I totally don’t get this list, but obviously PED usage was not counted as a negative.

Putting Armstrong and Barry Bonds on this list really makes me think something is about to break on Woods and steroids.  They are trying to pave the way for the revelation with the idea that, “So what if Armstrong doped to the gills, we still put him on our list.  So why would anyone condemn Woods for being a user?”  Maybe Woods really is “non-suspended suspended” and Vijay is going to force Finchem to make that public.

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3 Responses to Golf Digest Whines That Woods is Only ESPN’s No. 3 Athlete of Past 20 Years

  1. Kris says:

    It seems like the rankings are based on how many stories ESPN wrote about them, not their achievements in their respective sports. Including PED users is ridiculous. That list is a joke, but so is ESPN, so I’m not surprised. They employ one reporter I respect and he doesn’t cover golf. It doesn’t surprise me that Golf Digest thinks Tiger should be number 1. Golf Digest is a bigger joke than ESPN and employs no one I respect.

  2. Sports-realist says:

    Knowing how LAME ESPN has become, I’m surprised Michael Sam didn’t make their list……….

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