Dinah Shore, Houston Open, TIGER DECISION WATCH Semi Live Blog: Thursday, Rounds One

1:35 pm Update

This 3-minute video about Rory McIlroy from Bose is better (and lengthier) than anything Golf Channel will give us.

1:15 pm Update

In Texas, Vic is -5, Jordan is -4, and Reed is -3.  Leader at -6.  In California, Lydia Ko has fallen back to E.  Charlie Hull is at -1.  NYC sits at -2.  Leader is at -3.  No tweets from Tiger Woods yet today; we’ll keep you posted.

Noon Update

Decent article on and short video interview with Rory from the BBC.  Here’s Rory talking about his 2011 Augusta meltdown:

“If I had not had the whole unravelling, if I had just made a couple of bogeys coming down the stretch and lost by one, I would not have learned as much,” added McIlroy in an interview with BBC Sport.

Lydia Ko quick out of the blocks in California, leads at -2 after three holes.  In Houston, Spieth, Chesson, and Vic all sit at -2 and T-11.  Leader is at -6.

Thought:  How come the golf media covers Lydia Ko without comments like, “It’s still a good tournament, but without Annika and Lorena, it just doesn’t have the same buzz.”  Or, “Let’s not get carried away.  If Ko wins this week, she’ll still need nine more to get to Annika’s total.”  And, “Speaking of Annika, let’s now show 15 minutes of Sorenstam pumping her fist after making putts.”

10:00 am Update

Mark O’Meara thinks Woods will play in the Masters.  That’s interesting, but I won’t rest easy until the U.S. Census Bureau does a survey and lets us know what everyone in the nation thinks.

Spieth still at -1.  Reed has joined him.  Twenty minutes until the ladies tee off in California.  Leaders at -3.

9:30 am

Lydia Ko tees off 1-1/2 hours from now, 40 minutes after the first group of the day.  The Houston Open is underway, and Jordan Spieth is -1 after two holes.  No word from Tiger yet.

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3 Responses to Dinah Shore, Houston Open, TIGER DECISION WATCH Semi Live Blog: Thursday, Rounds One

  1. Sports-realist says:

    Hope Rory wins, then the golfchannel will talk about Rory for 5 minutes and they’ll say, “yep 3 wins in a row is really nice..”, then “now to Tiger and his every shot, even though he finished 47th place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” mantra….

    • lannyh says:

      You know it. Their next story will be, “Can Tiger get his game together and go stop Rory from equaling his mark? All eyes are on Tiger.”

  2. BigTimeTimmyJim says:

    Oh Snap! We have a Dubie sighting!

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