Monday Thoughts

Hillary Clinton:  Lanny H Golf endorses Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.  The entire golf world should embrace Hillary because if elected she will become our first woman president, thereby ensuring higher television ratings for her inauguration speech.  As all golf fans know, politics will die without high television ratings, and Hillary will move that needle!

Tiger 100:  Lanny H Golf called it.  (Not that it was difficult.)  Do a Google news search (filtering to get just the past 24 hours) on “Tiger Woods 100” and look at the total articles found.  And the American golf media hasn’t even awakened and sharpened their pencils yet.  Don’t forget you can win a year’s free subscription to Lanny H Golf if you point out the stupidest Tiger 100 report from the media.

Lan Sanity:  This is not golf-related, but I wanted to mention the best piece of sports journalism I’ve seen lately.  Pablo S. Torre, of ESPN the Magazine, wrote a piece on Jeremy Lin entitled “Isolation Play.”  I am not much of a basketball fan — I have literally not seen a single minute of March Madness — but still found the article fascinating.  While the article is not golf-related, the parts about the perception of Asian athletes definitely apply to golf.  Recall the golf media bashing of Kevin Na when you read this quote from Jeremy Lin:

And Asians are very easy to make fun of. We’re the model minority. So everyone can joke about Asians: They’re nice people, respectful people; they won’t do anything.

The Dinah Shore:  To me, this is the top women’s event, period.  It defines women’s golf, and it’s a shame they have chosen to disassociate Dinah Shore’s name from the tournament.  She was no less important to the LPGA than Vince Lombardi was to the NFL, and the NFL championship trophy is still called the Lombardi Trophy.

Tiger Golf Channel: I have Morning Drive on as I write, and Geoff Shackelford is in the middle of his seventh straight minute talking about Tiger Woods.  Nothing else has even been mentioned.  Incredible.  However, in all that time spent discussing whether Woods will play Augusta, not one single word was uttered about whether Woods could be serving a non-suspension suspension.

The Masters Needs Tiger Woods:  Did you see this article at  They provide nine reasons why the Masters needs Tiger Woods.  They are all asinine, but this one particularly so:


In the run-up to last year’s No-Tiger Masters, Forbes reported that Thursday grounds passes were selling on the secondary market for an average of $800 versus $2,494 in 2013. That was a 67.9 percent drop-off year on year. At press, TicketCity was asking $988 for Thursday tickets to this year’s tournament. Look for that number to tumble if Tiger pulls out again.

First off, ticket prices ROSE this year.  A 4-day pass went from $250 to $325, a 30 percent increase.  Second, why would anyone even want ticket prices to rise?  Should also hope for higher gasoline and food prices?

All of the reasons given are stupid.  (And three of them — #1, #5, and #6 — are rewordings of a single point.)

The Lies That Keep Giving:  I have used this Churchill quote before: “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”  This comes from the Pattaya Mail, Pattaya being in Thailand, halfway around the world:

As at the end of the 2013/14 season, Woods had won 26 percent of his starts on the tour as a pro. By comparison Jack Nicklaus won 13 percent of his starts.

Of course, Nicklaus’s percentage includes all his post-40, post-50, and post-60 starts, many of them ceremonial.  My readers know that, but less-informed people are left thinking Woods won at twice the rate of Nicklaus.  The article also makes the “point” — steals the “point”? — made by Kyle Porter and CBS about the gap Woods had (back in the day) over second place in the OWGR and the gap Rory has now.  Neither of the two points out the methodology used to calculate OWGR point averages underwent a massive change in the interim, making the comparison apples to oranges, and that using the current system under which Rory’s gap is computed, Woods gap would be cut nearly in half.

By the way, I made a comment pointing that out at CBS, and they deleted it.  Go figure; a comment stating an obvious truth undermining their Woods propaganda gets deleted; what a shock.  At least my followup providing the estimate of the actual numbers was allowed to stand.

I plan to write a piece this afternoon about the “Tiger made golfers rich” myth.  So you have that to look forward to!

From Mr. Elling:


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19 Responses to Monday Thoughts

  1. Sports-realist says:

    The more the so called ‘golf channel’ keeps talking about lower prices and ratings ect. without Eldrick, it makes you wonder, do they realize they are potentially hurting their own network and sport? This would be like a Mcdonald’s commercial telling everyone that their hamburgers just aren’t as good as they were before….From a corporate ‘logic’ point of view, it’s idiotic to cut on your own product…”Hey buy the new 2015 Toyota, it’s not as good as last year’s model and we’ll tell you why over and over, but come on down!!!:……..smh

    • lannyh says:

      “This would be like a Mcdonald’s commercial telling everyone that their hamburgers just aren’t as good as they were before”

      ”Hey buy the new 2015 Toyota, it’s not as good as last year’s model and we’ll tell you why over and over, but come on down!!!”

      Well put!! Excellent!

  2. JoseyWales says:

    ” Geoff Shackelford is in the middle of his seventh straight minute talking about Tiger Woods. Nothing else has even been mentioned. ”
    Try posting that on his site…he will delete it. Shack can’t handle criticism, especially now that he is a “mainstream media phony”.

    • lannyh says:

      Haha, well, that’s why this website exists. I got tired of my well-thought-out and well-delivered comments being deleted.

      There’s a big demand for unfiltered golf news. The numbers for this lousy website prove that! I just looked at the stats, and we’ve already gotten 60 percent of the traffic we got for the entirety of 2014. And not one major has been played yet.

      You’ve probably heard the two happiest days of a boat owners life? The day he buys his boat, and the day he sells it. I think that applies to this website, too. I was happy when I started it, so I had an unfiltered outlet for legitimate but unpopular (in corporate golf ciricles) commentary. My next happy moment will be when the mainstream golf media fills the void I’m currently filling.

      I’m mulling over a piece about how Woods may play the Masters as a way to make it look like he’s not (unofficially) suspended. A suspended player could play it because it’s not an official PGA Tour event, so their rules don’t apply. He could play, and if he doesn’t contend, pull an ouch-my-back and use that to cover the rest of his non-suspension suspension period.

  3. JoseyWales says:

    If he Woods not show up at Augusta there is a strong case to be made that there is some type of a suspension going on.

    • lannyh says:

      Show up or not, there is, if you ask me. He’s not suspended from playing non-PGA Tour events, and this is a non-PGA Tour event. It’s run by the boys at Augusta National.

      • Sports-realist says:

        Just think if that theory is true…Finchem has Woods on puppet strings to try and save his reputation from being labeled a ‘steroid or ped’ user…..The potential conversations of ‘ok Eldrick, we won’t tell the public about the steroid results, but you can only play a round here and there, and must back out without finishing, since you are suspended'(perhaps his agent came up with that type of solution)……That would suddenly make the PGA tour one of the dirtiest pro sports around, as you’d have exceptions to the rules, and favortism, and cover ups, and to a greater extent, a rigged scenario to potentially still draw more crowds and ratings….huh….Say it ain’t so Joe……

  4. Kris says:

    It’s one thing to lie about dental work, but it’s another to feign failure at your life’s work to cover a suspension. The Dustin Johnson suspension was out of the blue, lasted exactly 6 months and ended with him taking a week or two to get back in the swing of things before winning. Tiger Woods has been rapidly declining since late 2013. He’s had a few good rounds, but hasn’t contended since the 2013 Barclays. His most recent appearance had him chipping with irons out of desperation and ended with him saying his body couldn’t handle a weather delay. Tiger said golf is slipping down his list of priorities. He’s started building a restaurant, designing golf courses and starting scholarships. That sounds like he’s laying the groundwork for his post-golf life, not serving a well-planned secret suspension. I’m usually all for tinfoil hats and black helicopters when it comes to Tiger, but not this time.

    • Sports-realist says:

      Well it’s ‘chicken before the egg’ mentality though….When you lose your game, it’s easy to say you are ‘focusing on other priorities’….As far as ‘other projects’, Arnold and Jack have him trumped by miles, when it came to building courses doing other money making ventures outside of the PGA….But both Arnold and Jack were also very competitive into their LATE 40’s and early 50’s on the PGA tour…Arnold Palmer for instance, had 49 top ten finishes on the PGA tour AFTER he turned 40 years old, plus won his last PGA tour event at 43 years old……We know Jack won a few majors, including the infamous 1986 Masters win at 46……..I don’t trust Woods, I don’t trust a word he says…Just like his private life, his public persona, in time, will show to be a total cheating fraud, with the steroids/ped’s ect……..I think without the steroids, he’s a shell of a player, and still at a relatively young age, doesn’t make any sense to his rapidly diminishing skills, unless there was ped’s…..The SUDDEN interest in his family and all that is a smokescreen by his agent ect…The act has become rather obviously rigged in these past few years…

    • lannyh says:

      I understand. I’m just saying Finchem has never commented on the Terez Owens Biogenesis list report. And it seems like Woods has really gone down hill since that report, and especially the publication of Blood Sport, which showed 14 documented visits from Galea (and 49 from Lindsay). It’s odd. And we know of the coverups in other sports.

      Sure, it’s possible the surgery wrecked Woods. That was always a risk. And I’m not really putting a high likelihood that Woods is faking short game problems. But I’m not ruling it out either. I see a lot of the deception and distortion — and document it right here — that goes on to protect the Tiger Woods brand.

      All that said, I certainly don’t discount your analysis on this matter.

      Although… the scholarship start was 10,000 dollars, which is like me giving a penny, and the golf course design dates back many years. Recall the ghost town of a course in the UAE. And did Woods just now discover he had kids? He didn’t notice them in 2013 when he was Player of the Year?

      • Kris says:

        I like your theory about Finchem seeing the Biogenesis list and confronting Tiger. Maybe Finchem agreed to let Tiger serve a suspension on his own terms and he chose to take it now because he was struggling. He didn’t want to fake injury because he wanted to keep practicing at Medalist without being found out. He keeps up the “will he or won’t he play” game to stay in the limelight and quell suspension rumors, because why would he say he might play if he’s suspended? That’s possible.

        I know Tiger’s had side projects before, but they seem to have ramped up recently. The only other time he seemed so interested in off-course stuff was just prior to the scandal when he was having injury problems. I remember an interview where he was onsite at a now-defunct course design project and talked about wanting to be a course designer and family man like Nicklaus. I don’t think I’m not making that up, but tell me if I am. Tiger seems to be in a more extreme version of that mindset now, which makes me think he’s preparing for retirement. But you’re right, I’m assuming he’s thinking and behaving like a normal person, which we know isn’t likely.

      • lannyh says:

        That sounds right. It could have been the place called High Carolina. Woods is no longer associated with it, I understand, but he still has a data page about it on his website. It was a failed golf course community Woods had the misfortune of becoming involved with right before his reputation and the economy fell apart.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Lanny as always – you’re failure to see your own hypocrisy is stunning. I do enjoy following your site – however, if I’m not mistaken you claimed yesterday that all major Golf news media would be only interested in the “Woods 100” and nothing about the impending Masters or the most recent PGA winner. Have you stopped to read your pieces at all over the last 24 hours? I think you’ve mentioned it (Woods 100) at least a half dozen times in different ways. Please spare me the excuse that you take the other side to this. What you’re doing is exactly what every other Golf media/news site takes part it – discuss the most compelling golfer that “moves the needle”. Here’s my prediction – you will stop speaking/writing/blogging about Woods the minute all other sites do the same. And you know why/when other sites will stop talking about the “Big Cat” (I know you hate that nickname- so do I actually) when the majority of the golf audience doesn’t care about him anymore. My guess is that Greg Norman generated the same type of news traffic in his time and probably experienced some residual interest even as he declined (and that was pre- social media). And although I’m certain you’ll disagree, Greg was nowhere the talent or polarizing figure that Woods is.

    • lannyh says:

      It’s well-known I think Greg Norman was one of the all-time great golfers. He didn’t even take up the sport until he was sixteen years old. Woods had been taken lessons a decade by age sixteen.

      I think you addressed your own complaint. I write about the poor golf media coverage we get. It’s not hard to predict what their next “story” will be. And, no, Greg Norman nor Jack Nicklaus nor Young Tom Morris got the bizarre coverage accorded to Woods. The people who said Woods would win thirty when he was winning majors at Rory’s pace are now saying Rory will be lucky to win nine.

      If you can’t see the reality show coverage golf has become, you’re not paying attention. I often point out that Tim Duncan has had a far better career than Lebron James, but the media obsessed over Lebron. I think I am the sole source of unfiltered golf reporting on the entire Internet and you beef about it?

      I never once heard comments of the type, “There’s no buzz without Jack,” or, “You better pull for Jack or the TV ratings won’t be good.” WTH? Whoever heard of sports fans giving a rat’s about television ratings? You think if KC is playing the Yankees for a berth in the World Series, the announcers are saying, “All baseball fans want to see the Yankees in the World Series again.” That’s laughable.

      And then there’s the outright lying: Woods won at 26 percent rate, Nicklaus at 13.” Knowing damn well that is counting Nicklaus playing in his 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s. No one was out lying about Jack or Greg or Faldo or Watson or Palmer or Miller. With Woods, the entire golf media lies about nearly everything.

  6. Anonymous says:

    You didn’t address his point Lanny – you are as guilty (maybe more) of talking about Woods not in the top 100 in the WGR. Who cares?? I enjoy the talk about steroids, Blood Sport – but I kind of agree with the poster above – you predict the golf websites are going to only talk about the WGR and Tiger’s failure to be in the top 100 – and then you do that very same thing?? Once again – who cares where he’s at? He’s not relevant at the moment in competition.

    • BigTimeTimmyJim says:

      Your last sentence is the point. He’s not relevant, yet he get’s 99% of the media coverage; which is what Lanny is complaining about. So by association, he is talking (indirectly) about Tiger.

    • lannyh says:

      How would YOU have made the point that the mainstream golf media would obsess over Woods falling out of the top 100 without stating that fact?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Quick scan – you profile it in 3 of your titled pieces in the past 2 days and countless times in your responses to other posts. You can’t have it both ways….. You love Tiger as a topic as much as mainstream media. You love to take him down – but nevertheless, you rely on him for material. Once he is no longer is relevant – you too will stop writing about him.

    • lannyh says:

      You’re right. When golf comes on television, I only watch when Tiger is playing. I hate seeing other players on the screen. I want to see Tiger Woods’s shots in slo-motion replay. I live to see his facial reactions, and to hear the commentators tell us what each shot means to his mood, his chances, his legacy, to fans, to the game of golf.

      My complaints about the golf media are intended to get them to discuss Woods even more. I’m trying to trick them into giving us more Tiger coverage, just like Tom Sawyer tricked his friends into painting the fence.

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