San Antonio Open and Kia Carlsbad Classic Semi Live Blog: Sunday Final Rounds (running post)

9:00 pm Final Wrap

Congrats to Christie Kerr on a solid win at Carlsbad.  The big tourney this next week is definitely on the LPGA: the Dinah Shore, one of the biggest events of the year on any tour.

Oh, man, I’m swallowing hard watching Christie’s emotional post-win interview.

8:20 pm Update

Drama at the Kia Carlsbad Classic.  Kerr was threatening to run away with it, but there is a pursuer now, Miram Lee, though Lee is in some trouble on No. 17.

6:00 pm Update

Congrats to Jimmy Walker!  Not the drama with Spieth I was hoping for, but glad to see those two finish 1-2, even if I might have preferred the other order.

Now, it’s on to Carlsbad, CA, where Lydia Ko has a share of the lead!

3:50 pm Update

Walker’s win will take one of the Golf Channel’s talking points away from them.  Walker will be “closing out a third round lead,” like that is some great determinant of golf greatness.  For a few weeks, they have been pounding on Woods as “a closer” as well as his “142 straight made cuts.”  Pretty sad to go from “catching Jack” to “he missed even fewer cuts than Kuch.”

The ladies have all teed off.  Ms. Ko parred her first.  I’d rather watch the women than the Seniors Tour, but we’ll have to wait another two hours.

1:45 pm Update

Spieth is hitting a lot of wild shots off the tee this week.  Not a good sign, but you can often get away with those at Augusta.  He’s five back now.  Starting to look like a runaway.  I might be monitoring the ladies more this afternoon.

12:55 pm Update

One hole, one stroke made up.  Spieth now three back of Walker.  Now playing the par-5 second hole.  Horschel bogeyed No. 1, so the gap between Spieth and 3rd place is also three shots.

12:20 pm Update

Grillo played like crap in the European Tour event.  Very disappointing.  Jordan Spieth and Jimmy Walker tee off in 15 minutes.  Even if Walker runs away with it, I’m hoping Spieth can put together a solid round and do no worse than second.  Based on the first groups out, it looks like the course is set up to play more difficult today.  Or maybe the wind is up again.

8:35 am Update

I left the room after the prior update.  I return fifteen minutes later and the words I hear as I enter are the room are from Damon Hack: “…Tiger Woods…”  What the hell is their problem.  This isn’t healthy.  They need to fire Damon Hack, Gary Williams, and Charlie Rymer, and let Cara Robinson give us intelligent golf discussion.  She knows way more about golf than the rest of the Golf Channel staff.  She knows the sport inside and out, and she knows that the sport extends beyond the men’s tour in the U.S.  When she mentions Tommy Fleetwood on the European Tour, you know she knows all about him.

8:20 am Update: Golf Channel — Tiger, Tiger, Tiger

I turned on Morning Drive for to hear about the San Antonio Open only to encounter a full-fledged Tiger Woods circle jerk.  Damon Hack is mentioning Woods in every sentence, sometimes two or three times a sentence.  Golf Channel must have completely given up on Woods catching Nicklaus because they no longer talk about majors.  No, it’s all about consecutive made cuts now.  Woods has 142 of those, don’t you know.  What they don’t tell you is how many of those events didn’t have cuts.  I don’t have the exact number but it’s not far from 42 of them.

6:30 am

Too bad Jordan Spieth couldn’t come in at even par, or we’d really have something to look forward to.  He went out in -3, but struggled in with a +2.  He sits four back of Jimmy Walker, which unless something happens early might turn into a snoozefest.  I personally hope the winner is either Walker or Spieth.  By the way, why threesomes on the weekend?  Seems like we’re seeing more and more of that when there is no real reason.

In the LPGA event, Lydia Ko, who dropped shots on two of her last three holes, also sits four back of the leader.  She’s one shot out of third, so if the top two falter, who knows.

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16 Responses to San Antonio Open and Kia Carlsbad Classic Semi Live Blog: Sunday Final Rounds (running post)

  1. Sports-realist says:

    24 hours sports shows are mostly a mistake…..ofcourse anything with Charlie Rymer is a mistake..

    • lannyh says:

      I agree. I would add, though, that the Golf Channel personnel seem particularly unsuited for the task. They don’t seem to be able to come up with any discussion about topics other than Tiger Woods. I just read an article somewhere about Keegan Bradley taking the St. John’s University logo off of his bag because the golf coach was fired. I found that kind of interesting. Why can’t the GC personnel take that incident and make an interesting discussion out of it? There are a lot of angles you could go with it. And not have it been a 30-seconds-and-done discussion like they do with their Front Nine and Back Nine segments. Maybe the discussion goes nowhere, but maybe it expands into a lengthy discussion about the free advertising St. John’s was getting. I don’t know. My point is that the morning zoo radio DJ’s in every city across the nation do this stuff for hours every weekday. Why can’t GC do the same, and be more edgy? How many times do I need to hear Hack and Williams, heads bobbing like bobblehead dolls, tell me, “That Tiger Woods, wow, he sure knew how to close a tournament.”
      I grow more and more convinced Woods is serving a non-suspension suspension. There is just too much inexplicable stuff going on. I’m convinced there is not only a suspension, but the mainstream golf media KNOWS there is. Come on. When DJ was out, they all rolled their eyes and mocked his “self-imposed” absence. With Woods, it’s like there was an 11th Commandment handed to Moses: Thou shalt not suggest Woods is suspended.

      • Sports-realist says:

        if he misses the Masters, then your theory has alot more weight to it…Granted Finchem would then be getting more respect back, but I’m still thinking he’s able to play there if he wants……Also, the fedex cup is still $10 mill, which isn’t pocket change, so by not playing in more events, he risks missing that as well…..

      • lannyh says:

        Well, the Masters isn’t a PGA Tour event, though, so a ban wouldn’t apply, as I understand it. In fact, he could play, get “injured” again, and ride that for a few more months of suspension.

  2. Anonymous says:

    During that streak of cuts for Tiger there may have been 40 some odd non cut events but it’s not like he was bringing up the rear in those events. He won something like 20+ of them.

    • lannyh says:

      So should we include practice rounds in the total? I mean, come on, they were no-cut events and they add them to the total of consecutive made cuts.

      • Anonymous says:

        If there is no cut to miss then he didn’t miss the cut.

      • lannyh says:

        Yeah, and it’s just as impressive as saying, “He’s NEVER missed an 18-hole cut! NEVER!!!”

      • BigTimeTimmyJim says:

        Actually, there is a cut. It just comes before the tournament starts.

      • Sports-realist says:

        It would be like counting the ‘skins game’ of the 70’s and 80’s, and saying, they never missed a cut there either….It’s like saying Barry Bonds never missed a home run WHEN it went over the fence…I never missed a foul shot when it went in the hoop…ect, ect……skewed stats for sure..

  3. Sports-realist says:

    As this tournament may be a blowout, I’m reminded of how we were told how exciting the events were when SOMEONE else ran away with a tournament winning by a bunch….Ofcourse the fair-weather fan will call this boring, when it’s not their guy….

    • lannyh says:

      Well, I call it boring, but I never called a Woods runaway exciting. I think — not sure — that if Walker wins, he becomes the winningest golfer since whenever… Meaning they can’t drag out stats using Woods’s 2013. I think.

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