Arnold Palmer Invitational Semi Live Blog: Sunday, Round Four

6:15 Update: Final Wrap

Well, by the end of the tourney, I was for Stenson, so I was left a little bit disappointed.  I’ve pulled for Matt Every ever since Kelly Tilghman’s 4:20 Ambush, but he won last year, so he was low on my list this year.  The Valspar definitely was the star of the Florida swing, which goes to show that, with golf, it’s the way an event plays out that makes it great, not the hype beforehand.

Two weeks in Texas, then it’s time to head to August.  Jordan Spieth will be playing this week in San Antonio, looking to maintain the momentum from his Valspar win his last time out.

5:25 pm Update

EuroTourasher Kiradech Aphibarnrat laid a whuppin’ on Brandt Snedeker, providing further evidence that some Yank golf fans have been giving European Tour players too little credit.  I hope this shuts them up, but I doubt it will.

Rory likely to get another Top 11 finish heading into the Masters.  I can’t wait for the Masters.  This year more than most, it will signal the start of the golf season in that May features a big tournament for me this year.  I’m not a Players fans, so the addition of the WGC Match Play will ensure a big event a month from April until the PGA Championship in August.  I prefer the Match Play in February, but they moved it, so May it is!

2:15 pm Update

Golf Channel coverage has been pretty decent, although it’s funny how much they are showing Rory today now that he is out of the running compared to how little NBC showed him yesterday when he was in the thick of things.  It will be very interesting to see if coverage falls apart today when they switch to NBC in fifteen minutes.

1:30 pm Update

Tell me I didn’t just hear what I thought I did.  Did Rich Lerner just say, “Parity is the new Tiger?”

12:00 Noon

Not sure how much I’ll be following golf today after yesterday’s horrendous coverage by NBC.  When you turn on sports for entertainment and relaxation and NBC gives you something produced by a meth fiend with ADD, you wind up neither entertained nor relaxed.

I’m not disappointed Rory didn’t win one of the three Florida events, but I am disappointed he didn’t truly contend in any of them.  The first one was a weather situation.  The second one was Trump’s goofy golf course.  This third one has bad greens; however, I don’t think that was Rory’s problem this week.  He seemed to putt okay, with the exception perhaps of Thursday.  I guess I could write off the entire Florida swing except… Augusta is a little goofy-golfish due to the greens.  Oh, well.  I still think Bubba has to be the favorite, and Spieth is playing great and, based on last year, knows how to navigate his way around Augusta.

None of the players at the top of the leaderboard today are big rooting favorites of mine.  I like Stenson, and he would make a good winner, but he’s not a huge rooting favorite or anything.  I’d like to see Aphibarnrat  win — to beat Snedeker for one reason and represent the Euro Tour bigtime — but he’s nearly as far back as Rory.

To summarize: unless Aphibarnrat beats the tar out of Sneds today, I may have to watch March Madness.  (Which would be pretty bad because I don’t think I’ve watched more than 30 minutes total since Ball State, or some Cinderella like them, was in the finals.)

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3 Responses to Arnold Palmer Invitational Semi Live Blog: Sunday, Round Four

  1. BigTimeTimmyJim says:

    You’re turned off by the Tiger Woods all the time coverage. Everyone else is turned off by the no names playing well. As a result, golf is going back to the dark ages.

    • Anonymous says:

      Since when is Henrik Stenson a no name? As a member of “everyone else”, I’d like to say that I enjoy good golf, no matter who is playing it. I enjoy learning about new and unsung players. Everyone is a no name until they do something notable to make the media talk about them. A stranger (Hoffmann) is just a friend (Tiger) you haven’t met.

      Tiger Woods brought in “sports fans” i.e. the idiots that scream “Get in the hole!”. Golf doesn’t need Tiger fans that aren’t golf fans. Bring back the dark ages if it gets rid of those people.

  2. JoseyWales says:

    “the dark ages”…you mean the Age of Respect?

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