Steve Elling in New Venture: !!!


Steve Elling, the gutsiest golf writer on the planet, has just started a new golf website.  I just found out about it; I’ll write more as I learn more.

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4 Responses to Steve Elling in New Venture: !!!

  1. BigTimeTimmyJim says:

    Awesome writer. Pull up website and it has something about Rory’s second round 67 today.

    • lannyh says:

      It’s brand new. Give him time. He’s the guy who broke the Greenbrier pay-for-play story.

      • BigTimeTimmyJim says:

        Don’t know the guy, just the name. Can’t help but feel like this was the guy “everyone” wanted to run out of town…..before he left.

      • lannyh says:

        1. Most people complain about every golf writer/talking head; I’m sure Mr. Elling was no exception.
        2. I’ve written positively about Elling probably 20 times and mentioned him another 30 times. It’s all on this website for the interested. And I have two links on the righto — to his (former?) employer, and to his Twitter account. He’s one of only two people I follow on Twitter, Dan Jenkins being the other.

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