Review: No Laying Up Podcast (Chris Solomon, Kyle Porter of CBS)

I was scrolling through Kyle Porter’s “The Links” today and finding very little of interest when I spotted a link to “…there’s no preview like a NLU preview…”  For some unknown reason I clicked and thereby encountered an hour of amusing and interesting golf talk.  More informative and entertaining than a month of Morning Drive (admittedly, a pretty low bar).

The one-hour podcast was a combination of Pond Scrum and a Harry Carey rain delay.  That is meant as high praise.  Give it a listen and judge for yourself.

I will mention just a couple of specifics.  There are a few minutes of  EuroTourash bashing.  I don’t completely disagree with the point; I disagree only about 95 percent.  I’ve become something of an apologist for the European Tour because I think (a) the criticism is overblown, and (b) there is much greater OWGR injustice in events like the, ahem, Masters and the Tiger Woods World Challenge To Find A Sponsor points giveaway each December.  Oh, and the WGC events themselves.  (The biggest OWGR problem to me is that “stars” are given too much weight and field size not near enough.)

Chris Solomon thought it a travesty that Henrik Stenson got fewer points for finishing 4th at Valspar than Lahiri got for winning a weakish Euro event.  Okay, how about the guy who finished 7th in the 135-man tourney Lahiri won getting fewer points than Tiger Woods and Hunter Mahan did for finishing dual dead-last in the above-mentioned December World Challenge, an 18-man points giveaway not sanctioned on any Tour.

On the bright side, all this EuroTourash bashing is really going to make the WGC Match Play fun come April 29.

The other thing I wanted to mention is that, after listening to the podcast, I am convinced Porter’s Tiger infatuation is real and deep-rooted.  That said, I am equally convinced he is on a short leash at CBS and can’t write about anything the least bit controversial.

Anyway, check out the podcast.  The golf world is in dire need of more such irreverent commentary.

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