Tampa Bay Classic Semi-Live Blog

Final Update

S P I E T H !!!

7:30 Update

Was Justin Thomas referring to the fact the Jordan’s putting was motoring pretty good when it went in the hole to win?


S P I E T H !!!

6:00 pm Update


When Jordan hit that putt on No. 18, I threw my hands up and said, “You gotta hit it!”  I thought he left it three feet short.  He knew what he was doing!

If Reed prevails, it should put him one win from Top Five.

5:10 pm Update

I’ll complain about the coverage later — and I have complaints — but this is edge-of-your-seat stuff.

4:15 pm Update

This is getting intense.

2:47 pm Update

Odds at BetFair show Spieth with 63 percent expectation of winning, prior to his birdie putt at No. 4.  He misses.

2:20 pm Update

Spieth birdies No. 1 and hits it stiff on No. 2.  If he makes this birdie, he should be set to play a relaxed round today.  He and Moore are threatening to distance themselves from the field a little.

1:55 pm Update

Jordan Spieth is announced on the first tee and doesn’t even strike his drive before the announcers mention Tiger Woods.  I think I’ll try to keep an informal count of the number of Woods mentions today.

1:45 pm Update

Only one group remains, Mr. Spieth and Mr. Moore.  Here we go!

10:00 am Update

While waiting for the leaders teeing off later today, you can fill some of the time by reading a new piece by John Huggan, the Brit side of the still-missed Steve Elling vehicle, “Pond Scrum.”  The topic is Tim Finchem’s policies regarding player discipline and drug testing.  I found it interesting that Sports Illustrated’s Michael Bamberger asked Dustin Johnson if he had ever failed a drug test.  He asked this question after DJ won the WGC Trump Doral.  That question came a full five tournaments after Johnson’s return this year, and Bamberger felt no compunction about asking.  Contrast to the silence from the media regarding Tiger Woods, who has yet to field even one question about Blood Sport or Biogenesis.  Just saying.

Huggan also mentioned how DJ had mysteriously disappeared for 11 weeks in 2012 amid rumors of suspension.  That jumped out at me because recently Geoff Shackelford savaged Mark Olsen for, among other things:

“Besides the loopy description of his source (worth listening to just for the giggle), things crumbled fast when Olsen mentioned a one-month term. The interviewer should have asked if there was such thing in the PGA Tour’s drug policy guidelines (there is not).”

First, no one ruled out DJ being non-suspended suspended because he was out eleven weeks.  And, actually, I’m not sure what Shackelford was getting at with his mockery of a one-month term because the Tour manual says:

The applicable period of Ineligibility for a first anti-doping rule violation under the Program, other than for Drugs of Abuse, shall be up to one year Ineligibility except in cases involving Trafficking, administration, or Aggravating Circumstances, where the sanction may be up to permanent Ineligibility.

So why is the idea of a one-month ban so laughable?

Anyway, there are also a lot of funny mumbo-jumbo quotes from Finchem in the Huggan piece.  Good luck deciphering them.

8:15 am

Five minutes until the first tee time of the day.  Promises to be a great day of golf.  I’d probably put my preferred winners, of those in the hunt, in this order: Spieth, Reed, Moore.  Honorable mentions to Stenson, Ernst, Kuch, Vijay.  Vijay to tick off Tim Finchem.  But, with golf, most players have interesting stories that make us think, after the fact, “I’m glad he got the win.”  That said, Go Jordan!!!

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40 Responses to Tampa Bay Classic Semi-Live Blog

  1. JoseyWales says:

    Here’s Shackelford’s latest piece of poll “journalism” on his site:
    “Tiger Roundup And Poll: Will He Play The Masters?”
    Wow, what an original question!
    Shackelford is just as bad as the rest of them…he has sold out to the Tiger crowd big time. I am shocked his loyal “followers” don’t rise up and revolt against his hypocrisy. But if they do, you will never see it because he will be deleting their posts before they even appear. It amazes me he gets away with it. A very paranoid guy.

  2. Sports-realist says:

    Steve Sands is so fn terrible….EVERY time Vijay SIngh is shown he says ’52 years old’….Literally I’ve hear him say this about 10 times over the last two days…..Sands is just awful….Typical golf channel product…Terrible interviewer, disrespectful interviewer, and a hypocrite….

  3. JoseyWales says:

    Agree on Sands…gawd he is terrible…he just overstates the obvious…just talks without saying anything. Hey Steve, we can see the guy has a pink shirt, we have eyes, we have a TV screen…sheesh.

  4. JoseyWales says:

    That’s the big issue with guys like Sands…they can’t let the picture do the talking…they don’t know when to shut up…it’s very annoying to the viewer.

  5. BigTimeTimmyJim says:

    I don’t hear much of an opinion from anyone on Gary Koch. I personally think he is very good.

  6. BigTimeTimmyJim says:

    Could get interesting if Reed and/or Stenson can post -9.

  7. BigTimeTimmyJim says:

    Boom, Hole out by Moore. Meanwhile, Spieth is coming off bogey and is out of position again.

    • Sports-realist says:

      Spieth up two strokes did NOT do course management out of that bunker on that par 5…..He tried to kill it, instead of simply getting it out and playing for par…..Spieth needs to learn course management….

  8. BigTimeTimmyJim says:

    Interesting. Just noticed there aren’t any players averaging over 300 off the tee this week.

  9. Sports-realist says:

    Why does NBC do a sports report? are we still living in the 80’s?

  10. Sports-realist says:

    I hope Vijay birdies out, so I can hear how old he is about 10 more times…….So when Eldrick plays, will they say the divorced, adulterer, ped user with a par there johnny? Or here is the probable druggie, hippie Dustin Johnson with another birdie johnny…..smh

    • BigTimeTimmyJim says:

      How often is a 50+ year old in the mix? Not very often, so it’s kind of understandable they are making a deal out of it. They have been doing similar stuff with the 17 year old Lydia Ko and did similar things with Lexi Thompson too. Remember 16 year old Ty Tryon?

  11. Sports-realist says:

    boy, back to one stroke…still think this goes to a playoff..

  12. Sports-realist says:

    Just a few minutes ago, u could have gotten +370 for Spieth to win……

  13. Sports-realist says:

    wow…what a great tournament….reed makes it 4 at the top….impressive

  14. Sports-realist says:

    speith +140, reed +170, ohair +250……

  15. Sports-realist says:

    Not sure if they changed the format, but I thought the last time they had a playoff here, they kept repeating the 18th hole(took about 5 times to play the 18th)…Unless I’m thinking of another tournament, whose 18th hole looks very similar…

  16. Sports-realist says:

    Once again another Steve Sands interview……….I don’t have the words…

    • BigTimeTimmyJim says:

      I immediately changed the channel so as not to have to deal with it.

    • JoseyWales says:

      Sands is a perfect example of the Peter Principle…the Golf Channel is a haven for his type…zero talent, unemployable anywhere else. You will never see Sands, along with Tilghman, move up in the TV biz because they are really, really bad and no one else wants them. By the way…nice putt Jordan!

      • Sports-realist says:

        lol.well said…Sands must know somebody, who knows somebody type of thing at NBC…Kinda like the CBS Kyle Porter dude….Probably has an Uncle who knows a chick, who once met a guy…..

  17. Ken says:

    What is with the Golf Channel’s obsession with emotion and fist pumps? They seem to value that over the actual skill.

  18. Sports-realist says:

    Just a thought too, I think I broke the ‘CODE’ of how the networks will make you there #1……Reed and Spieth aren’t VULCANS…They show EMOTIONS…..Listening to the golf channel-post chat, they were FASCINATED about the EMOTION that these players showed….When you think about Eldrick ect, part of what he did, that many others didn’t when he started, was too CELEBRATE when he made a putt ect…….So if I’m an agent to a pro golfer, I’m telling my pro golfer to PRACTICE showing EMOTION with EVERY part of his golf game……This will get you bigger endorsements and MORE attention…If you can also win a few times, the networks will absolutely LOVE you……Now if you think about Sergio and Poulter, they show emotions, but don’t win tour events very much(ofcourse we know about the Ryder Cup)…But its OBVIOUS that their definition of EXCITING PLAYER is one that shows alot of EMOTIONS on the golf course……Remember that one golfer(Chi Chi Rodriquez?) who used to use his golf club like he was a ZORO….That got ALOT of play…

    • lannyh says:

      Good analysis, especially the part about the agents. But to me, emotion is Ben Crenshaw on the 18th green at Augusta. Or Brandt Snedeker in post-round interviews after his recent win. Overdoing reactions — and I don’t think any of the guys today did that — are just a way of being rude to other players.

    • JoseyWales says:

      Sands and his Golf Channel pinheads think exciting golf means fist pumps, screaming, yelling and cherry bombs going off. Tiger Woods has brainwashed them all beyond hope.

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