CBS Fake Name Attack?

[Someone tells me it is a Facebook poll.  That must somehow lead to a spam attack.  So, nevermind, I guess.  I still think someone’s manipulating the comments for some reason.]

Look at the comments to this CBS article (about Woods’s not playing next week) and tell if something funny isn’t going on?

I often post on other sports articles at the CBS website, and the names are generally like “PackerFan-111” or “UTfan4Life” or “BamaInWVa” or whatever, which are the same type names we see on the golf board.  But these today are mostly two names or three names, like “Joe Wilson” or “Kerry Ann Simmons.”  Some of the three-namers are a mixture of disparate names like one was something like Cindy Singh Morrissey.  An American name, an Indian name, and the singer for the Smiths.  The sheer number and lack of variation sticks out like a sore thumb.  Oh, and they all used proper capitalization, which is also quite unusual.

And the comments those “people” are leaving are of the “Get well, Tiger” and “I can’t wait to see you play again” sort.  [Actually, some are not complimentary, but the vast majority are.  Is CBS trying to up the number of comments left to the “Tiger article”?]  So, is CBS trying to create a false perception about people’s views on Woods?  Is it the work of some Woods fan with way too much time on his hand?  Is it Steinberg and the Woods PR machine?  The comments come in batches, too, like someone is spitting them out one after another.  Something is weird because those simply aren’t the name formats that dominate the CBS comments sections.  I wasn’t looking for anything; it just jumped out at me.

I smell a rat.

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