Thursday Thoughts

The “We” Golf Media: A link at CBS took me to this:

Everyone assumes he’ll figure it out eventually, and say stuff like “Oh he has to, he’s Tiger Woods. He’ll be great again. It’s not going to end like this.”

But that represents what we WANT to happen.

There’s that big, happy family “we” again.  Can you imagine an NFL national reporter who chose a team to cheer for?  “What we WANT to happen is for Dallas to win the Super Bowl.”  Can you imagine all of them saying that constantly without letting up?  How about, “Seattle is a good team, but this Super Bowl lacks the buzz that comes with the Dallas Cowboys.”  Can you imagine sports reporter in Los Angeles or Kansas City, or Des Moines or Tupelo, saying, “What we WANT is for the Yankees to win the World Series again.”  But the golf media writes that way, as if Tiger Woods were the American Olympics team, and you are obligated to cheer for him.

They could get away with that prior to the sex and PED scandals of 2009 because Woods had such high popularity ratings.  But he’s fallen from 90+ percent popularity to around 20 percent.  Saying “we” now just sounds asinine.  If our Olympics gymnastics team turned out to be not the sparking, precocious teenagers we were told they were, but rather they were 30-year-old crack whores selling state secrets to the Russians, would we still be obligated to cheer for them?  At what point is it okay to say, “I don’t like Tiger Woods any more.”

Ryan Ballengee’s 19th Hole Golf Show: I listened to this week’s show (out yesterday) and thought how Ballengee says more in 30 minutes than Golf Channel does in a month. Thirty minutes of uninterrupted golf talk, with a willingness to address issues directly. Rather than mindlessly turning on Morning Drive while you get ready for work, try Ballengee’s podcast as an alternative.

Enough Already!  I can’t be the only person who has had his fill of videos of trick shots and animals on a golf course.  I stopped clicking on them long ago.  For one thing, they are stupid and boring.  For another, you can’t escape them even if you try.  I saw one the other day, an alligator on a golf course.  Gee, that’s never happened before.  I didn’t even think of clicking on it.  It showed up on every golf blog I saw.  I skipped it everywhere.  No matter.  Golf Channel has shown it multiple times.

Is this the state of golf journalism?  Golf reporters have become the parents of four-year-old children bordering on a crying fit on a long car trip.  “Look at that silly horse in that field!”  “Look, there’s a funny picture of a clown on that billboard!” “Look at that big red truck!”

Here’s an idea for golf bloggers:  If you weren’t first to post a “funny” or “cool” video, don’t repeat it.

Tall English Chick: Cara Robinson, the new co-host on Morning Drive looks to be an excellent hire.  She’s seems very knowledgeable and doesn’t have the Yay America bias against world players that is so prevalent at Golf Channel.  This past Monday as the panelists on Morning Drive were giving out Game Ball of the Week (or somesuch), she gave her award to Emiliano Grillo.  He’s a young player out of Argentina playing on the European Tour.  He was one of the players in the playoff at the Puerto Rico Open, and used that to spotlight him.  I have written about him several times and awarded him Most Courageous Round of the Year 13 months ago.  Anyway, Cara is going to strengthen Golf Channel.  I think she just might qualify for the term “sports journalist.”  Time will tell.

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