Where was this journalistic zest when the Woods-Galea news broke?

Stephanie Wei did some digging and produced a great piece on the Patrick Reed developments.

Too bad it took five years for someone (the authors of Blood Sport) to bother looking at the legal records detailing the visits to Tiger Woods by Anthony Galea and Mark Lindsay.  Where was the journalistic zeal of the golf media back then?

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6 Responses to Where was this journalistic zest when the Woods-Galea news broke?

  1. Sports-realist says:

    Journalism is just rigged..I’ve seen more Alex Rodriguez stories on the CBS site, than any other player, and he’s 40? Isn’t it ironic that the two biggest ped users Alex and Eldrick get all the press?

    • lannyh says:

      At least with A-Rod, they don’t write, “I still make the case that A-Rod is greater than Hank Aaron.” Baseball fans are not told A-Rod made baseball players rich, or that baseball will die without him, or that he hit home runs no one else could hit…

      • Sports-realist says:

        What is always interesting about the difference between attacking Alex vs Eldrick….Attacking Alex, no one seems to put race into it, but when you attack Eldrick, suddenly you are a racist, which is ofcourse their main defense…..Then the 2nd defense I’ve noticed is that ped’s don’t really help with golf…? It’s just amazing the ‘smoke screen’ all these idiot fans have bought into….

      • lannyh says:

        The “PEDs don’t help” guys are just out to sea. Hopelessly uninformed or purposefully lying. The PGA Tour Doping Policy manual specifically points out the advantages of using PEDs.

  2. Kris says:

    The Patrick Reed story exists solely because the PGA Tour encourages players to lie when it comes to negative press and Reed is overdoing it. I’m curious as to why no journalist has tried to figure out if these allegations have any truth to them. Did Patrick Reed steal and cheat or are they vicious rumors started by bitter teammates? If it is true, what does it matter what Reed did in college if he’s never cheated or stolen as a pro? He’s redeemed himself, so move on.

    Tiger’s control over the media is some Tammany Hall level corruption. The only way the mainstream media will talk about Tiger’s PED use is if Tiger confesses or gets caught semi-conscious next to an Escalade with a syringe full of HGH hanging out of his ass cheek.

    • lannyh says:

      Tammany Hall, that’s a good comparison. I think they really, really, really don’t want anything new to leak out before Woods is safely enshrined in the Hall of Fame, which he qualifies for in December when he turns forty. Once he’s in the Hall of Fame, I would expect a lot more to come out. Finchem was quick to deny Woods was not suspended, but he still hasn’t denied the report of Woods name being on a Biogenesis list Finchem has in his possession.

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