Final Word on the Rory Club Toss

I grew up around a person with an uncontrollable temper.  He was a drinker with self-esteem issues.  Well before I was a teenager, I learned what a backhand to the face felt like.

When I was a teen, we acquired a new family member through marriage.  He was as big as a mountain, a former college basketball player.  He never lost his composure.  One day we went fishing, as we regularly did.  He had upgraded from our usual Zebco 101’s by buying an open-faced reel (I think that’s what they are called; I’m not much of a fisherman) from an acquaintance.  The line kept tangling when he tried to cast.  Eventually he could take no more.  He said, with total equanimity and a smile, “If that’s how you’re going to act, you can take… a little… swim.”  As he spoke, he disconnected the reel from his rod.  Gracefully and with much faux drama, he sent it sailing into the lake.  We laughed about it for days.

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