Tuesday Thoughts

Golf Media Says Blah Blah Blah: How come we are told Dustin Johnson marrying and having a kid is going to be great for his golf game, but Tiger Woods spending more time with his kids and Vonn takes time away from his golf game?

Rory is Human:  From ESPN’s version of SI/Golf’s version of CBS’s erstwhile Huggan-Elling Classic, “Pond Scrum”:

Coachman: My opinion of Rory was already high, but it went up more after the toss. Why? Because it showed he is human.

That remark sounds like Coachman was repeating something he heard in the past and thought sounded cool.  Shows Rory is human?  Before this, you thought he was robotic and machine-like?  Did you miss the pictures of him on No. 13 at Augusta in 2011?  You know, when he had his head in the crook of his arm, fighting off tears?  Have you skipped all his press conferences?  Did you miss the one where he talked about his trip to Haiti for UNICEF?

Rory’s Club Toss and Faux Toss:  Kyle Porter at CBS posted a short piece on Rory’s faux club toss.  Watch the slo-motion video, and you’ll see Rory smiling as he starts the fake.  He was probably thinking how funny it would be if he did it two days in a row, and what the reaction would be.  A guy having fun goofing around on the golf course… Isn’t it weird when we refer to that as “refreshing”?  When exactly did that stop being the norm?  Remember Trevino?  The fake snake?  How did people get the idea that being rude and angry and insulting on the golf course was normal?  Gee, such a hard question.

“Tiger is not going to show up at this point until he’s ready to win”: That was Tim Rosaforte on Morning Driving today.  Look, guys, that stuff might have sounded cool ten years ago, but now it’s just laughable.  Woods has been showing up with a crap game at least dating back to last year’s Quicken Loans tourney when that new sponsor forced him to play.

Woods Yips:  I’ve been wondering, if Tiger Woods has the yips, if they didn’t start in April of 2011, on Augusta National’s No. 12 green, with the miss of the short par putt.

Doral Problems:  Is this just a case of a course becoming obsolete courtesy of golf’s blind eye policy when it comes to clubs and balls?  Can you imagine baseball tearing down Wrigley Field and Fenway Park to accommodate Louisville Slugger producing trampoline effect bats and Wilson producing juiced baseballs?  You know, to make baseball and softball “more fun” for amateurs playing at company picnics.  I find myself pulling for Trump, but can he do anything?  If it weren’t a WGC event, I’d suggest trying a limited-flight ball tournament.

Speaking of limited-flight balls:  Why not spice up a tournament like this week’s Valspar by making it a limited-flight tournament?  The PGA Tour calendar is so overstuffed that tournaments like this one don’t attract much attention.  Why not try something different?

Sneds’s Caddie: Did you read this Porter article at CBS about Snedeker’s caddie’s unkind comments about Doral?  Poults expressed displeasure, too.  I like hearing people openly speak their mind.  Why does everyone feel the need to pretend everything is a-okay if they don’t really think that?  We’re talking about a golf course, for crying out loud.

Speaking of Snedeker, it’s tough on me to do the Euro Six stuff because it forces me to kind of pull against Sneds, one of the Tour’s good guys.  But no one said life is easy!

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3 Responses to Tuesday Thoughts

  1. JoseyWales says:

    Lanny…the lead story on Golf Channels website is “Tiger Woods Greatest Moments…Match Play”…check it out. Feeding the cattle.

    • lannyh says:

      Haha, yeah, feeding the cattle. I’ll take a look.

    • Sports-realist says:

      or another cbs porter article Title: Geoff Ogilvy states Rory’s shots are more flush than Tiger at his best….And that’s an article….So if every PGA tour player would say that statement, Porter could write about 200 more articles….

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