WGC Trump Doral Cadillac: Sunday, Day Four

Final Wrap Part II

Well, it appears Finchem was indeed asked a question or two about the Tour’s drug policy.  Here’s a short Golf Channel piece on it.

Final Wrap

Not the outcome I’d have chosen, but a decent enough event.  Rory got his top ten, but it’s a limited field event.  Still, better than last week.  Right now I’m not too enthused about the Tampa Bay Open this coming week, but maybe some reason to care will crop by by Thursday.  Oh, well, I need to get my tax return filed before April and Augusta get here.  I was really looking forward to these past two weeks, but with Rory’s bad play, they were kind of anti-climatic.  I think I’m suffering from a little golf burnout, so a quiet week might be good for me.

Oh, I saw Tim Finchem in the booth, and there was a mention of Woods, but no question about the PGA Tour’s denial of a suspension.  I missed the following segments.  If the question was asked, someone please let me know.

5:15 pm Update

Brandt Snedeker survived a torrid finish by Euro Sixer Marc Warren and held onto a tie.  More on this in the future.

Rory is looking like he’s going to manage a back-door top ten.

J.B. is not out of this thing.  Could be setting up for a wild finish.  DJ, Bubba, and J.B look to be the only three left at this point.

3:40 pm Update

Good golf coverage?  I loved the NBC story just now about J.B. Holmes playing on his high school team as an 8-year-old, including Johnny’s wisecrack about the standards being somewhat low for the team (breaking 60 for nine holes).

3:00 pm Update

NBC is showing hockey instead of golf. I’m disappointed.  I was hoping to see the last 37 seconds of an NCAA basketball game play out over the course of 45 minutes.

11:45 am Update

I was an hour early regarding Sneds and Warren.   I’m blaming it on Daylight Savings Time.  By the way, EuroTourash Sixer Stephen Gallacher is still -3, with three holes to go.  Right now, he has the best score of the day.

11:20 am Update

Once again a member of the Euro Six is tearing up the course.  Stephen Gallacher, who finished T-6 here last year, is -2 through 11 holes.  Make that -3 through 13 holes.  On a day when Fed Ex Cup winner Billy Horschel is already +2.  Euro Trash?  I don’t think so!

The biggest story of the day outside of J.B. Holmes is the pairing of Brandt Snedeker and Marc Warren, one of the much-maligned Euro Six.  They tee off in 25 minutes.

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25 Responses to WGC Trump Doral Cadillac: Sunday, Day Four

  1. Sports-realist says:

    Remember next year, if you wager on who is going to win this tournament, just find the longest hitters and mortgage the house……..Somebody said, if you can drive it on this course 300 yards, you have a really wide landing area, however if you drive less than that, you have a much tougher time finding the fairway..

    • Sports-realist says:

      speaking of odds….I’m a little surprised the odds for Holmes to win is only -165…You figure Dustin Johnson or Bubba Watson are his only competition, and Bubba has already used up his ‘eagle luck’ on the par 5’s this week, and Dustin already had his hole in one yesterday…

      • lannyh says:

        Interesting. I guess because he’s not a “name.” Lots of trouble on this course, but so far, he’s been in his fair share of that trouble, and it’s hardly slowed him down. And five shots is a lot.

        I think I heard the wind is up today, so maybe that’s a factor. I don’t know. I’m with you. Seems like they aren’t giving him near enough credit. I hope he wins, personally.

    • lannyh says:

      True. Or play a bunch of head-to-head matchups always taking the bomber. I’m no fan of this course. I blame the equipment “advances” over the past 20 years. If you have to shave the banks around the water just to keep the leader at -10, there’s a problem.

      I think the water everywhere makes Rory tentative about shooting for the pins, which is his strong suit when he’s playing well.

  2. Sports-realist says:

    Rory’s shortgame continues to look like an amateur out there….OBVIOUSLY, he needs an adjustment, but where is his swing coach? Rory needs to simplify his game imo…..I think ALL pro’s at some point have too many shots in their brain, cut, fade, draw, bla, bla, bla, and just like a computer, they need to reset….Rory already said with the infamous club throw, that he’d been fighting that swing for a few weeks, but his short game looks equally unpredictable….

    • Sports-realist says:

      Rory’s lack of adjustment may actually be a concern if people are expecting him to win some majors this year…..Have you noticed how many shots the last few weeks, Rory has missed to the left? Where is his ‘plan b’ swing? I would think most golfers would have it…..This round would seem to be a good time to work on it, instead of swinging the SAME way and getting the SAME result..

  3. BigTimeTimmyJim says:

    Lead down to 1. Possibly another week where the trains come crashing to the finish.

  4. BigTimeTimmyJim says:

    +3 now for Holmes. Tough to watch as I wanted to see him cruise.

  5. BigTimeTimmyJim says:

    Looking like a Double Bogey finish for Rory as he just put two in the drink at 18.

    And, nothing like chipping in for double to end the round!

  6. Sports-realist says:

    What a choke job by holmes….When you blow a 5 shot lead, but not know how to do COURSE MANAGEMENT….Holmes sucks..

    • Sports-realist says:

      2 examples….37 yards…tries to spin it, par…..146 yards, after watching Johnson miss the green, hits the SAME shot….smh

  7. Sports-realist says:

    Hopefully Holmes can do a birdie, birdie, birdie finish or something and still win…I don’t care for Dustin Johnson

    • lannyh says:

      I’m not a DJ fan either. I have no real animus or anything, but he’s never appealed to me. And the media plays him up for some reason. “An athlete,” etc. Of course Graeme McDowell took him down at Pebble in 2010, so they don’t mention that in their “swagger” BS this afternoon.

  8. Sports-realist says:

    Holmes goes 0-4 on the par 5’s…..Just a choke job……

    • lannyh says:

      Well, just because you play poorly on Sunday doesn’t mean it’s a “choke.” Miss a three-footer on Thursday and it’s nothing; do it on Sunday and it’s a “choke.” That said, his play today was a disappoint, to no one more than himself.

  9. BigTimeTimmyJim says:

    DJ now has a W every year he’s been on tour. Not to shabby.

    • lannyh says:

      Did not know that. Darn decent indeed. He played well on the West Coast, so he may be looking at a career year.

      • BigTimeTimmyJim says:

        Yeah, he’s not as flashy as Rory or as consistent as a Kuch or Furyk, but he seems to find a week every year where he puts it all together.

  10. BigTimeTimmyJim says:

    We know who you have as your favorite for Augusta but may I request the topic “Top 5 favorites for the Masters”?

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