WGC Trump Doral Cadillac Championship: Day Two, Friday, Semi-Live Blog

Final Wrap

Not a bad day for Rory, moved up to T-11.  Seems to be getting into playing condition.  The problem is that Holmes, Moore, and Scott are starting to distance themselves from the pack a little.  Rory is 8 back of Holmes, but just 3 out of fourth place.  Long way to go yet.

Spieth and Reed paired tomorrow, which is good.  Rory gets Koepka, whom he was grouped with two rounds last week.  I’m not crazy about that pairing from Rory’s perspective, but if Rory’s game is coming around, he might show Koepka a glimpse of the Real Rory.  If not, it’s just going to give further confidence to Brooks.  But then Rory didn’t get to be world number one by worrying about other players.

The Euro Six played better today.  This is the first look at Doral for some of them.  Jaidee got it to -3 at one point, but wasted strokes late.  He still beat Snedeker, who needed two late birdies to match or outdo a couple of other Euro Six boys.  This is such a goofy goof setup that I’m not putting much credence in the results, but that said, they are playing better each day.  Gallacher, who shot +12 yesterday, was E today, besting Sneds.

Levy hanging tough.  Some American announcers get his name right, others not.  The first tee starter missed it on Thursday.  It’s Luh-VEE, if you don’t know.

3:45 pm Update: Rory Surges Into Top 20!

Remember this old chestnut from my 11:00 am report?

Prediction: Rory McIlroy will be in the top twenty by the end of the day.

1:35 pm Update: Rory saves bogey on third hole!

This course is a joke.  J.B. Holmes hits a peach of an approach shot on No. 1.  Somehow it rolls slowly around the green, then off the green, then into a water hazard.  Total joke of a course.

Looks like we’re going to have to wait for the Match Play to learn anything about the Euro Six.

1:20 pm Update: Rory birdies second hole!

1:05 pm Update: Here we go!  Rory birdies first hole!

This is going to be a fun afternoon!

1:00 pm Update

Rory smokes a drive, then hits a perfect second but the green doesn’t hold.  Needs an up-and-down from behind the green for birdie.

It turns out there are (or were) some other live blogs after all.  Maybe you will like them better than my semi-live blog, although that’s hard to believe.  Actually, I urge people to use other live blogs because it shows interest in GOLF coverage, not Tiger Kardashian coverage.

Golfweek: They did it yesterday, and are up and running today.  None of these I’m listing today are interactive live blogs of the sort SI/Golf produces when they do one.

PGATour.com:  Apparently they had a live blog yesterday, but I can’t find any sign of one today.  But their website is such a mess, who the hell knows.

Bleacher Report:  Looks like they also had a live blog yesterday, but no sign of one today.

I thought the European Tour would have a live blog, but I guess they are relying on the Yanks for this one.

12:30 pm Update

I neglected to mention the online live stream is featuring holes Nos. 1, 15, and 18.  Rory is starting on No. 1 today, so you can watch him start his round via the Featured Holes live stream at 12:39pm EST.  Then switch over to Golf Channel for the rest of Rory’s round at the top of the hour.

12:10 pm Update

One of the Euro Six is already charging, Marc Warren birdieing his first hole.

Rory McIlroy to tee off in 20 minutes, which is 20 minutes prior to the live coverage on Golf Channel.  We should join him on hole number two.  I wonder if Golf Channel plans to boycott Rory today the way the boycotted Jordan Spieth on the Saturday at the L.A. Open.  In that case, NBC totally obsessed over Goosen and DeLaet, who led after two rounds, but did not figure into the excitement by Sunday’s close.  Spieth, on the other hand, finished one shot out of the playoff.  Will Golf Channel cover Rory appropriately, or will they freeze him out to focus on “the leaders.”

11:00 am

Here we go!  Hold on to your hats!  More exciting live-blogging from the most-acclaimed voice in sports, Lanny H!  I spent the morning working diligently on a very interesting article which will appear in the not-too-distant future.  Right now it’s time for some golf!

Prediction: Rory McIlroy will be in the top twenty by the end of the day.

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11 Responses to WGC Trump Doral Cadillac Championship: Day Two, Friday, Semi-Live Blog

  1. Anonymous says:

    boy you’re right about the PGA Tour website, Lanny…it’s horrible.

    • lannyh says:

      Oh, sorry, I misread. Yeah, it’s a real mess.

      • Sports-realist says:

        Didn’t pga.com used to that shot by shot thing? that was interesting, as you can follow certain golfers, shot by shot, even if they aren’t showing it…..they should keep that feature….

  2. Anonymous says:

    The old shot tracker site works if you liked that. All the features are intact:


  3. Sports-realist says:

    Rory putted like crap and really did nothing special yet still finished -2…..couldn’t beat Watson either day though…He must have missed 4 putts from 10 feet today..

    • lannyh says:

      Yeah, his iron play was again a bit off. I didn’t think he putted as poorly as you did, but I fell asleep during part of the telecast. I saw him with some nice par and bogey saves. He’s well-positioned, but Holmes is really looking steady. He got some bad breaks and held it together. Scott also right where he wants to be.

  4. Sports-realist says:

    steve sands is such a putz…..he asked rory about the thrown club….Now how many times has sands interviewed woods and not mentioned any club throwing or temper tantrum by woods——HYPOCRISY 101=steve sands

  5. Sports-realist says:

    Steve Sands is the same IDIOT that a few years ago ASKED Ernie Ells ‘DO YOU HAVE THE CONFIDENCE TO MAKE A 4 FOOT PUTT?”…..actually asked that after a tough round in a regular tournament….Ells rolled his eyes and you could tell was pissed……..Ofcourse a few months later Ells WON the British Open…..Steve Sands should be fired…….Sands asked TWICE in TWO different questions to Rory about the club throwing—–Sands is such POS.

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