Rory’s Club Toss Makes Golfers Smile In Genteel Recognition

One of the announcers said Rory “lost it.”  Hardly.

Rory McIlroy birdied his first par-5 of the day.  On his second, a long iron betrayed him.  After that errant second shot, Rory — with no cursing, no loss of temper — gracefully, smoothly, almost in slow motion, airmailed the naughty club into the middle of one of Doral’s lakes.

A sacrifice to the golf gods, or perhaps a warning to the rest of the soldiers in his golf bag.

Whatever the intent, it worked.  Rory birdied the next two par-5 holes.

Already, predictably, some members of the golf media are trying to compare this to the Tiger Woods meltdowns, equally predictable, that we were treated to over the past 15 years.  Are they unable to distinguish between a person completely losing his self-control and a person bidding a club adieu as gracefully as any dance in Swan Lake?  No hammering, slamming, kicking, or cursing.  No, Rory’s was a move so beautiful I heard Strauss’s Blue Danube Waltz as the club spun above the water’s peaceful surface.

Someone on Twitter wondered, “imagine the freakout had that been Tiger.”  A Golf Digest associate editor replied, “People would want him kicked off the tour.”

No, if Woods had ever displayed his frustration with such grace and good-natured resignation, the video footage would have become a permanent part of Golf Central’s daily opening.

It was a 3-iron, Rory disclosed in a post-round interview.  Rory described his action as “not very role-modelish.”

“Refreshing and honest and human.”  “One of the reasons people like Rory McIlroy so much.”  That was the response of Terry Gannon after the interview on Golf Channel.

Rory, some will try to make this into a big deal, but they have an agenda.  You shouldn’t worry about them, and I know you won’t.  As for the future, don’t curse and don’t lose your self-control — and I obviously don’t think you lost it today — and I won’t complain.

To those who would say of me I am being a hypocrite, I can easily set you straight.  No one has been tougher on Rory for past episodes of on-course cursing.  No one.  Here’s the proof.  And that’s hardly the only example.

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2 Responses to Rory’s Club Toss Makes Golfers Smile In Genteel Recognition

  1. Anonymous says:

    Imma let you finish, but Sergio’s club toss at the 2011 Thailand Golf Championship is the greatest club toss of all time.

    In all seriousness, Rory doesn’t get the recognition he deserves for how bad his temper can be on the course. He’s sworn, bent clubs and destroyed signage. He’s no saint and never has been. It was stupid, he admitted it was stupid, end of story.

    • lannyh says:

      Outside of the 2013 Lost Year (due to the Nike club and ball switch), I don’t recall any episodes. I remember one 2013 incident in particular, but I could not find where I wrote about it. Searching past articles, though, I found a ton of insulting stuff I wrote about Rory. I cringe now at some of it. However, that is proof positive that I call it like I see it, that I’m not, as so often claimed, “as much a cheerleader of Rory as the golf media was of Tiger.”

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