Rory McIlroy vs Tiger Woods: The Verdict

I hear a lot of complaining when I write about Tiger Woods. I hear a lot of complaining when I write about Rory McIlroy. So I wrote a piece yesterday about seven other golfers, “By Popular Demand: Crickets and Tumbleweeds.” True to form, few bothered to comment on it or even read it.  (Though we did get some great feedback from the guy at Golf Analytics, a very pleasant surprise.)

I learned my lesson. Today, I’m going to give golf fans what they want: the Big Dogs — Rory and Tiger. The Ulsterman and the Big Cat. Let’s settle it once and for all… Who is the best?  (If the formatting of the table is jumbled, you can try this one.)

‌                                                               Rory          Tiger

Won pro tourney as a teenager?                             YES                        no

Lowest score at U.S. Open?                                      YES                        no

Most under par at U.S. Open?                                 YES                        no

Current consecutive years with win?                        7                            0

Favorite to beat Jack’s major record?                    YES                        no

Escaped insult by Kelly Rohrbach?                         YES                        no

Outgrew dating famous gal athlete phase?           YES                        no

Hosts stronger tournament?*                                   YES                        no

Has a cool theme song?                                               YES                        no

* Lanny H is projecting that this year’s Irish Open will be stronger than this year’s Quicken Loans tourney.

The clear winner is Rory McIlroy!  Congratulations!

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3 Responses to Rory McIlroy vs Tiger Woods: The Verdict

  1. Anonymous says:

    you are one stupid shit… first you bash phil then you bash tiger…. make up your mind asshat. your so queer for rory itmakes me sick. do you claim to be american or what?

  2. BigTimeTimmyJim says:

    You picked some fine cherries there Lanny!

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